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Do you need quick money to cover an unforeseen event?

No, you are not a defaulter with outstanding debts. Nor much less someone who does not make it to the end of the month. In fact, you normally do not have cash flow problems, but an unforeseen event has arisen and you cannot face it right now. You have the option of requesting money from your bank. But, although you need little amount of money, there are many requirements and you would not have it in time. You need it in less than a week. So who leaves you the money?

What is Loan10

What if we tell you that there is a possibility of being able to get up to € 300 in less than 24 hours?

The solution is Loan10, a Spanish company that has been granting microcredits online since 2010 through the internet. Through a simple 3-step system, you can get the money you need in less than 24 hours.

The best thing is that you are the one who chooses the amount of money and the time to return it. You will not have to face economic conditions that you cannot face. In addition, you will know the cost of interest instantly.

How do I request a loan in Loan10

  1. You have absolute freedom. Choose the amount you need and when you want to return it , the maximum being 30 days. If you are a new customer, you can only request $ 300. If not € 500.
  2. Provide your personal data, as well as the number of a bank account of which you are the owner.
  3. You will receive an SMS in which the instructions that you must follow will be indicated. Don't worry, because they are very simple.
  4. Send an SMS with the word "I accept" along with the references they indicate.
  5. In a short time, you will enjoy your money if your bank account is the same as that of Loan10. If not, you will have it in 24/48 hours.

You can rest assured that the cost of the message will not exceed € 0.15 + VAT. It is not like in other companies, where they get money through these types of messages. There are those that charge up to € 7 to send a message. Yes, yes, as you are reading. A real scam!

The costs and fees can be consulted simultaneously when choosing the amount and term of the loan. These two factors will vary the interest you have to pay. For example, if you want to request € 300 to return them in 30 days, the interest will be € 111, the total price of the loan being € 411. There is a list that you can consult with the relationship of the interest cost.

The system is clear to you and it seems simple, but what requirements do they ask you to apply for your loan?


  • Over 21 years old and under 65 years old.
  • DNI and address in United States.
  • Holder of a bank account and a mobile.
  • Not be registered in any list of defaulters.

It is important not only that the information you provide is true, but that you do not hide anything. Since Loan10 will investigate if you have any type of debt with other entities or are enrolled in a list of defaulters.

Repayment and deferral of the loan

When the term for repaying your credit is over, you can pay it by bank transfer or by entering one of the Loan10 accounts . It is advisable to make the payment a few days before, since as you know, many times the transfers do not arrive at the moment and it is better to be safe. It is necessary that you indicate in the concept the number of your reference. This way your return can be correctly identified and there will be no problems.

Best of all, and what makes Loan10 different from its competition, is that you can request more than one loan at a time . Yes, more than one.

What if you need more time to repay your loan?

Don't worry, the repayment period for a credit can be extended for another 30 days . Of course, to get this postponement you have to pay the expenses caused by it.

But be responsible and calculate the deadlines well. If you have requested a postponement and you cannot pay your debt, Loan10 will penalize you 1.35% daily of the amount of your credit for 30 days. After this period, the amount will not continue to increase, but you will become part of the Credit Checker delinquent list. And as you know, this can be a serious obstacle for you to be able to request another loan in any online mini-credit company.

These loans are designed to deal with those unexpected situations. When you need quick money in a timely manner. You should not ask for it to pay off debts and other loans, since this is not the solution and it will end up taking a toll on you.

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As you have already seen, there is no cat locked up. The fact of being able to dispose of the money so quickly and not demanding strict requirements, carries risks for the person granting the loan. Loan10 assumes that risk and provides money to those people who are denied by the bank. This is why your interests are a little higher than in a financial institution.

But, to seek the greatest satisfaction of their clients, they grant up to 14 calendar days, from the date on which you contract the loan, to be able to reject your loan without any type of penalty. This factor, without a doubt, is one of the most appreciated by its customers. Also, in case you finally don't want the credit, they won't send you a thousand emails to try to convince you.

If after all this it is not entirely clear to you how it works, Loan10 has a large team of advisers. You can communicate with them through the online chat on their website, by email or by phone. Also if you prefer you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

One factor that reassures its clients is that this financial institution is a member of the Asociación de Española de Microcreditos . This means that Loans10 is obliged to comply with an ethical code that ensures a good practice of its services. In this way, all its activity is supported by this association.

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