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Have you run into an unexpected setback and need quick money? Has an unexpected emergency expense come to you? Do you have a small debt that you need to solve now? Then Paydaynow is the platform that gives you the solution to weather your financial problems. In a quick and easy way, you can get your loan online from € 50.00 to € 800.00, without the need for payroll, guarantees, or unnecessary paperwork.

In less than 10 minutes you will be able to have the money in your bank account, avoiding all the annoyances associated with requesting a loan at a bank: endless waits, several visits to request your loan and endless paperwork. To which we will have to add the wait to know if they accept the request for your mini credit or not.

What is Paydaynow

Paydaynow Finance is a well-known online platform for granting microcredits. It is a financial company based in Missouri, which grants personal micro loans for those emergencies that we can all have at any given time: an unexpected car repair, a visit to the dentist, your children's school expenses and, why not, some mini-vacations.

You can request a loan of € 50.00 up to € 800.00, quickly, easily and in a matter of minutes. The return period also varies, and can be paid in a minimum period of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days (1 month).

The minimum return period is 7 days and the maximum is one month (30 days)

The first loan you request from Paydaynow is at 0% interest. If you ask for € 300 you will only have to return € 300 or a penny more.

Requirements to request a mini-credit with Paydaynow

Paydaynow, like any other credit institution, can approve or reject your application, but for the granting of your mini-credits you will not find great impediments. What is essential to receive a loan of this type is:

  • Not appear in the list of defaulters of Credit Checker (National Association of Credit Financial Institutions). For greater security, before requesting your mini-loan, you should check if your name appears in this list.

This is the only requirement that you must meet. In the following points we detail information of interest that you should know before requesting your mini-credit online:

  • If you are under 22 years old or over 64 : Although this is not a requirement, you should know that if your age is under 22 or over 64, Paydaynow only offers mini-credits of up to € 200. That is, you will not be able to request a loan of € 800, which is the maximum amount granted by Paydaynow Finance.
  • Paydaynow does not grant loans to companies: If you are a company, Paydaynow will not be able to accept your credit request. But if you are self-employed, a pensioner or you are unemployed, you can request your mini-credit online.

How to apply for a loan on Paydaynow?

Request your online mini-credit through the web

As simple as entering here, selecting the amount and the estimated time for the refund of the money. Remember that the term is 7 days to a month.

Immediately, Paydaynow will respond to your request and you can start enjoying your mini-credit online. You will be able to have your money in less than 24 hours in your bank account to allocate it to what you need.

Money transfer to your bank account

Once your application is approved, the money is immediately transferred to the indicated bank account. In 15 minutes you will have the requested amount . What you have to keep in mind is that depending on your bank, the deposit may not be as immediate and it may take longer to cash in your bank account. This can be several hours, a day or two.

If you want to receive the money instantly, you must provide a bank account belonging to any of the following banks: Banco Santander, Bankinter, Bankia, BBVA, Caixa Cataluña, Unicaja, Banco Popular, Kutxabank or Caja United States.

What are the conditions of the mini credit?

Paydaynow offers one of the best options if you ask for money for the first time, since the first loan has 0% interest. A great way to treat yourself without paying more for it. Other conditions that you must remember and take into account:

  • As we have mentioned, your mini-credit can be from € 50 to € 800 and the payment term from 7 days to a month.
  • If you are under 22 or over 64 years old, you can only request a mini-credit with a maximum value of € 200.
  • If you want to pay in advance you can do it without any added cost.
  • If you cannot pay Paydaynow in the indicated time, they provide you with facilities to pay it by bank transfers or credit card. Of course, the interests will be higher.

Can the loan term be extended with Paydaynow?

Paydaynow gives you the option of extending the term of your mini credit, although this entails an added cost in relation to the requested extension term and the total amount of your loan.

This option always comes in handy in case you cannot pay within the established term, but the best option would be to try to plan the term of your loan well so as not to overpay with unnecessary extensions. It is always better to choose a longer term to have more margin and not get your fingers caught.

Paydaynow: Customer Reviews

The satisfaction of Paydaynow customers who have requested a mini credit is 9.8 out of 10. This rating is based on the opinions of 510 customers in the last year. As positive factors of the Paydaynow service, its customers highlight:

  • The speed of granting loans in a fast, intuitive and uncomplicated way.
  • The value of being able to request your first loan with Paydaynow without paying any type of commission.
  • Customer service, a very well cared service that makes the experience with Paydaynow to the liking of most of its customers.

The negative opinions about Paydaynow are related to the waiting time for the receipt of the mini-credit. This problem is usually linked to the bank where you ask for your money to be deposited but, as we have already mentioned, if you have an account in one of the associated banks, you will have the money in 15 minutes.

Paydaynow's high satisfaction score is undoubtedly a guarantee of its mini loan service.

Paydaynow phone, contact and customer service

Paydaynow's customer service is really effective and offers various means of contact, both to resolve doubts about your loan payment options, to obtain general information, to process an extension of loan terms or to raise any other problem that may arise during the loan contracting process.

On the other hand, Paydaynow also offers a chat service through its website to be able to resolve your doubts and concerns live.

Perhaps before requesting your mini credit you are also interested in consulting:

As you will see, Paydaynow is a credit institution that makes your life easier and that will help you overcome that little economic downturn at the end of the month, the January slope or back to school. As simple as requesting your mini-credit and living a little more calmly and without unnecessary stress.

Paydaynow overview

Summary: Do you want to obtain a loan of € 300 quickly? Would you like to have that money quickly and without paying interest? No, we haven't gone crazy. Paydaynow offers your first credit totally free. You return the exact amount that you asked for, so it would be the closest thing to your father lending you the money.

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