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Are you enrolled in a delinquent list due to an outstanding invoice or with which you did not agree and no bank grants you a loan?

Yes, sometimes situations get complicated. Figures on a list of defaulters such as Credit Checker or RAI and no company gives you the option of lending you the money you need to face an unforeseen event. You want to pay off your debts but you need to do it little by little, and there is no bank, no credit or financial institution that gives you that money that you need so much. Don't worry, all is not lost ...

Do you know Credit10?

It is a company that grants loans instantly online quickly. Its system is very simple and through 3 steps you can have your money in your account in a short period of time. You do not need an endorsement or guarantee and also Credit10 lends money to people who appear on the Credit Checker list.

We tell you, first of all, how Credit10 works so that you can assess whether it is an option that in principle can fit you:

  • In a first loan you can request a maximum amount of € 250, since being a new client they have to see that you really respond to the payments.
  • In the second credit request the amount increases up to € 400. And the next time you can request a mini-credit of up to a maximum of € 500.
  • In all cases, the maximum return period will always be 30 days. Whether you are on a delinquent list or not, the costs are the same for everyone.
  • You can check the interests of your mini loan at the same time that you are choosing the amount of money you need. This way you save last minute surprises.

From minute one Credit10 is transparent with its clients. In addition, it gives you the option of being able to enjoy a 25% discount on the total cost of your financial products.

What do I need to request a mini-credit

Obviously there are some minimum requirements that you must meet and that you must know before asking for your money. They are as follows:

  1. Be over 18 years old: you must be of legal age to make your loan application
  2. Reside in United States: and have a document that proves it. NIE or DNI
  3. Have periodic income that is demonstrable (pension, payroll, unemployment ...)
  4. Active bank account number in a Spanish bank where you are the holder.
  5. Mobile phone: you must be the owner of a phone number and an email account
  6. Not having a debt exceeding € 1,000: another requirement is that this debt is not to a financial institution.

If you are self-employed or freelance, you are in luck because you can also request a mini loan. Yes, as you read it. Unlike many other online loan companies, Credit10 does grant mini-credits to freelancers and freelancers. You only need to justify your income with 2 or 3 invoices.

How to apply for your mini-loan?

  • Choose the amount of money you want and the period of time to return the money. The maximum term is 30 days.
  • Send the form with your personal data and the bank account number where you want to receive the deposit.
  • They will verify your data if you are a new customer and in 5 minutes you will know if your request has been accepted or denied.
  • Next, you must accept the credit to confirm that you still want to have that borrowed money.
  • In 15 minutes you will have the money in your bank account if it belongs to the same bank that Credit10 works with. Otherwise it will take 24 hours.

How much does a mini-credit cost in Credit10?

The interest that you will be charged will depend on the amount of the mini-loan and its repayment time. In this way you only pay for the money that you are going to use and need. It is important to note that being enrolled in Credit Checker does not imply an additional cost. The price is the same for all clients, whether you appear on a delinquency list or not.

What is the difference between personal mini loans and a mortgage?

While a mortgage loan you must respond with a property as collateral, as well as your with your present and future assets. In this type of mini credits, guarantees or guarantees are not necessary, since we are talking about minimum amounts.

Credit10 has the "Sponsor Program", through which you can get a € 25 gift if you are already a customer and bring a friend. This friend will get a mini-credit without interest if he returns it in the first 7 days.

How do I return my mini-credit?

For your maximum convenience, Credit10 will charge your debit card the amount of your mini-loan on the due date. That is why it is better to provide a debit card rather than a credit card. Many times credit cards reach their limit without you realizing it and you will not be able to make the payment on the indicated date.

They also give you the option of making a transfer or a cash deposit. In both cases, you must indicate in the concept "payment + DNI". This is very important since if it is not identified your payment will appear as not received and a penalty will be imposed.

Can I be penalized for not paying?

Yes. But don't worry, Credit10 will notify you three days before your loan expires, just like the day before. In this way, you know that you have to have the money available in your account or ready for the transfer.

After 30 or 45 days, if you have not paid off your debt, your name and information will be included in the Credit Checker delinquent list. They also have the right to pass your collection on to an external company or lawyers specialized in judicial debt claims.

Can I request an extension?

Yes. The basic options are 7, 14 and 30 days. Although calling them, they try to adjust to the maximum of your needs. It is important that you know that these deferrals of your debt are expensive. It is much better for you to return your mini-credit and ask for another than to extend the one you already have.

Can I request more than one mini-loan?

First you have to cancel your loan and then you can request another. Remember that as you ask for more loans, their amount increases, up to a maximum of € 500.

However, remember that mini-loans are intended to solve specific moments of lack of liquidity, so you should not use them as a parallel way of long-term financing.

As you can see, Credit10 is a good alternative for those people who are enrolled in a delinquent list and want to get out of it. They give you the opportunity that other loan companies or banks don't give you. But remember that, when requesting any mini-loan, you must be clear that you have enough money to pay it. In this way, you will not find unpleasant surprises or large expenses.


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Credit10 Summary

Summary: If your name appears in the Credit Checker delinquent list, with Credit10 this will not be a problem. You can request an online credit of up to € 500, although if it is your first time the maximum amount is € 250.

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