Does your name appear on a delinquent list as a Credit Checker? Are you tired of hearing negative after negative every time you go to ask for a loan or credit card? If this is your case, do not worry, because this does not mean that you have a stigma of defaulting for the rest of your life and there are entities that grant microcredits and loans even if you appear in Credit Checker or any other similar list.




  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 1,000
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: € 1000
  • Maximum Duration: 90 days
  • First Loan: € 500
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: $ 600
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: NO

Not all financial products are the same, and while it is true that banks have stricter requirements, there are new lines of credit that will respond to your request. The ideal is not to have outstanding debts, but the fact of having them is not a reason for not being able to solve a specific economic downturn. This is what certain credit granting companies value, so you are not alone if you find yourself in this type of situation.

In fact, being on the delinquency list is more common than it seems and does not imply having large debts. Sometimes you may not even know that your name is included in these types of lists. An unpaid phone bill of € 20.00 with which you do not agree may be reason enough for you to be included in these delinquent records.

How to apply for a loan with Credit Checker? It's possible?

Are you trying to get a loan and you don't get it because you are on a delinquent list? Don't worry, in today's article we are going to explain how to apply for a loan with Credit Checker and get it given to you. Let's see it!

Now, not all the people listed on Credit Checker have the same profile. Some people are there because they are professional scammers, but other people are simply because they forgot to pay a bill on occasion .

Therefore, there are many financial entities that are willing to analyze the nature of that unpaid debt and make their own decision on whether or not to lend money to that person.

This increases the risk a bit, but also, precisely because of that, allows the interest rate to be charged a little higher.

So, if you are in Credit Checker and you want a loan, the first thing you have to do is look for those entities that offer credits with Credit Checker. And, to facilitate this work, we will mention which are those companies in the next section.

You also have to bear in mind that many of these entities offer credits with Credit Checker as long as the amount owed is not very high . For example, it is normal for many entities to offer loans with Credit Checker only if the debt is less than € 1000.

Finally, before moving on to the next section, it should be mentioned that, if you are in Credit Checker, it is very convenient that you pay off the debt you have pending , because not being on that list helps a lot to have a financial situation and more comfortable credit.

But hey, surely you already know this, and if you are looking for a credit with Credit Checker it is because you really need the money.

Why is it so difficult to get a credit with Credit Checker?

The first question to ask yourself when we talk about credits with Credit Checker is ... Why is it so difficult to get credit when you are on a delinquent list like Credit Checker?

And the answer lies in the business model that financial institutions have. Its business consists of taking capital (it can be owned by the entity or loaned by clients who make deposits - the latter is the case of banks) and lending it to other people .

Thus, in the case of banks, one hundred people lend their money to the bank in the form of a deposit (say, € 1000 each, for a total of € 100,000, with an interest of 1%), and the bank lends part of that money (say, € 30,000) to someone else, at 3% interest.

The difference between the first interest and the second is the bank's profit . In the case of smaller financial institutions, the capital is their own, so the total interest rate reverts to the benefit of the company.

But in either case there is a problem: What if the person to whom the money is loaned does not pay? In that case, you not only lose the 2 or 3% of profit that was going to be obtained, but also the borrowed capital.

That is why financial institutions carry out in-depth analysis of the profile of the potential borrower, in order to determine if they are solvent and capable of repaying the loan or not.

Managing this risk is essential for the business to function, because, if too much risk is taken, the company can go bankrupt by having given loans that are not repaid.

And what is one of the basic sections of this analysis of the borrower's profile? Exact: Whether or not you are on a delinquent list such as Credit Checker. And it is that, if you are, it means that you have already defaulted sometime, and that means that your profile is less solvent .

Why does my name appear on Credit Checker

Basically your name is included in a delinquency list for not having paid any invoice, fee, receipt or debt to a company. In general, they are usually debts with mobile phone companies and financial institutions, although this is not always the case, since you can also appear for other types of defaults to other types of companies.

By law, every time a company inscribes your data on a list such as Credit Checker, RAI, SEIDO or similar, you should be notified by a certificate at your address within a maximum period of 1 month. However, your name cannot be included in these files, unless you have delayed 4 months in the payment . The law that stipulates this communication is Organic Law 5/1992 . Do not worry if you have not received this notification, since your data may not be up to date and, therefore, your name appears without prior communication.

However, you can do the management and call the association to verify that your name appears and know the value of the default and the creditor entity. These associations or entities have the obligation to provide you with this information. Sometimes you may have already paid your debt or there is some kind of misunderstanding. It is always better to corroborate the veracity of the pending debt, since if it is paid, you have the right to claim that your name be removed from that list immediately.

What delinquency records exist

All the delinquency files that exist have a single purpose: to be able to assess the risk of granting credits or loans to individuals or companies. There are numerous delinquency records, but below we are going to see the best known ones that operate in United States:

ASNEF-EQUIFAX file: National Association of Financing Entities

The National Association of Financing Entities is made up of more than 200 Spanish companies that grant loans, financial institutions, banks and also mobile phone, energy, publishing and telecommunications companies. All the members of this association contribute their data thus creating a common list, where the names of people with debts and defaults appear.

This list is the best known among the population, and is carried out together with FICO IBÉRICA SL and Credit Checker.

FICO is a recognized global company dedicated to providing strategic information for businesses. It has been working in the United States since 1994 although it operates in more than thirteen countries. Your company works together with the Association of Financing Entities to collect all the information from the daily lists of people with defaults and debts.

RAI: Registry of Unpaid Acceptances

This file groups the defaults of companies and not of individuals who have debts of € 300 or more. In other words, legal entities appear in this list and never individuals. It is managed by the CCI (Center for Interbank Cooperation).

The RAI delinquency list is made with the information provided by the credit granting companies and banks. This information does not have to be related to financial defaults, but rather that the banks or financial institutions themselves provide data on defaults to third companies. To see if your name appears on this list, you can contact them by phone: 902 103 406 or by mail: [email protected]

Bank of United States file: CIRBE or CIR

In this list of the Central Risk Information Center of the Bank of United States, the information on defaulters provided by credit financial institutions is stored. In this list there are both debts of individuals and companies.

All entities collaborating with or subscribing to the Bank of United States have the obligation to declare incidents in the payment of their clients or companies. In the same way, all these companies periodically receive updated delinquency lists. Although it is not a public listing, any person or credit institution can request this information from CIRBE .

BADEXCUG file: Experian Credit Bureau

The Experian Closed User Group Database is another of the most popular files for defaulters. The Experian Company is a company that analyzes and stores data on financial solvency and has been working in the United States for more than two decades.

As in the rest of the files, the information on delinquency is provided by the associated companies, in this case more than 210 entities. In general they are credit institutions, cooperatives and banks. The list includes information on legal entities (companies) and individuals (natural persons). It is updated month by month and sent to its members.

As in the rest of the files, if your name appears in this list, you have the right to know the information about your debt and creditor entity.

How can I remove my name from the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions

Obviously, if your name appears on the list for having contracted a debt with any associated company, the first step is to pay that amount and request that your name be withdrawn from the company that entered it in the registry.

You have to inform the company where you had your debt that the debt is settled and, for this, we recommend you write a certified letter attaching the receipt or the paid income. Exiting Credit Checker is not a very complicated task as long as the correct steps are followed.

If within seven days of receiving the letter, your name is not removed from the file, you can contact Credit Checker directly and explain your case. You can also send them a letter providing all the documentation of the payment of your debt and a photocopy of your ID, asking them to remove your name from the file.

Data for communications with Credit Checker:

  • By phone: you can contact their customer service 90126000.
  • Via mail: you can send an email to Credit Checker @ Credit
  • By mail: you can send a letter to C / Velazquez 64-66, 2º, 28001 (Missouri) or to the Missouri P.O. Box 10546 28080.

In case of not paying the amount corresponding to the debt, your name can appear in this list for up to 6 years. This will mean that during this time you will have quite a few inconveniences when requesting financing in any bank and in most financial institutions when requesting any mini loan . Even though your name is removed, the debt you contracted will remain in effect until it is paid.

How can I remove my name from the RAI

As we have seen in the description of the RAI file, this file only includes data from freelancers and companies provided by banking entities. To remove your name from the RAI, you must pay the debt and notify the bank that included you in the list, providing the paid receipt.

Another option is to go to the offices of the Registry of Unpaid Acceptances located at C / Príncipe de Vergara, 132, 1ª, 28002 Missouri, with the promissory note or receipt and the supporting identity document. There is also a contact telephone number for any type of query 902 103 406.

In the rest of the files, the CIR and BADEXCUG, the procedures to remove your name are identical: pay the debt and contact them to remove your name from the delinquent file.

  • For inquiries to CIRBE call 901 545 400 or 913 388 830
  • Queries to the Experian Credit Bureau: 91 625 89 11

Once you have removed your name from the RAI, you can solve credits online immediately without any problem.

How can I apply for a loan if I appear on a list of defaulters

You will not be able to request any loan from any bank, since they will deny you credit for appearing in Credit Checker or in other types of delinquency files, such as those mentioned above. However, there are loan entities where you can ask for quick money without problems. In general, for these companies to take your loan application into account, your debt should not exceed € 1,000.

To save you time, we indicate which are those companies that grant loans with Credit Checker and the requirements to be able to request it.

  • : In Paydayadvance2two you can request your credit as long as you do not have debts exceeding € 1,000. Your request will be processed even if you appear in RAI or Credit Checker.
  • : Get a microloan of up to € 600 at Dedebt. Also, even if your debt amounts to € 2000, they will have no problem evaluating your request. Depending on your credit history they may grant you more or less amount.
  • : Request your loan online up to a maximum of € 750. Even if you appear in Credit Checker they will study your request and you will get a response quickly. You will receive the money in less than 24 hours in your bank account.
  • : If the debt for which you appear in the delinquent registry does not amount to € 1,000, you will have no problems requesting your fast money with Credit10.
  • : If the debt for which you appear in Credit Checker does not exceed € 500 and does not have to do with defaults to credit institutions or credit cards, you will not have a problem obtaining credit in Myloans either.
  • : Get up to € 500 to be returned in 30 days and in just 15 minutes. Cashloans grant quick credits with Credit Checker, so don't be afraid to apply with them.
  • : Urgent credits without payroll and with Credit Checker. If your debt does not exceed € 3,000.00 you can request your first microcredit up to € 300.00 at 0.00% interest. Successive loans up to € 500.00. The perfect credit that makes your life easier.
  • Paydaynow : Your request for fast money without the need for guarantees or payroll. Appearing in RAI or Credit Checker will not be an inconvenience to request your money. Ask for your first microcredit up to € 500.00 without problems and without paying interest.
  • : Offers mini-loans of up to € 1,200.00 to be repaid in 4 months. It does not matter that your name appears in a delinquency file, this is not a problem to make your request. They study your case and offer personalized conditions for you.
  • : Ideal to apply for loans with Credit Checker in the best conditions. Up to € 300.00 on your first loan paying only 5 us dollars of commission.

What requirements must I meet to apply for a loan with Credit Checker

Each company that grants mini-credits with Credit Checker has specific requirements, but in general these requirements are accessible to everyone. They have nothing to do with the demands of the banks. Let's see what are those most common conditions that they ask us to be able to request credits with Credit Checker:

  • You must be a Spanish resident , this does not mean that you must be born in the United States. The important thing is to be able to prove that you are a resident.
  • You must be over 18 years of age , therefore having reached the age of majority. Depending on the loan company, they can increase the minimum age to 22.
  • Be the owner of a Spanish bank account and have a mobile in your name: You will need to have an account in your name and in general they will also ask you for an active mobile number, of which you are the owner, or an email account.
  • You must have demonstrable monthly income. Companies that grant loans with Credit Checker, ask as a guarantee that you have regular income. The minimum amount will depend on the credit you want to request, although in general in the case of mini-credits it is usually € 500. This income can be from a payroll, pension or similar.
  • Your debt with Credit Checker should not exceed € 1000: There are also companies that allow you to request these loans with debts of up to € 2000, but in general it is usually half. It is also important that you know that your debt must not have been contracted with a credit institution or similar.

These requirements may be lower or increase, depending on the company where we request our mini online loan. But with these data you can get a general idea of ​​the requirements you must meet before requesting your loan.

Are the companies that grant this type of loan lenders?

All the entities that grant fast loans that appear in Topcrédito are financial companies that operate in United States and that in many cases are attached to the Bank of United States. Therefore, you can rest completely at ease, since these companies that grant personal loans with Credit Checker are not lenders and they are transparent and secure.

On our website you will not find any company that asks for your house as collateral, since most of these entities, in our opinion, do not comply with clear legislation and in general are lenders who hide abusive clauses behind the small print.

What happens if I don't repay my loans with Credit Checker

Imagine that you have requested a personal loan with Credit Checker, precisely to pay your debt and have your name removed from the delinquency file. If you stop paying the borrowed money, the financial companies will put your name back on the list and you will find yourself back in the starting position. That is why it is best that you evaluate your financial situation very well and make sure that you can return the money so as not to enter a vicious cycle of defaults.

In the same way, if you do not return your loan and are already on a delinquency list, you could also face the following situations:

  • Increase in interest payable: Interest in case of non-payment will increase depending on the company in which you have requested your microcredit with Credit Checker. And they will also charge you for all the communications, calls and notices they have to do to communicate with you. The longer you extend the payment term, the greater the amounts you have to pay as interest.
  • Claim via court: You may also have to face a lawsuit where your loan money is claimed with Credit Checker. In this situation, you will not only have to pay the amount of your credit, but in the event that the judge gives the reason to the financial institution, you will also have to bear the costs of the judicial process.
  • Sale of your debt to a claims company: Another option is for the financial company to pass your debt to an entity specialized in collection and you begin to receive notifications through all possible means of contact. Sometimes they may contact friends or family in order to get you to pay the amount due.

As you will see, it is not worthwhile to stop paying your personal loan with Credit Checker, since instead of having solved an economic downturn you will aggravate your financial situation and your loan with Credit Checker will have been of no use. Nor is it a dish of good taste to be persecuted day after day by a collection entity. As an advice, make sure you can repay your microloan at the end of your repayment period, since you will live much more peacefully.

I can request a mini loan with Credit Checker and without payroll

Yes, you can apply for loans without payroll and with Credit Checker. Of course, you will need to show that you have a recurring monthly income to be able to face your microcredit. It is necessary to fulfill this requirement, since the companies that grant loans with Credit Checker, must ensure that you will be able to pay the borrowed money.

Keep in mind that the fact that your name appears on a list of defaulters is usually a reason why banks and credit unions would reject your application. Therefore, these financial companies that do trust you, need to ensure a minimum monthly income. In general, they usually ask for a recurring income of € 500 a month. It doesn't matter if it's a payroll, pension, unemployment benefit or retirement, any income is valid.

Can I request a credit if I am unemployed and my name is in Credit Checker?

As in the previous point, the answer is yes. As long as you can justify a minimum monthly income. This will be the only essential requirement to be able to request your loan online while being unemployed and appearing on a delinquency list.

The procedures to request this type of fast, paperless credits are usually very simple and will avoid long queues and waiting hours. In addition, you will avoid that feeling of helplessness of going to a bank and having your loan or credit card denied again and again.

Is more interest paid for borrowing appearing on a list of defaulters?

The entities that grant personal loans with Credit Checker not only grant credits in this case, but also do it to people free of charges. Therefore, the loans are not more expensive nor do they have higher interest rates, despite the fact that the risk to them may be greater.

The purpose of these companies that grant mini-credits with Credit Checker is to make things easier and to grant money to everyone. Therefore, if your name appears in any of these delinquency lists, do not worry because you can access fair loans without having to pay more interest on your money. All companies that grant this type of loan specify the money that you will pay in interest before making your application.

So, you can rest easy and know that with loans with Credit Checker you will not have to pay exorbitant interest or take out associated insurance. This type of online credits have the same conditions for all the people who request it, whether they are in Credit Checker or not. The requirement, yes, is that you have a minimum monthly income.

Fast credits with Credit Checker online

All the entities where you can request your mini loans with Credit Checker operate online. You just have to choose which is the company that offers you the best benefits and find out all the details to be able to assess with full knowledge of the facts the option that suits you best.

The benefits of making your application online are many, but among them the following stand out:

  • Saving your time: Forget about endless paperwork with your bank and several visits with your manager. Online procedures are quick and easy. You will not have to visit different entities to find out which of them would grant you a loan.

Where can I apply for loans with Credit Checker

Next, we have selected for you all the companies that today grant microcredits despite the fact that your name appears on any delinquency list. Let's see one by one what they offer, how to apply and how much money they grant.

Fast credits with Credit Checker in Creditrepair

Kredito24 Getting up to € 750 quickly is possible with Creditrepair. The maximum loan granted will depend on the amount of your debt, and must be less than € 750. They will study your proposal and the debt you have contracted with Credit Checker to give you the best options.

Quickly, without the need for guarantees or paperwork, you can finance your loan for up to 30 days. Customer satisfaction is 9.4 out of 10.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 30 days: € 35

Microcredits with Credit Checker in Cashloans

Cashper In order to request your mini-credit of up to € 500 with Cashloans, the fact that your name is included in Credit Checker is not a problem. Although it is important that you know that you must present a receipt showing periodic monthly income.

If you are a new customer, the first time you can only request up to € 200 to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. Making the request for the money will not take you more than five minutes and you will be able to have the money in your bank in just 15 minutes as long as your bank is the same as Cashloans. Otherwise, your money will take a maximum of 24 hours.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 30 days: € 38

Loans with Credit Checker in Dedebt

Twinero Dedebt grants mini-loans of up to € 600. If this is the first time you are going to make a request with them, the maximum amount they grant is € 300, the second time € 450 and from the third request you will be eligible for € 600.

You can request your money even if you appear on any list of defaulters, as long as your debt does not exceed € 2,000 and does not correspond to any credit institution.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 30 days: € 35

Microcredits with Credit Checker and without payroll in Credit10

PepeMoney Do you need to get money fast without the need for paperwork and without having a payroll or endorsement? Credit10 grants fast online credits up to a maximum of € 500. You can request a microcredit with Credit Checker, as long as your debt does not exceed € 1000. In just 10 minutes you can have the money in your bank once your application is approved.

Once you make the request, an advisor will contact you to confirm your details and give you a quick answer. You can return the money within a maximum period of one month.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 30 days: € 30

Loans with Credit Checker at Myloans

Savso Having your name appear in a delinquency file will not be a problem in Myloans either. Although you should know that your debt cannot exceed € 1000 and that it must not have been contracted with any credit institution for a previous loan. These are the only requirements to apply for your loan with Credit Checker in this financial institution.

The best thing about Myloans is that it allows you to repay your loan (maximum € 900) in a longer term than other companies in the online microcredit sector. You can choose to return it within 91 days or 182 days. The payment is made week by week, which will allow you to return your loan in a much more comfortable way.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 91 days (13 weeks): € 55.74

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 182 days (26 weeks): $ 96.40

Online loans with Credit Checker at Paydayadvance2two

Viaconto Do you need quick money in less than 15 minutes? Are you worried that they won't grant you a loan because your name appears in a delinquent file? Paydayadvance2two is your solution, since if your debt does not exceed € 1000 you can access your microcredits. Of course, your debt must not have been contracted due to a non-payment to a financial institution.

You just have to press the button to request a loan and you will access the request form. In just five minutes you will know if your credit has been granted and you will be able to have the money in your bank account quickly.

Interest of € 100 to be paid in 30 days: € 35

Opinions of users who applied for loans with Credit Checker

We have grouped some opinions of people who have requested this type of credit in case they can help you when it comes to clearing the doubts that you may still have.

In the same way, we encourage you to tell us your experience or tell us about your concerns in the comments of this article in order to help people who may be in your situation tomorrow.

Get to know first-hand the experience of other people like you:

Dora M: My situation was desperate, my children were going back to school and I needed help to meet school expenses. No bank granted me money and due to my personal circumstances I could not borrow money. I got my loan with Credit10 and was able to meet my expenses. They helped me when no one else did, so I can only show my appreciation.

Roberto R: Positive experience with a happy ending. I wanted to start my own business, but I had to pay off a debt at Credit Checker. If you don't have money you can't pay off debt, it was the whiting that was biting its tail. Thanks to Addamo Credit I discovered that there were companies that gave money to people like me and I was able to face my debt.

Miguel Angel P. As very positive aspects, I value the speed in the processing and management. The speed in which you receive the amount in your bank account. As negative aspects I value: the short repayment term (only one month) and, although I already knew it, the interest applied.

Fernando O: Recommended service, you give us another opportunity to those of us who are going through a bad economic streak, that although we work and have income we are marked by the banks. My contribution would be that credit companies study creating a line of loans for former clients and that allow us to pay in longer terms. So we will advance.

Rebeca M .: Very happy with the speed.

Pepa M: I would like the return periods to be longer. Just one month. Por lo demás recomendable.

Jorge R: Me ayudaron cuando nadie apostaba por mí. Los bancos no me concedían crédito y ellos sí. I recommend it.