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Keep your head cool and save money on Black Friday

You’ve probably seen lots of advertising already for Black Friday, but what is it? The phenomenon dates back to the 1970s in the United States and Canada, and first came to Norway in 2009. It is a day that fuels people’s desire to buy and especially those who are always looking for the big bargains. Some newspapers warn against being deceived with lure offers, while other newspapers list them and advertise in full. In this article you can read a little about the origins of Black Friday, the pitfalls and what opportunities you have for saving money.

The Thanksgiving party sets the stage

The Thanksgiving party sets the stage

The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, translated into a Thanksgiving celebration, on the fourth Thursday in November. The Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” and will always take place on a Friday between November 23 and November 29. The name is said to have originated in Philadelphia, where it was originally used to describe the heavy and noisy traffic that occurred after Thanksgiving. Both motorways and sidewalks black-covered by crowds. The term was first used in 1966, and spread to other places only around 1975. It is no secret that Black Friday is a good store for the trading industry. It has therefore also been claimed that the term refers to the fact that the trade on this day contributes to many stores again leaving a profit, and therefore goes from red to black numbers in the accounts. Many people were already free on this day in the 60s, so it has traditionally also marked the beginning of the Christmas trade. Therefore, it acts as a barometer of people’s willingness to spend money. Today, there is also an annual shopping day with many offers and outlets often open as early as three o’clock at night or earlier, and offers a variety of merchandise, often limited in number or time.

Don’t be fooled by the lure offers

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In 2009, Norwegian Outlet at Vestby introduced the shopping phenomenon Black Friday for the first time in Norway and since then it has become more and more widespread. This year, the stores have already announced the trading day for weeks and some chains have started offering this week. Winside warns consumers about being torn by the offers and encourages everyone to focus on the end price and compare with competitors. Communications Advisor Ara Hodge of the Consumer Council told Winside that they always advise people to keep their heads cold when they see deals like “shouting” from posters with big letters and strong colors. She points out that it is possible to make a good purchase, but it may not always be as good as it seems. Both pre-price and how much a price has been set down is really unimportant, although that is what often attracts us. If the final price is still high, or you can find the product cheaper with a competitor, the screaming posters are full of empty promises. Skogly therefore emphasizes that it is important to keep your head cold and remember that the stores make sales because they know that people can get carried away.

Many offers and many pitfalls

Many offers and many pitfalls

It is not only reduced prices that mark Black Friday, but also gift cards and coupons. Read carefully and you can save a lot, pay attention to “the small font”. For example, Winside pointed out that Sledar advertised with a gift certificate of $ 1800 when buying dining tables for $ 6000. The terms of the gift card are that it must be used for the next two weeks and not to lower the price of the table. That way, they get the customer to either miss the savings that lured them to the offer, or spend more money in the same store within two weeks. The chains that sell electronics have been aggressive with advertising for quite some time now and there will be many good deals in these stores. Still, not everything is necessarily the cheapest on the market, although it is marketed under the Black Friday concept. For example, Winside found that Ankjop advertises with Playstation 4 with games for 3690 dollar. They do not give any pre-price, and it turns out that the same package is sold cheaper online by competitors.

This is how you get the best deals

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The better prepared you are before going into stores packed with merry-go-round Norwegians next Friday, the easier you can avoid being ripped off by lure offers. If you are planning to buy something expensive, you should know the market. Maybe you have long needed a new PC or want to buy a great Christmas gift for someone you love. Find out in advance what the item usually costs to know if there is a good price on the offer. Overlook the rejection and focus on the final price. To know if the final price is the best on the market, you can compare the price at Pricejet or similar. If you shop online you must read how high the shipping costs are and include this in the final price. In addition, it is important not to buy something you do not need, to shop for fun just because the discounts are high and quickly become expensive.

What can you expect?

If you are aware of the pitfalls, do the necessary preparation and keep your head cold, Black Friday can save you huge costs. Many of the shops keep the best deals secret until midnight (November 27 this year). What is certain is that Black Friday is a day when both online stores and physical stores have better deals than regular sales and promotions. Look out for hourly offers and other time-limited offers, here there is often a lot of money to save, but also where you can easily be tempted to strike because you are affected by the low prices.