Can I request a loan without interest, totally free? The answer is yes, although with some nuances. Many financial credit institutions are betting on launching credit offers at 0% interest. In general they are specific promotions although some companies like Paydaynow always offer their first free loan.




  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 1,000
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES

Consolidationnow Bank


  • Maximum Amount: $ 700
  • Maximum Duration: 45 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES

Have they gone crazy? Not entirely, since it is a way to attract customers and see how easy it is to request a mini-credit online. Show the speed of the process and make yourself known. Be that as it may, what is clear is that for you it is an advantage. If you need urgent money to solve an unforeseen event or overcome a small bump, in this type of loan without costs you can find the solution and without having to pay anything more than the amount of money requested. If you ask for 300 us dollars to return them in a month, you will only have to return the same amount that you have received, not one more us dollar.

The peculiarity of this type of interest-free loans is that they are usually small amounts of money, of a maximum of € 500, and that the repayment terms are short, from two to four weeks. The requested amount is not returned in installments, but a full deposit of the borrowed money must be made.

Where can I request a free online credit

If you are considering requesting a microcredit, you will be comparing interest, APR and conditions. Your goal is to find the financial company that offers you the best conditions and at the best price, therefore, this type of product interests you. Do not worry, because they do not hide anything in the fine print nor will they charge you hidden amounts when the loan is due. The offer is transparent and we can guarantee it first hand. From Addamo Credit we decided to make a free credit application to check it for ourselves. We can assure you that for € 100 we pay 100.

Let's see where you can request this type of free mini-credits:


Vivus Paydaynow is one of the lending companies with the best opinions of its clients on interest-free loans. Satisfaction is 9.8 out of 10, which is a guarantee of peace of mind. The characteristics of interest-free loans are as follows:

  • They only give this type of product to new customers: If it's your first time at Paydaynow , you can request your free money up to € 300 . If you are already a customer, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer, although as an advantage you can ask for more money, up to € 800.
  • Maximum return period of one month: You can return your money in a week or in a month, you choose. The cost will remain at 0% interest.
  • They work from Monday to Sunday: This is an advantage since you can request your money at any time, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the year.

Do you want to ask for your free money without paying a US dollar of interest with Paydaynow? Do you want to feel safe with a company that has an outstanding in customer reviews?


Ferratum Imagine borrowing money and returning only the money that they have left you? Consolidationnow makes you stop imagining and gives you free microloans. Save commissions and interest when requesting money from a financial institution. What better news than this if it is your first time.

  • Up to € 300 without paying commissions: choose the return period that best suits you 7 or 30 days. Ask for the amount you need from 50 to 300 us dollars.
  • Conditions for granting an interest-free loan: be a resident of the United States, be over 25 and under 75 and not appear in Credit Checker, RAI or any other delinquent file.
  • Online procedures: without complications, make your request through the internet. Quickly to avoid wasting time in endless paperwork.

Money without interest. Yes, with Consolidationnow.


OnlineCredit As in Gadcapital, OnlineCredit offers a first loan at very competitive interest. Asking the amount you ask for between € 50.00 to € 300.00 the interest will be the same € 5.00. Of course, only with the first microloan that you request with them.

  • € 5.00 of interest on your first online mini-loan , ask for up to € 300.00 and pay only five us dollars or a cent more.
  • Flexibility in the return time: from the second credit, if you request an amount of money greater than € 900.00, you can make the return in up to 4 months. A much longer term than those offered by other lenders.
  • Speed ​​and discretion: two values ​​that Onlinecredit clients highlight. They are very fast in responding to the request for money and your data is safe.

€ 5.00 of interest for your first microcredit. Apply now.


CreditZen Have you ever wondered what it will be like to ask for money and know that you will not have to pay interest? Creditozen allows you to have that feeling. With this financial company you can request your first mini-loan and return only the amount borrowed. There is no trick, Creditozen wants you to prove how easy it is to cover an unexpected payment or not to postpone the purchase of that trip or whim that you want so much.

  • 0% interest with your first credit: Up to 300 us dollars in your account to be returned in 7 or 30 days without paying a penny of interest.
  • Conditions for granting an interest-free loan: only for new clients who have never asked for money from this entity.
  • Online procedures: if you are a Spanish resident, to get your free money you must fill out the form and follow the indicated steps. Fast, online and without queues.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom of not returning interest.


Creditomas With this entity that grants mini loans online, you can benefit from asking for money totally free. You will not have to pay any additional amount, you will only have to return the same amount that you request. Of course, only if it is the first time you use Creditlite. This is what you should know about your interest-free credits:

  • The first microcredit is free up to € 200: The maximum of fast loans without interest that they offer is € 200 and only for new clients. In case you have already asked for money with them, you will not be able to benefit from this promotion.
  • Choose the refund date, knowing that the maximum is 30 days.
  • If your bank is Unicaja or Santander, you will receive your free loan instantly. Since your application is approved, the time limit can be 20 minutes. In case you work with another entity, the money can be delayed up to 48 hours, if it is a weekend.

Do you need € 200 urgently? Do you want to have the money in your bank the same day and not pay interest?


Dineo Your first free loan up to € 300 without cheating or cardboard. Paydayrelay has this active offer, as in the rest of the mini-credit companies, only for new clients. Paydayrelay boasts of delivering money quickly and instantly, and it is true that they live up to their advertising slogans. Making a credit application will not take you more than 10 minutes and, once approved, you will have the money quickly in your account. This is what you should know before entering to request your loan:

  • You can only request credits without interest up to € 300.00 and only once. As soon as you are a recurring customer, the free microcredit offer does not apply.
  • The return deadline is one month (30 days): Although you can return it within a minimum period of 5 days, depending on your needs.
  • You can collect your money by hand: Paydayrelay is one of the few companies that gives you the opportunity to collect the money at a Cash Converter store. Thus, you do not have to wait for it to be entered into your account, as long as you have one of these stores nearby.

Do you want to take advantage of the offer of having 300 us dollars at 0% interest?


I have Wonga We wanted to include this entity because, although it does not exactly offer 100% free loans, it does have a very competitive offer. The first time you apply for a microcredit with them, you only pay € 5 in interest. You would save 80% compared to the interest charged by other loan companies for the same product.

  • For 100 us dollars to be returned in a month you pay € 5, while in other entities you would pay between $ 20 or $ 35.
  • You can request up to € 300, the interest being only 5 us dollars , which is equivalent to an APR of 11%.
  • Refund up to 60 days : Another advantage is that you can return your cheap mini-credit within a period of two months. This gives you more leeway to overcome that temporary bump and pay back the money more smoothly.

Do you want a quick micro credit for which you only pay € 5 of interest to be returned in 60 days?


Need money Logo Paydaychampion offers mini-credits at 0 interest. They are not exactly free since the requested money must be returned within a maximum period of 10 days. If you meet this deadline you will not have to pay anything, just return the amount requested. If you are clear that you need money for a timely payment and that you can return it in a maximum of 10 days, this lender is ideal for you.

  • For your first mini-credit up to 400 us dollars to be repaid in 10 days maximum, you will pay € 0 of interest. That is, it will be free.
  • If you choose to repay your loan in 30 days , for € 100.00 you will pay € 34.00 of interest.
  • 10 minute guarantee : One of the guarantees offered by this entity is to make the deposit into your account in 10 minutes.

Do you want an urgent loan to repay in less than 10 days? Save commission with Paydaychampion.

These are the promotions that are currently active, in case new promotions of free credits arise, we will update the content. So you can get your free money for what you need so much.

What conditions must I meet to ask for quick money without interest

The basic requirements are usually the same for all finance companies. As a general rule, these are the particularities that you have to comply with before being able to request a fast online loan without interest:

  • Be of legal age : The minimum and maximum age ranges vary, but generally you must be 18 years old (in some cases the limit goes up to 21) and under 70 years old (in some cases the limit is higher).
  • Reside in United States : An indispensable condition is to be a resident, for which they will ask for your DNI or NIE.
  • Be the owner of a bank account : It is necessary to have an account in United States, since it will be where you receive your money and, in the same way, they will charge you for the loan on the date of repayment.
  • Have a mobile phone or email account : You will also need to be the owner of a mobile line and have an email for communications.
  • Justify certain monthly income : in order to be granted a micro credit, it is not necessary to have a payroll, but you do need a recurring monthly income (retirement pension, widowhood, unemployment, ...)
  • Not appear on a list of defaulters : In many entities it is an immovable requirement, but other companies grant interest-free loans to people with Credit Checker. As long as the debt does not exceed € 2000 and is not due to owing money to another financial institution or debts for credit cards.

How to apply for free loans

The procedures to request these free mini-credits are very simple, you will not have to do a lot of paperwork or it will take you more than 10 minutes to complete the request. These are the steps to follow:

  • Choose the company where you are going to request your quick money and fill out the online application form. Choose the quantity and the return time.
  • The amounts of free credits do not usually exceed € 300 and the date to make the refund varies from 7 to 30 days.
  • Have your identification (NIE / DNI) at hand as they will ask you to verify your age and residence. And your bank account number of which you are the holder. On some occasions they may request a bank receipt to see your monthly income.
  • Once you fill in the loan application form and provide your personal information, they will answer you by email or phone approving or denying your microcredit. This action usually takes no more than a couple of hours.
  • The last step is the receipt of the money in your bank account.

In case your name appears on a list of defaulters, the companies that give loans with Credit Checker will ask you for a receipt showing the amount of debt and the company that owes that money.

What happens if I do not return this type of mini-credits

Do not think that being fast money without interest or associated commissions do not have costs for non-payment. As long as you meet the money reimbursement period, you will not have to pay any additional cost, but if you stop paying this type of credits you will have expenses and commissions as a penalty. Therefore, if you really want to benefit from the advantages of interest-free loans, it will be better if you return your loan on the stipulated day, otherwise it will not be free. This is what would happen if you don't pay:

  • Delay expenses: These products have delay expenses, which will increase as the days go by. The longer you delay the payment, the higher these expenses will be. We cannot tell you exactly the amount, since it will depend on each company, but they are usually 1% daily. All this information should be consulted directly on their websites or through their customer service.
  • Associated expenses: The amount of the communications would also be passed on to you, notifying you of the non-payment, letters, phone calls, burofax etc ...
  • List of delinquents: Your name would be included in a list of delinquencies. This means that in the future you will not be able to request another microcredit, even if it is from another company. While it is true that there are entities that grant loans to people who are in Credit Checker , they do not usually grant them to those who have contracted their debt in financial institutions or through credit cards.
  • Recovery agencies and courts: Finally, your debt could be sold to companies specialized in collection, which involves daily harassment until you get your debt paid. Other companies directly decide to claim the debt through the courts.

Can I request several free credits at the same time?

As we have seen, there are different micro credit companies that offer free loans without interest. If you are going to request a loan of this type, you should know that you cannot overlap two or more credits in the same financial institution, since the rule is that until you meet the repayment term of a loan, they will not grant you more money.

What if you could do is ask for several free microloans in different companies, but our recommendation is that you do not do it. The payment date is usually exactly the same, so you may find yourself with identical repayment terms, which can generate added stress, problems to return them on time, etc.

From Addamo Credit we think that it is better to make requests for quick money sporadically. The purpose of these loans is to solve specific liquidity problems and not as a definitive remedy for your financial problems. Therefore, it is better that you do not add several mini-credits at the same time. Also, remember that the cost of interest is 0% but that in case of delays there are payments added as a penalty. In the end, the free loan will be expensive.

Are interest-free free credits reliable or is there a cat?

In general, when banks launch similar offers, the word "Free" is masked with some kind of extra commission and they may not charge you interest but they do charge opening fees or similar. With credit institutions specialized in mini-loans you can rest easy in this regard. When they talk about granting free loans, they do not hide hidden fine print or costs masked as opening or maintenance fees. Free in this type of product means 0 us dollars.

Surely it seems an unreliable product, since nobody offers anything for nothing. The purpose of this free money transfer is to make yourself known and attract the attention of new customers. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is no cat locked up. You will not find last minute surprises, as long as you meet the established return deadlines.

The conclusion is clear: there are totally free loans where you can get quick money in a maximum period of 48 hours or at least 10 minutes. And it is better that you return your money without interest, meeting the payment dates to face higher costs for delay.