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Don't you trust the companies that grant online loans? Are you afraid of lenders who mask the terms of their mini-loans?

We are tired of seeing how, through the small print or unexpectedly increasing fees, there are companies that provide money online that force you to pay a very high amount than originally established. This is perhaps one of the biggest problems when requesting a loan online. The distrust that exists before this type of companies that promise all kinds of facilities at the beginning but that later have little to do with reality.

But, although it is difficult to believe it, there is a company that, as the title says, does not seek to indebt its client more. We talk about Solcrédito And where is the trick? You may be wondering ...

Simply, Solcrédito earns money with the quick repayment of the loans granted. Therefore, his highest priority is to get his clients to pay back the money they borrow as soon as possible. They provide credits quickly and with a short-term return. Transparency is your best value. They don't want clients who can't afford their mini-loans.

Who is behind Solcrédito

Solcrédito is a Spanish company based in Barcelona that has been helping people with financial liquidity needs since 2011. They are specialized in granting short-term loans, providing a solution to those economic unforeseen events that must be addressed quickly. They grant loans of up to € 3,000.

If you are a new customer, you can only request a maximum of € 600. Their system is based on mutual trust, in such a way that their objective is not to grant as many loans as possible, but to grant those mini-loans that they know people can repay.

They are members of the National Consumer Institute and of the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments. Having this support, you have the peace of mind that all the activities carried out by Solcrédito are controlled and supported by these recognized entities.

Requirements to request your loan online

  • Age between 18 and 80 years.
  • Reside in the United States.
  • Be the owner of an account in a national bank
  • Have a mobile number.
  • Have an email account.
  • You do not need an endorsement or payroll but you do need a source of regular income

As you will see, these requirements are nothing to write home about and they are what any other credit company will require of you. But what makes Solcredito different from its competition is that they make loans to freelancers and companies. Just as they grant credits to people who are registered on a list of defaulters such as Credit Checker.

How do I request my microloan?

We tell you everything step by step how to apply for an online loan with Solcrédito:

  • Through its calculator you choose the amount of money you need and in how many days you want to return it. If you are a new customer, you can only request up to € 600. This amount will increase as you gain the trust of Solcrédito. In this case you can request up to € 3000.
  • Then fill in the short form that you will find below the calculator. (name, surname, ID, email ...).
  • Solcredito verifies your information and evaluates your request. If so, you will have the money immediately in your bank account. But be careful, the availability of the money will depend on whether the day is working or not and if your bank is part of the entities with which Solcredito works.

Perhaps one of the least positive things is that you must send the application to know how many will be the costs incurred for requesting your loan. They do not include them directly in your simulator. But yes, these costs will be fixed for the entire duration of your mini-loan .

Solcredito does not want to surprise its clients at the last minute with new expenses. Remember that they are the first interested in their users returning the money within the established period.

Returns and expenses for delays

The return of the money can be made by making a deposit in any of your bank accounts or by bank transfer.

If the date on which you have to repay your loan arrives you do not do so, Solcrédito will apply a penalty.

Unlike other companies, Solcrédito generally does not extend the loan repayment term. Before applying the penalty, always try to reach an agreement with you. If it is not obtained, a penalty of 20% of the total of your loan will be imposed. The interest will go up until an agreement is reached with you. If after 45 days the debt has not been paid, your name will be included in the Credit Checker list of defaulters.

This will affect you directly since you will not be able to request other loans with Solcrédito or almost certainly with other companies that grant online credits. In addition, the collection of your loan will go to an external company. That is why before requesting any loan you have to be clear that you are going to be able to pay, so that "the remedy than the disease" is not worse.

The conditions when requesting a loan improve the more credits you request and the more trust they have in you. If you return them before the established date you will have a discount.

Solcredito Reviews: What your customers say

Question of confidence

Solcrédito clients value personalization when granting online loans.

Their entire system is based on a “confidence level”. Solcrédito stipulates this "level" with each client. Study each client individually and, depending on economic conditions, the money loaned will be one amount or another. They must check how reliable the client is, so at first they only let you request € 50 to € 600.

When you have repaid this first loan without problems, the level of confidence will increase and you will be given the option of requesting another loan for a larger amount. The more confident you show, the greater the loan you can request, reaching up to 3,000 us dollars.

AEM member with Confianza Online seal

Continuing with its philosophy of building trust, Solcrédito is a member of the Spanish Association of Microloans . This implies compliance with an ethical code based on a set of deontological standards that affect the most important points that generate the greatest concern in clients, such as: the evaluation of solvency, the type of advertising and marketing that is done, recovery of debts, data protection ...

In addition, for the same purpose, it has the seal of "online trust". This is a commitment to good practice and an endorsement that your services meet certain requirements.

Solcrédito undertakes to answer any complaint you may have in less than 48 hours. If not, you can go to the National Consumer Institute, of which it is a member, and present your complaint there. Your claim will be attended and a solution will be sought.

As they well explain on their website, Solcrédito is not one of the cheapest options when requesting a loan online, but they do guarantee that they are the fastest and most flexible in United States.

Using the same analogy, it is like “traveling by AVE”. You know that it is more expensive than the conventional train or even a car trip, but it is faster, more comfortable and much more comfortable. That is why it is worth using it from time to time.

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