Getting a loan without a payroll is complicated and more if you do it through the traditional way of the banks of a lifetime. In itself, it is increasingly difficult to borrow money from banks, but even more so if you do not have payroll or guarantees. Do you feel identified with this situation? Do you need to request money urgently and you do not have a fixed payroll or anyone to guarantee you? Do not worry, because there are alternative options to bank loans that can solve your problem and give you a break in a specific situation.




  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 1,000
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: $ 600
  • Maximum Duration: 65 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES

What are quick credits without payroll?

As the name of the type of loan indicates, fast loans without payroll are credits that are granted without the applicant having a payroll. However, it is not the only characteristic that these types of credits have.

We are not going to talk yet about the characteristics of this type of credit (we will do it in the next section), but, for now, you have to bear in mind that they not only comply with this characteristic of not requiring payroll.

Now ... Why have these types of companies emerged? After all, the payroll is a way of gaining security against the risk of default of the debtor . Why does a company risk not being paid?

Well, simply because the higher the risk, the higher interest can be charged. And, since there is and will always be a market for people without payroll who need loans, this is a niche market that can be profitable.

And both parties win: You, as a person without a payroll, can get your loan, while they can charge a little more interest and, therefore, continue to get a good benefit, even if someone is left without paying the debt.

In addition, there is an extra reason why, in recent times, several companies have emerged that offer this type of loan, and that is that the internet offers the possibility of greatly reducing the costs of offering this service.

Therefore, anyone with some capital to risk and some financial knowledge can set up their own fast loan company without payroll through the internet.

This is positive for you as a potential client, because it helps the different companies compete to offer you the best conditions, despite the fact that, sometimes, the appearance of these companies is not the best (after all, many times they are a simple website offering the service).

In the event that you do have a payroll but for other circumstances (you need a higher credit amount, you have several credits with other entities that are still in force ...) and you do not have anyone who can guarantee you, you can always shuffle the option to apply for loans without collateral .

Are fast online loan companies without payroll reliable?

In line with the last thing we have pointed out, it is important to answer the question of whether online loan companies without fast payroll are reliable or they are not. And it is that, really, the fact that they offer you money from a website is always strange to us.

And here we have to point out several things:

The first is that all these companies comply with the law and are duly regulated and supervised, so there is no illegality and you have no reason to doubt their reliability. They are not scams or fraud.

The second is that this shift to the Internet is not so rare . In fact, all the large banks, in recent years, are in a process of remodeling their business, moving from a face-to-face service to a much more network-centric one.

So these no-payroll loan companies are just taking what traditional finance companies do to the extreme.

And third, all of these companies have good reviews from customers. For us, this is the most relevant point, because, in the end, it is the customers who must say if the service is good. And, in this type of company, in general, customers are satisfied (as satisfied as you can be when you get into debt!).

So, as you can see, in general, yes, we can safely say that no-payroll loan companies are reliable and that there is nothing to fear when taking out a loan with them.

What characteristics do online loans without payroll have?

Having clarified what online loans without payroll are and confirmed that they are completely trustworthy, we can go on to talk about what characteristics they have . Of course, each company can make small changes, but, in general, loans without payroll have the following:

  1. Reduced amounts : The first characteristic of online loans without payroll is that they are not as large loans as those of traditional banks. Loans without payroll do not usually exceed € 600 (although, sometimes, they do exceed them - but it is not the usual thing).
  2. Variable but reduced terms : The terms, in loans without payroll, vary greatly. Some have to be returned in full after a month. Some others can be returned to the traditional way, with a little each month. It will greatly depend on the company you choose.
  3. Slightly higher interest : As we have already mentioned, for the entities that offer this type of loan, the risks are somewhat higher than in traditional financial entities. That is why the interests are also somewhat higher. But this is something that, in principle, you should already know when going to this service.
  4. Online procedure : One of the main attractions of this type of loan is that the entire process is carried out completely online, which substantially reduces the time it takes to get the loan (and, in addition, it is much more comfortable).
  5. Quick analysis of your profile : Another interesting point is that, once you give your data, the analysis they make of your reliability and risk profile is very fast, in such a way that, in just a few minutes, they tell you if you are going to be able or You will not be able to receive the credit you have requested.
  6. Fast delivery : In the event that they give you the go-ahead, the credit delivery process is also very fast. In just a few hours if you are in the same bank as them or in two days if you are in a different bank.
  7. No paperwork : Of course, the entire procedure can be carried out without the need for paperwork . It is true that some companies do require that you mail some signed papers, but it is not the usual

As you can see, the characteristics of this type of loan focus on offering maximum comfort to the end customer , providing them with facilities to access credit in exchange for paying a little more in interest.

What are the requirements to obtain a loan without payroll?

The usual requirements to request a loan without payroll are very simple. Obviously, each company can add its own criteria, but, in general, you only need to have the following:

  1. Reside in United States : The first requirement, of course, is to reside in the United States and have a NIE or a DNI. It should be noted that this is a legal requirement and that it does not depend directly on the companies that grant the loans. They only comply with the law.
  2. Be over 18 years old : In most cases, it is enough that you are 18 years old for you to be granted the loan. They are never granted to minors. However, sometimes it may be necessary for you to be over 18 years old (21, in certain cases). You should check it in the conditions of the company you are analyzing.
  3. Have a bank account : Naturally, you will also have to have a bank account so that they can make the deposit of the money. It must be an account in your name and it must be operational (as is normal).
  4. Have monthly income : This is the most important point. It is true that credit companies without payroll do not require that you have a payroll, but they do require that you have some regular monthly income. It can be a retirement, a scholarship, a subsidy ... Whatever, but you need an income so that they see that you will be able to repay the loan in the agreed terms.
  5. Sometimes not being in Credit Checker : Again, this condition will depend on each company, but there are some that do not grant loans to defaulters. That is why, sometimes, it will be a requirement not to be on any list similar to Credit Checker. Of course, there are other companies that do grant this type of loan, even if you are in Credit Checker.

As you can see, they are not particularly complicated conditions to fulfill . Anyone can get their credit without payroll if they meet these simple requirements ... And surely you meet them too!

Who are online credits without payroll intended for?

Having seen all of the above, we can mention the profiles for whom these loans are designed. Because, as you can imagine, a loan without a payroll that involves slightly higher interests is not designed for just anyone, but for specific profiles.

These profiles could be the following (but not only):

Autonomous worker

The first profile for which this type of loans without a payroll is indicated is that of the self-employed worker who, by definition, does not have a payroll (but may still need loans for a large number of different situations).

In general, the self-employed do not have problems accessing this type of loans without payroll, because they can demonstrate income that, although variable, tends to be quite stable.

In many cases, however, the self-employed can access more traditional loans. It is not easy, but, looking around, you can find a bank that offers you a personal loan with good conditions.

But, if you do not want to go from one bank to another begging for a loan that would be given without any problem to an employed person, you can go to a financial institution specialized in loans without payroll.

Also, as you are not a person with a dubious risk profile, it is likely that they will offer you better than average conditions.

Just unemployed

A person who is newly unemployed can also qualify for this type of loan. And in fact, it can be a very smart choice (although, of course, it will not always and under all circumstances).

Let's look at some possible situations in which a newly unemployed person would do well to take one of these loans:

  1. Unforeseen : Everyone has unforeseen events. And, in general, the problems seem to come in pairs. So it is not uncommon for you to be fired and, in addition, your washing machine breaks. That is why it is convenient to have a financial institution that is willing to give you a loan in that situation.
  2. Starting a small business : Many people, when laid off, prefer to find a way to start their own business rather than go back to work for someone else (in addition, this is increasingly common, given the high unemployment rates). If you plan to start a business and it is clear that you are going to obtain profitability with it, betting on a loan without a payroll may be the best way to start.

These are just two examples so you can see that, even if you are unemployed, it can be a smart option to take a loan. In general, if it is not for one of those two reasons, I would not recommend going into debt to an unemployed person. But, if it is for one of those two things, it may be a good idea.

Now, why would a financial institution give a loan to an unemployed person? Isn't it risky? Is it not possible that that person does not return the money? After all ... She's unemployed, right?

The answer is simple: You have income through your unemployment benefit, and that gives you the possibility of repaying the loan, which is what matters to the financial institution.

Obviously, they will analyze that benefit: How much is it, how long you have it and how likely it is that you will repay the loan with it, among other things. But, in general, if you have a normal unemployment benefit, you will not have a problem.


There are many reasons why you can receive a subsidy: For some type of illness or disability, for the number of children, for a situation of risk of social exclusion ... Anyway, for a thousand and one reasons.

Loans without payroll can also be a good option for someone who is receiving one of these subsidies . At the end of the day, it is unlikely that they will give you a loan to use, but one without a payroll is much more likely that they will give it to you.

Of course, as in the case of the unemployed, you should be careful when you take one of these loans, because, if you are receiving a subsidy, your conditions are probably not the best possible. You must correctly evaluate if you are going to be able to cope with the debt you contract.

On the part of the financial institution, the analysis they make is the same as in the case of the unemployed person: This person is receiving a subsidy, so, in principle, they will be able to face the debt.

But you are the one who is going to get into debt, so it is convenient for you to assess in depth if your situation allows you to contract and repay the loan with some comfort. If not, you should consider another way to get the money (and, of course, only use this resource for really important things, not for superfluous expenses).


Finally, there are the retirees . With retirees, things are relatively easier than in the previous cases: Their situation has not been negatively affected and therefore they have been given a subsidy, but retirement is their normal income.

That is why, in general, a retiree will have less trouble coping with the debts that they incur.

Don't get me wrong: There are very low retirement pensions, with which it is difficult to deal with any debt. But the retiree is already used to living with that amount of money, so his adaptability is somewhat greater than what we could see in an unemployed person (who has been able to go from earning € 1000 a month to only € 400, for example ).

However, at the same time, retirees have the problem that if things go a little wrong, they have a harder time finding other sources of income with which to deal with debt.

Therefore, if you are retired and you are thinking of taking out a loan without a payroll, you should also be careful and assess well if it is what you really need .

Now, if you have it clear, it is evident that being able to take a loan without a payroll, being retired, is a great way to deal with all those unforeseen events that can appear on a day-to-day basis (and that also affect the most older, of course).

On the other hand, if you are not among these options that we mentioned above, and you also do not have someone who can guarantee the loan, there is another option which is loans without payroll or endorsement .

I can apply for loans without payroll with Credit Checker

Not having a payroll and appearing in lists of defaulters such as Credit Checker a priori are two very adverse qualities when requesting loans through the traditional route, that is, through a bank. If this is your case, you will have already verified that the chances of your bank lending you money are very low. Thanks to the new financing channels and products of loan entities that operate online, nowadays it is also possible to obtain a loan without a payroll and appearing on a delinquency list as Credit Checker.

What you should know is that for the money request to be approved, as a general rule your debt may not exceed € 1000 and it may not have been contracted due to a credit card non-payment or online mini-loans. It is logical, right?

Which companies grant credit without payroll and with Credit Checker

Among the financial companies that grant this type of credit in the United States, the following stand out. It is good that you carefully compare the requirements and conditions they offer you before deciding on one:



Not having a payroll and appearing in a delinquency record will not be a problem on, but your debt should not exceed € 1000.



In Paydayadvance2two you can request your credit without payroll and with Credit Checker, as long as the debt for which you have been registered in the delinquent file does not exceed € 1,000.



Although your debt amounts to € 2,000 in Credit Checker, this company will study your credit proposal. Depending on your financial situation, you can get more or less money.



Here you can make your online request for money even if you do not have a payroll and if you appear on a list of defaulters they will also study your request. The response is immediate and you can have the money in hours.



Not exceeding € 500 of debt for which you appear on a list of defaulters and not having defaults with credit institutions or credit cards are the requirements to obtain your loan with Myloans even if you do not have a payroll.



Cashloans grants fast money without payroll and with Credit Checker. Another option if this is your case and you need to get extra money quickly and without complications.

The best companies to obtain your credits without payroll:

And, finally, let us recommend what we consider the best financial institutions to acquire your loan without payroll . These companies have passed our strictest filters and seem to us the most reliable and with the best conditions:

There are many offers of online credits and microcredits, but not all of them allow you to request money without payroll and without endorsement. That is why we have made a selection of the best loans in the Spanish market for which you will not need to have a payroll and you will not have to do unnecessary paperwork. Here you have all the information to request your fast loans without payroll and without complications.

Solcrédito, fast online loans without payroll up to 600 us dollars

Suncredit With Solcredito you can request a loan of up to € 600 without payroll. Do you want fast credit, without paperwork or complications?

Sol Crédito is what you are looking for. Grant money fast with Credit Checker, without payroll or guarantees. Get a maximum of $ 600 to return in 30 days as long as you comply with the following premises:

  • Be between 21 years of age and 80 at the most.
  • Have a demonstrable monthly income to be able to face the payment of your loan.

Creditlite: fast credits without payroll and without documentation

Creditomas Is it possible to request a loan and not pay any interest even if you do not have a payroll? Yes, Creditlite offers you 200 us dollars at 0% interest. Of course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 20 years old and under 71 years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Have a mobile phone in your name and an account in any bank in United States.
  • Not showing up in Credit Checker or any other delinquency record.

Do you want to apply for the first loan for free?

Enjoying by Gedesco loans without payroll, only with a car as collateral

Gedesco Get up to € 20,000 of credit without paperwork, putting your car as collateral without giving up using it. If you have a car fully paid for in your name and it does not exceed 6 years, you can make a loan application with Gedesco and in a few minutes you will know if it has been granted.

  • You will not pay interest on the borrowed money, you will only pay a monthly fee to continue enjoying your vehicle.
  • Once you pay back your loan, the car remains your property, unless you no longer want it. At this time they will make you an offer to buy and you decide if you want to sell it or not.

If you want to find financing using your car this is your best option

Gadcapital, fast loans without payroll in just 5 minutes

Wonga If this is the first time that you are going to request a microloan with Gadcapital, you can only request € 300. The good news is that for your first loan you only pay € 5 of interest. On successive occasions you can expand your credit volume up to € 600. This is the basic information you should know about Gadcapital to know if it fits what you are looking for and need:

  • Grant loans without endorsement or payroll. You only have to justify monthly income of any kind.
  • You have up to 60 days to return the money and if you want you can also request an extra extension of one month, paying an extra € 15.
  • As requirements, you will have to: be a Spanish resident, have a mobile number and bank account and be of legal age.

Loanbeginner quick credits without documentation

Available If there is one entity that really makes it easy for you, it is Loanbeginner. You do not need payroll or guarantees, and also the first online loan that you request (maximum 400 us dollars) is totally free . You only return the amount of money requested. That simple These are the basic conditions of Loanbeginner so that you can assess if it fits what you need:

  • You have 33 days to return the borrowed money.
  • You do not need payroll or guarantees
  • You must be over 18 years of age and not appear on a delinquency record.

Do you want money fast and without paying interest?

Creditozen: microcredits without payroll without interest

CreditZen Finding a loan in which they do not ask for a payroll as collateral is already complicated. If you add to this that your microloan has no interest and they grant it to you quickly, the task is complicated. Creditozen is the perfect candidate to get a micro credit without interest and in which they do not ask you for a payroll.

  • Your first interest-free loan: you can request up to € 300.00 to be repaid in a maximum of 30 days or a minimum of 7 days. You will return the requested amount not one cent more.
  • You don't need a payroll: your microcredit without the need for payroll. Of course, you will need to prove certain monthly income.
  • Requirements: despite not needing to have a payroll, you must meet certain requirements. Be the owner of a bank account, have a mobile phone in your name and be a resident of the United States.

Another great news is that it also studies your credit even if you have a debt with Credit Checker or another delinquent entity. As long as it does not exceed 3000 us dollars.

A fast credit without payroll and without interest? ...

1 credit: urgent money without paperwork

1Credit If you do not have a payroll but you do have recurring income from month to month (pension, retirement, income that comes from rent or similar) you can make your credit request with Paydaynow.

  • From 50 to 400 us dollars to be returned in 1 month Fill in the application form: in less than 10 minutes you will have filled in the details of the request. Basically personal data and employment status and income. At the same time you will tell yourself if your application has been accepted.
  • Affordable requirements for all profiles: all you need is your DNI or NIE, a bank statement that shows that you are the account holder, have an email account and a mobile phone terminal to contact you.
  • 100 us dollars to return in 1 month for only € 20.00 of interest: 1credit has one of the lowest commissions compared to other loan entities.

Your lowest microcredit in terms of interest.

Compariloan: fast credits without payroll

Moneyman Mini-credit and loans of up to 1200 us dollars. Compariloan, in addition to not asking you for a payroll to be able to request money with them, offers somewhat different conditions than the rest of the financial companies that lend money.

  • F lexibility in payments and amount of money: you can choose the repayment terms based on the money requested. Up to € 700.00 to be returned in 62 days maximum and from € 900.00 to € 1200.00 up to 4 months.
  • No need for payroll: having a payroll or not having it is exactly the same for this entity. The important thing to be able to prove that you have monthly income whether or not it is a payroll.
  • Points system, earn benefits Compariloan: this entity rewards customers who return the money received on time or recommend the company to other people. These points that you will receive will benefit you when requesting a new credit, being able to extend repayment terms or even obtain better advantages.

Learn about another way to request your money with Compariloan.

Onlinecredit: enjoy paying € 5.00 commission for your first time

OnlineCredit If it is your first time with Onlinecredit you will be able to enjoy your microcredit for almost free. Ask for the money you ask for (maximum 300 us dollars) you will only pay € 5.00 commission. Take advantage.

  • No need for payroll or guarantees : Onlinecredit requirements do not include having a payroll (yes monthly income), or guarantees as collateral.
  • Loan amount: up to 300 us dollars on your first loan at € 5.00 interest. Up to 1400 us dollars on successive occasions to be returned in a maximum of 4 months.
  • Procedures and application: without complications or obstacles. The request is made online or through a mobile phone and it will not take more than 5 minutes. As soon as you get a response from the financial institution, you can have your money within a period of 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Okmoney microcredits without payroll for € 600

Okmoney Do you need to request an urgent loan and do not have a payroll? In OKmoney you can request up to $ 600 to return in 14, 21 or 30 days without complications. These are the requirements that you must meet to start making your application:

  • Have a Spanish bank account and a mobile phone in your name.
  • Not be registered in any delinquency file. They do not grant loans with Credit Checker.
  • Be of legal age and not exceed 65 years of age.
  • You do not need to have a payroll to request a loan with this entity, but you must justify a monthly income of a minimum value of € 500.

Quebueno: immediate money online

That good Do you need € 300 to return in 30 days? If you request money for the first time with Québueno you will only be able to request this amount, in future occasions the volume that you can request rises to 900 us dollars. Its main advantages over other entities are:

  • You only need to have a credit card where you will receive the requested money and in the same way it will be where the loan will be charged after the return time.
  • It does not have commissions for prepayment.
  • It is not necessary to have payroll or guarantees and it does not matter that your name appears on a list of defaulters.

Have you seen how easy Quebueno makes it?

How will you see, there is a solution for each particular financial situation. The new financial products are a new way to solve economic potholes, pay an unforeseen bill or simply indulge yourself. Not having a payroll is not synonymous with not being able to pay a loan, the problem a few years ago was that no bank trusted you.

Now thanks to these quick loans you can request money despite not having a payroll. If this is your case and you have already applied for a loan of these characteristics, we would like to know how your experience has been. We invite you to leave your opinion in the comments.