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Wincredit is a company specialized in instant mini-credits with a long consolidated experience in the market. It offers us credits of reduced values, of a maximum of € 300 for new clients and € 1000 for those who have already worked with the entity and who have fulfilled the established conditions.

They are loans that will be granted to us to meet specific needs, with a fairly limited repayment time. The loan application is quite simple to complete, being able to receive the money in the bank account much earlier than we expect.

If you want to know its benefits, keep reading to discover everything that this financial company can offer you.

What exactly is Wincredit.es?

This company is based in United States, invoicing through the company Pulpo Finance SL. Perhaps this name does not convey much confidence to us; but investigating a little we discover that the company is real and that it complies with current regulations. It has its commercial headquarters at 62 Infanta Street, 5th floor of Missouri. Its CIF is B87632618 and many clients trust their loans.

All loan applications must be managed through the Internet; In other words, we cannot go to a physical delegation to ask for the money, since we will not find it.

As we have already commented, they specialize in and that is why it makes sense that they only operate online, since it is the fastest way we have to achieve them. If the management were done physically, the processing time would be very high.

The first time we can request a loan without guarantee of up to € 300 , with unbeatable conditions. If we comply with the conditions and with the return period, in our next request we can request a credit of a maximum of € 1000 .

Main characteristics of the fast loans of Wincredit.es

Processing time

They are called fast credits for something, and that is that we can complete the entire process in just 15 minutes (that is, in that time we will have filled out the application and we will have an answer on whether or not we are going to receive the money).

If we have an account in some of the branches that the entity proposes to us, we can have the money in it in a matter of minutes. If not, you will have to wait between 24 and 48 hours.

Quantity to request

Recapping the information that we have already exposed.

- If you request the credit for the first time: You can request a maximum of € 300.

-If you ask for a new credit , and you have not had problems in the past: You can request a maximum credit of € 1,000.

How to request the credit

Wincredit.es has arranged everything so that we can manage credit online, with a very simple platform that allows us to do everything on our own, without help and with only a minimum of computer knowledge.

Now, just in case we don't clarify, we can manage the entire process over the phone.

Without justifications

Unlike other companies specialized in instant mini-credits, with Wincredit we will not need to give any justification about the reason why we are requesting the money. As long as we meet the requirements, and we return the money on time, we will not have any problems.

Minimum amount

You cannot request an amount of money that is less than € 100. For example, if we only need € 50, this will not be the entity we are looking for.

Possibility of requesting an extension

If the day of the repayment of the loan is approaching, and we are aware that we will not be able to return it on time, we can speak with those responsible for the entity to request an extension (with certain conditions to be met).

The extension can be requested in intervals of 7, 14 or 30 days.

- 7-day extension: The cost of extending the payment time to 7 days will be 15% of the total debt.

- Extension of 15 days: The cost of extending the payment time to 15 days will be 20% of the total amount of the credit.

- 30-day extension: Finally, if we want to extend the payment time to 30 days, the cost will increase to 36% of the total.

Although it is desirable to never go to these extremes, at least we know that, even so, there are alternatives.

Requirements to request a loan at Wincredit.es

The requirements are quite similar to those that most of the online fast credit finance companies usually ask us:

  • Identification document : The first document that will be required of us is going to be a copy of our DNI or NIE in the event that you are a foreigner.
  • Age: Although it is true that a certain age is not established, there are usually no problems when the interval is between 21 and 65 years.
  • List of defaulters ?: The entity does not grant loans in the event that we are in a registry of defaulters such as Credit Checker, RAI or FICO. The amount will not matter; If there is a previous debt, it will be imperative to satisfy it before starting a loan application.
  • Accreditation of income perception: Although it is not mandatory to have a payroll, it will be necessary to have income of some kind. It can be, for example, an unemployment benefit, subsidy, nomic, or other aid. If you do not have regular income, you can try to request the credit anyway, although it is most likely that its resolution will be negative.

How to request a loan in Wincredit.es?

Now that you know the requirements that you are going to be asked, let's analyze how the application process works step by step:

-The first thing you should do is enter the entity's page. At home, we will find a loan simulator in which you can fill in the amount of the loan, as well as the repayment period. This simulator must be adapted based on your needs. You should not forget to analyze the interest that you are going to have to pay, to avoid getting scared when you have to return the money.

If we are interested in the conditions, we can process the credit directly from the form. We will start by adding our contact details.

-Even though we comply with the conditions, Wincredit reserves the right to accept or reject the credit depending on its own criteria. Although it is true that they offer us fast loans, this does not mean that they grant them in any case (otherwise the entity would be ruined).

For example, it may be that our money is rejected because we do not have much seniority at work, our income level may be low, or because we are in debt with some entity.

-As soon as we finish with the form we will have to wait a certain interval of time to receive a response from the company. In any case, the time to know if the process has been positive will be minimal, leaving us a great margin to look for another company if necessary.

-Finally, it will be in our hands to accept or not the credit. If we do it and our bank account matches the one that the branch proposes, we can have the money in a maximum period of 15 minutes (that is, a record time in the world of fast personal loans).

Wincredit.es customer service forms

Whether you do not clarify when concluding the credit application process, or if you have any other questions or want to expand the information of the company, you can contact them through the following formulas:

  • Telephone: You can receive telephone assistance through the number 910 750 347 , being available during business hours, only on business days.
  • E-mail: We also have the option of sending them an e-mail to the email address [email protected] .

What do customers think about Wincredit.es?

If you have ever requested a quick loan online , you will know the importance of knowing the opinions of the clients before making a decision.

Clients agree that it is a company that really delivers what it promises, being able to offer us loans as quickly as possible when we need them most. For example, they can be very practical for when we have been presented with a very high electricity bill, for a telephone, for when we have to pay the car bill, or face the mortgage payment for that month ...

It can also be a good resource to start that business that we have always had in mind, even to give ourselves a little whim.

It will be necessary to consider that the financial cost that their fast loans entail is 1% daily APR . This amount is somewhat high, but the same is true with any quick loan.

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