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Are you in a difficult financial situation and need immediate liquidity? Do you want to treat yourself but you lack money? These can be two of the situations that you face and you don't know how to deal with them. There are different options in the market, but you do not just trust online loans. Let's see if we clear your doubts.

Myloans is one of the online entities that offer quick mini-credits. One of its greatest advantages over other companies in the sector is that it allows you to return the money borrowed in weekly installments . This makes the repayment of the loan easier to keep up to date, since you will not have to make a single payment and will allow you to plan better.

Conditions of the mini-credit in Myloans

If you are evaluating the option of requesting a loan in Myloans, first of all you should know what conditions it offers:

  • New clients: if it is your first time, you can only request a loan of up to € 300. This is a company policy and a way for me to be safe with you. Once you have paid the installments and the entirety of your loan, you can extend up to € 900.
  • Credit up to € 900: If you are a Myloans customer and have requested credit with them on other occasions, you can have up to 900 us dollars to spend on what you need so much.
  • They grant money to people who appear on the delinquency list: The only condition for this circumstance is that the debt for which you appear in Credit Checker is not due to a non-payment to a similar financial institution.
  • Weekly return periods : you can choose the terms in which to return your money between 13 or 26 weeks. Each week you will have to pay a fee, in this way the return will be much easier to carry and it will not accumulate.

Example: € 200 of credit to be paid in 13 weeks (3 months) translates into weekly installments of € 23.96. Total loan with interest: € 311.48

How to request my mini-credit

The way to request your microcredit is very easy and intuitive, you only need a computer, a Wi-Fi connection and 10 minutes. Shall we start?

Enter their website by clicking here . Once inside, you will find a money and term indicator. Here you have to choose how much fast money you need and the return period: two and a half months, 13 weeks, or 6 and a half months, 26 weeks.

Weekly interest and installments: you will immediately see the amount of the loan that you must pay each week and the total money that you will pay at the end of the period. If the proposal convinces you and adapts to your possibilities, you just have to press the request button.

Form and approval: Now you will have to fill in the form with some personal information and your bank account number. Then they will ask you to send them the following documentation via email:

  • Identity document or NIE: To prove your identity and age.
  • Bank receipts of income : To be able to analyze your risk profile and verify that you have periodic income to meet the weekly payment. (payroll, pension, unemployment etc ...)
  • Within a maximum period of 48 hours you will receive the answer regarding the approval of your microcredit or otherwise the refusal of your application.
  • Bank receipt with your account number and name of the holder: In this way they will be able to confirm that you are the holder of that bank account.

Transfer of money to your account: If the answer from Myloans is affirmative, you will receive the money in a few minutes in the indicated bank account.

Finally, you only have to have that money to cover that expense that you need so much or treat yourself.

Requirements to ask for the quick money

You really don't need to meet strict conditions to be able to request a loan with Myloans. Here is the information on everything you need to meet the customer profile:

  • Not appearing in a list of delinquency for debts contracted by banking products or financial entities: There are different entities that lend money with Credit Checker and Myloans is one of them, but the fundamental requirement is that your name does not appear in those records for debts with others financial companies or bank credit cards.
  • Be a United States resident and of legal age: Only grants credit to United States residents without exception.
  • Be the owner of a bank account and a mobile phone.
  • Own a debit card: It is important that you have this type of card, since weekly payments will be charged directly to it.
  • Have monthly income: To request this loan you do not need payroll or guarantors, but it is necessary to have some type of recurring income.

What happens in case of non-payment of fees

As with all microcredits, if you could not pay a weekly fee there would be an added cost, which would make the total interest on your loan more expensive. So we recommend that you do not miss any payment date so as not to pay more than the bill.

Each week, on the day chosen by you, your debit card will be charged with the amount of your fee. In the event that the collection is returned, it would be issued again two days later. If on this second occasion they cannot collect the fee, an extra € 20.00 will be added for non-payment… and so on in the event of non-payment of new fees.

The best thing about Myloans and the factor most valued by its clients is the possibility of being able to pay your microcredit in weekly installments. The important thing is to have controlled the date of that weekly payment, to avoid scares and penalties for non-payment.

If you prefer to consult other options and different payment systems, we recommend that you take a look at the following entities. In the following links you will find all the information about your credit products:

If you really want to have ease of return and make weekly monthly payments, Myloans is the best option. So you can pay off your loan little by little.

Myloans Summary

Summary: Myloans works differently, since you can request quick loans of up to € 900 and return them comfortably week by week. Its repayment system makes it more comfortable and that the payment does not accumulate at the end of the established term. You can pay it off in three or six months.

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