Without a doubt, credit cards have become the payment method of our century. Today it is very rare to meet someone who does not have their own credit or debit card. It is a very comfortable way of not carrying money with you, of not having to worry about withdrawing money before going on a trip and, of course, of avoiding irreparable theft. Even if your wallet is stolen, the card can be canceled easily and without problems.


Credit card

  • Maximum quantity: -
  • Maximum Duration: -
  • First Loan: -
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: NO


Credit card

  • Maximum quantity: -
  • Maximum Duration: -
  • First Loan: -
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: NO


Credit card

  • Maximum quantity: -
  • Maximum Duration: -
  • First Loan: -
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st:

Thinking of asking for a credit card? Do you have doubts about which are the financial entities with the best conditions and percentages? Do you want to know if it is possible to have a credit card without payroll and appearing in the Credit Checker list (defaults)?

Then, you are in the right place, because from TopCréditos we have prepared a very complete guide so that, before requesting a credit card online, you are clear about all the options you have and know the differences between the different types of cards that exist and their conditions. Shall we start?

What is the difference between credit and debit card

The new generations are very clear about what a bank card is or "plastic money" as it is often called. But surely you also remember your grandmother by consulting her bank card and going to her bank every month to update it and talk to her manager.

This already seems typical of a black and white film but, today and although we have much more information, there are other types of doubts about the differences and types of credit and debit cards. Let's see if from Top Credits we can make very clear everything you need to know about the types of cards that exist and their different uses and conditions:


Debit cards are those cards that are associated with a bank account, it's that simple. If you have a bank account, you can ask for your card. The amount that you can charge to this type of card is the same as the money you have in your bank. You can only spend what you have and the money you withdraw will be automatically deducted from your account.

The benefits of debit cards are many and they have made our consumer life easier and more comfortable:

  • Debit cards are the easiest way to keep your finances up to date and not have to queue at your bank to withdraw money or check your latest movements. Today almost all banks offer an online service where you can check all your expenses and income.
  • It is an easy way to make daily payments in small and large businesses. Do the shopping, pay at a restaurant or cafeteria and go shopping. A very simple way to carry money by hand!
  • The debit card allows you to withdraw at many ATMs without paying commission. Of course, before you will have to check which network (Servired, 4B, ..) they do not charge you .
  • If you are one of those who go crazy with a credit card, the best alternative is to have only debit cards. With them you have a limit (previously stipulated by the bank) to withdraw money at ATMs and you will not be able to spend the money you do not have .
  • One of its drawbacks is the issue of returns and insurance associated with the debit card. There is usually less security when buying online and then wanting to make returns, although, on the other hand, an advantage is that maintenance costs are lower than if we talk about credit cards.

Credit cards

Did you know that the first credit card in the United States was issued in 1978? It is curious to see that, just 37 years ago, the use of credit cards was not a common practice. Today, the options, interest rates and forms of payment are multiple.

Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of this type of credit line cards:

-Credit cards are the best way to finance payments in a very easy way with banks or financial entities. It is a kind of credit that banks grant you through this plastic support.

-They are the best allies to face setbacks or unforeseen expenses , since they can help you overcome a small economic downturn without having to request a loan.

-This type of card allows you to return the borrowed money comfortably and you have different options:

  • Credit card with deferred payment:

This option allows you to finance your card expenses in the way that makes it easier for you to pay. You can choose how much you want to pay per month (flexible or fixed amount) until you pay the debt in full. Of course, you must be especially careful if you choose a very low monthly fee since this modality includes the payment of interest and you must take it into account.

  • Credit card with direct payment per month:

With this type of credit card, you must pay the amount you have consumed the following month. That is, if your card has a credit of € 600 and you use it, this amount will be charged in full to your account the following month. In general, these types of cards with direct payment per month do not have interest. This allows you to have more income in a lazy month or if you have an unforeseen event, but you will not be able to split the payment into several monthly installments.

-Another of the benefits associated with this type of card is the protection they provide against fraud . It is easier to return the amount of a purchase in poor condition and report theft or improper charges because the money is not charged to your account immediately.

-As with everything, the only drawback is related to the use that is given to the card. It is important that you be careful with expenses and do not accumulate debt , because otherwise you will end up paying a lot of interest and accumulating defaults.

Types of credit cards

Online credit cards

Do you want to request a credit card comfortably and without going to a bank? These types of cards are the ones that you can manage and request directly from your computer and without the need for bank paperwork. Financial institutions that grant this type of card are usually more flexible than banks in terms of their requirements. They work in the same way as conventional credit cards and may or may not be associated with your bank account.

You can apply for credit cards online at the following financial institutions:

Free credit cards

To begin with, you must be very clear that nobody gives anything away. Do not think that there are totally free cards that do not charge any interest rate for the money borrowed. What you should value is the flexibility of the conditions they offer you to make your life easier.

On this basis, so-called free credit cards are not totally free, but they do not charge you commission for issuance and maintenance, which is a great advantage to avoid unnecessary expenses.

When requesting your credit card without commissions, make sure that they refer to all associated expenses, including annual renewals. This way you will avoid last minute surprises.

Credit cards without payroll

There are cards that are granted to freelancers, unemployed people, retirees or people who lack a fixed income. Depending on your particular situation, the conditions will be one or the other. The higher the risk of default, the higher the percentage of interest to be paid.

There are also other options to face a specific problem of lack of liquidity and that could solve your financial problems by paying less interest, such as microcredits .

Credit cards even if you are in Credit Checker

It is clear that appearing in the Credit Checker delinquent file is a barrier to entry when applying for a credit card or any other loan. However, appearing in the Credit Checker file is not synonymous with being a defaulter or a fraudster , since in fact there are many people who appear in this list for a simple unpaid mobile phone fee. This sure looks familiar to you, right?

So, is it possible to request a credit card even if it appears in the Credit Checker file? If this is your case and you appear in the file of the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments (Credit Checker), do not worry, since there are different entities that grant credit cards to people who appear in this list of defaulters.

These types of financial entities will also study your credit card application if you find yourself in any of these situations:

Prepaid cards

Although this type of card is not really a credit card, it is an option to consider in certain situations or needs. Prepaid cards are cards that are loaded with the desired amount and are not associated with any bank account. They are useful, for example, to deliver to a minor who is going on a trip, to have an amount of money as savings or to prevent thefts associated with bank accounts.

Are you already clear on which credit card you are going to decide? Still have questions about where to apply for a credit card and other questions? Let's see if we can resolve those small pending issues.

Online credit cards: Where can I apply for them?

You can also be in the situation of having previously requested a loan from your bank and that you are still paying it. This makes your application for another credit, mini-credit or credit card have more ballots to be denied.

Don't worry, there are also other avenues and financial companies that will take your application for a credit card into consideration, even if you find yourself unemployed. Here are four companies that grant credit cards online:

Obsidian credit cards

In O Obsidian bsidiana can request cards for a maximum of € 5,000 credit and a maximum repayment period of 5 years . The nominal interest rate is 23.9%. You do not have to change banks to be able to access the granting of this type of card. What you will need is to provide a payroll and submit your income statement.

The advantages of these credit cards are the following:

  • It is a free credit card with respect to any type of commissions . You will not pay for annual maintenance or have any expenses associated with the issue.
  • Refund 5% on deferred purchases: Only during the first year you can enjoy a 5% refund of your purchases and from the second year 3%.
  • Free insurance: With the Obsidiana card you will also have free accident insurance (for a maximum value of € 500,000) and travel assistance insurance.
  • Simple and paperless procedures: you can request your credit card directly here . It is a simple operation and without endless paperwork.
  • You will have exclusive discounts: With your Obsidiana card, you will also have occasional discounts, since through their website they offer the "Happy Space", exclusively for customers, where you can consult all the specific offers that you can benefit from.

You choose the amount of your card and the term in which you want to pay it. Every month, between the 1st to the 5th, the corresponding amount will be charged to your account. That easy!

Credit card online Motorlender

Barclaycard Motorlender VISA cards was chosen by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) as one of the best online credit cards, which is a guarantee guarantee. One of its best qualities is that you will not have to change banks to apply for this card and that it is completely free (without issuance or renewal fees).

You can request a maximum of € 5,000 and you can easily choose how to pay that money between these two options, which you can modify whenever you want:

  • Pay the total credit of your card , up to a maximum of 59 days without interest.
  • Postpone the payment of your card in variable installments : In this mode you will have to pay at least 3% of the credit available on your card, the minimum being € 7.5.

Other advantages of the Motorlender card

With this credit card you can also enjoy the following advantages:

  • Postponement of payments in 3, 5, 9 or 12 months in premises attached to this type of card
  • They will refund 1% of your purchases: of all the purchases you make with your Motorlender card they will refund 1%.
  • Discounts at Motorlender Gallery: You can enjoy a very interesting discount program. This offer is exclusively for users of these credit cards. You can check on their website which are the active discounts at all times.
  • Free transfers to your bank account: Another advantage is that you can make a single transfer of money to your bank account for free, as long as it is within the first three months of the granting of your card.
  • Free insurance: You will have very attractive insurance that will make your life easier. The guarantee for purchases made with this credit card is guaranteed for up to three years . You also have insurance for the protection of purchases through the internet and insurance for emergency cases abroad . Your purchases with Motorlender are fully protected.

Mastercard cards

Avantcard Like the Barcayclard credit cards, with mastercard cards you can request up to 5000 us dollars of credit to spend on whatever you want or to use as you need. The amount of credit spent can be returned in full (so you will not be charged commissions) or in comfortable terms. You decide at all times according to your needs.

Advantages of the mastercard credit card

If you want to know all the advantages, interests and discounts that you will get with mastercard, you can consult them in this list:

  • Deferred payment: If you want to pay through monthly installments, the associated interests are 21% APR and 19.21% of TIN. You can decide the monthly amount to pay or the percentage you want to pay each month.
  • They will refund 1% of your deferred purchases: For your deferred purchases they will return 1% of the total amount.
  • Puente Cash Service: The mastercard card allows you to make money transfers to your bank account in a very simple way.
  • You will have a points program: The points program will allow you to save with your purchases (1 point every € 6). You can easily redeem these points by choosing any gift from their catalog.
  • Free insurance : The insurance associated with the mastercard credit card that you will enjoy completely free are travel assistance with medical assistance and protection of all purchases made with your mastercard.

Credit cards One credit

Popular-E Do you want to receive a € 25 gift just for hiring your card instead of having to pay? So your credit card is One credit. Yes, as you are reading it, on your first card purchase you will receive a € 25 gift. And best of all, you can request the One credit card without changing bank and it is completely free (without associated commissions).

One credit card benefits

If you want to know all the advantages, interests and discounts that you will get with the One credit credit card, you can consult them in this list:

  • Different payment methods: You can choose how to pay your credit and pay it monthly, month by month with a fixed fee, or a monthly percentage (25% TIN).
  • Discounts in different establishments: With the One credit card you will have juicy discounts in shops, restaurants, shops, trips.
  • Free insurance: You have free insurance in case of accidents and your shopping insurance.

You can hire it directly from your card request form

Frequently asked questions when requesting your card

Do you still have questions about where or how to request your credit card? Do you wonder if in your specific case you can get your card without problems? In Addamo Credit we are precisely to help you, so we have made a small list of the most frequent questions that can help you clear up unknowns:

I have a credit card and a loan

If you have previously requested a loan from your bank and you are still paying it, your request for another credit, mini-credit or credit card will have more ballots of being denied. However, as we have explained to you, there are other ways and financial entities that will take your credit card application into consideration. The "no" from your bank is not the end.

Where can I order my credit card online

As we have indicated, there are different entities that grant credit cards online. From Addamo Credit we especially recommend the online cards of: Motorlender , mastercard , One credit and Obsidiana for their guarantees and conditions. In our opinion, they are the most reliable on the market and the ones that offer the best contracting and financing conditions.

Is it possible to have a card in 24 hours?

The waiting time from the granting of your credit card depends on each financial institution. The first step is to process your application, which will take a few hours for the company to decide its approval. Then delivery times may vary from company to company, but are usually quite fast.

Can I apply for a credit card without having a payroll?

The granting of credit cards usually has some associated requirements. In the event that you are unemployed and collect unemployment benefits, you are retired with a pension or self-employed, the financial institutions will study your case and grant you a card for an amount appropriate to your situation and your ability to deal with credit.

Depending on your situation, they may not grant you a credit card with the maximum amount of € 5,000 that is granted, but we know from experience that they usually grant cards for a lower credit amount.

If I have other cards, can I order a credit card online?

You can request your credit card online without any problem and regardless of whether you have other cards associated with your bank account.

Whatever your decision, we recommend that you use credit cards wisely and know in depth all the expenses and interests associated with your cards. Cards are a great solution for unexpected expenses, little whims, and special situations. The problem is not in the cards but in the responsible use you make of them.

If you still have any questions, leave us your comments and we will respond as soon as possible.