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Although we think that we have everything under control when it comes to managing our household expenses, at any moment an unforeseen event may occur that could ruin our economy.

We live in a time when the economy is not going through the best of times: we pay a lot of taxes, the employment situation is still precarious and all this can translate into the fact that, when the time comes, we may need some extra capital to be able to make ends meet.

At this point appear the fast loans ; a resource that can help us correct our economic situation, preventing it from worsening. One of the companies that stands out at this point is Oakparkfinancial.

What is Oakparkfinancial?

Wanddo is a web platform that is part of the “Oakparkfinancial Finance” group, specialized in offering us fast online credits and loans of up to € 850 in a very short time (approximately 15 minutes), with the particularity that the requirements that we will ask will be minimal.

To facilitate the granting of the loan, the user will be able to carry out the entire procedure through the Internet. However, if you have any questions, you can contact the entity through the customer service number provided to us.

Main features of Oakparkfinancial quick loans:

  • Amount of money that we can request: From the online simulator of the website we can analyze the range of money that can be requested. We can request a quick credit of a minimum of € 50 and a maximum of € 850. (*)
  • Return time : The established return time will be a minimum of 7 days, and a maximum of 30 days.
  • Quick first loan: In order to attract new clients, the entity gives us the possibility of asking for up to € 300 for free (that is, without interest or commissions). However, those who are already customers will not be able to benefit from the discount.
  • Without explanations: It will not be necessary to give explanations or select the reason why we want to request the money.
  • Without endorsement or payroll: Although it is true that we will need a document that proves that we receive a certain source of income, it will not make it a payroll, and we will not need an endorsement to complete the transaction.

* If it is the first time that we request a credit, the maximum amount of money to request will be 30 us dollars. We will be able to unblock the request of greater amounts of each to the following requests; that is, in the event that we comply with the conditions established in each case.

How to request fast credits with Oakparkfinancial?

  • Fill in your information in the form: On the platform's home page we can find this form directly, so that we do not waste time looking for it. The first thing we will have to do is choose the amount of quick money that we are going to ask for, as well as the return time. As soon as we have entered this information, the commissions that we will have to face will be indicated, as well as the total money to be paid. If everything is correct, we will fill in our personal data.
  • Verification: Oakparkfinancial will ask us to verify the authenticity of our personal data. There are many alternatives to do so, but the simplest is to proceed to identify ourselves through our online bank. For this, the entity makes the kontomatic platform available to us, characterized by always handling our data in the safest way, in addition to checking them in seconds.
  • Receipt of money: As soon as the request for money has been approved, and the data is verified, we will have the money in the bank account in just 15 minutes.

What requirements do we have to meet to request a quick loan at Oakparkfinancial?

Fast online credit companies are characterized by requesting the minimum amount of possible requirements in order to speed up the procedures to the maximum.

Oakparkfinancial loans are unsecured, so, as we have already commented previously, we will not need to have an endorsement or guarantor, even not even payroll.

These are your requirements:

- Age: To apply for a quick loan with Oakparkfinancial, you must be between 20 and 70 years old.

-Identification: These loans are reserved for residents of United States. In addition, it will be necessary to provide a valid identity document (DNI or NIE).

-Bank account: You will have to provide the bank account number of an account you are the owner of.

-Credit Checker ?: With Oakparkfinancial we will not be able to request any credit in the event that we are in a defaulter registry (how can it be the RAI or the Credit Checker). There are many companies that, under certain conditions, can grant us a loan if we are registered in these databases, but with Oakparkfinancial don't even try, and you will only waste your time

In addition to all of the above, to finish confirming our identity, we will also be asked for a mobile phone number and an e-mail address (to be able to inform us at all times of how the process is going).

How is the loan repayment made?

When the return date approaches, the system will notify you with an email or SMS.

Payment must be made with a deposit or transfer at any of the following branches: Santander, La Caixa and Bankinter, either physically, or through online banking.

What to do if I cannot repay the Oakparkfinancial loan in the established time?

The Oakparkfinancial team is human and knows that many times it is not possible to meet the time that has been set for the return of fast online credit . If this is your situation, the first thing you should do is contact the entity to communicate your situation.

We can postpone the payment date in 7, 14 or 30 days. In addition, we can request extensions with a maximum of up to 11 months from the initial date on which it should have been returned. This can be done either through your customer service number, or directly through your control panel.

The problem? That this process is not free: first, we will have to make the payment of the interest of the loan extension, in addition to considering that each new extension will have new rates that can make us pay a very high amount.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast loans with Oakparkfinancial


  • Speed: They are probably the fastest loans on the market. And this is because they will ask us for a minimum number of requirements that we can get from one moment to the next. Unlike any bank, we will not have to be traveling to different entities to get them, or accumulate a large amount of paperwork with redundant information.
  • Immediate response: This advantage of the Oakparkfinancial quick credits is directly related to the previous one. And, just by filling in the data in the form and providing the corresponding documentation, we can receive an economic amount of up to € 805 in the account.
  • First free loan: That is, they will grant us a loan at 0% interest, although limited to € 300. We ask for this amount of money and we deliver the same amount on the stipulated date. Of course, we will have to be very careful to do it on this date because, otherwise, we would have to pay interest and this would make the first loan not free.
  • Adaptation: The fast loan company gives us the possibility of extending the repayment term of the loan in case we do not have time with the date we have established. We can ask for extensions of 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. All this can be managed easily through the panel by entering with our account.
  • Good customer service: In addition to all the above, Oakparkfinancial gives us the possibility to get in touch with an agent through e-mail or telephone; the telephone service is available from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. If you have any questions that may arise, there will always be a person in charge who can help us out.


The commissions can be a little higher than with other fast credit companies: that is why it is convenient to read and reread the contract, to avoid getting scared when we have to face the repayment of the loan.

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Conclusion: Is it worth asking for mini-credits in Oakparkfinancial?

To meet urgent financial needs is one of the best options. In other words, if we have to face tight terms by paying small amounts, requesting a fast mini-loan from Oakparkfinancial is a good idea.

Now, in the same way as in any other credit institution, it should be remembered that this resource should not be abused, that it should only be used for specific things.

Oakparkfinancial overview

Summary: Do you have an emergency and need quick money? Oakparkfinancial offers you a free first loan of € 300 and you will have it in your bank account in just 15 minutes.

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