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Do you want to take a little getaway but can't afford it? Have you had a setback and need quick money to fix it? Can't afford any whims because you can't make ends meet?

Then settle in and keep reading, because whether you need quick money to alleviate a little unforeseen event, buy a gift for that special person or simply live a little adventure to disconnect from the routine, you are in the right place.

Compariloan microcredits are very fast and will help you get that little injection of money you need. It is a company that has very good ratings from its customers. And it is that as soon as you request your microcredit, they will indicate from the first moment the conditions and the interests that you will have to pay.

Best of all, you won't have to wait long to find out if your request has been accepted. You just have to request money from the Compariloan page and they will respond to you in 1 minute. In 15 minutes you will get in your account the money you need to get out of trouble. And all from the comfort of your home!

Who is behind this entity? If you would like to know a little more about this fast loan company, here you have more information about the financial institution . In addition, on their page they explain in great detail how to request your loan and the amount to be returned according to the loan you request.

How to request your loan in Compariloan?

You can request your credit from the comfort of your home, since you have to carry out all the management on the website of the financial institution. In this way, you will save visits to the bank, paperwork and unnecessary queues.

You just have to enter here www.moneyman.es and in less than 15 minutes you will have your application ready and the money will be on its way . But first, pay attention to the steps you have to follow to request the money!

  1. Are you going to apply for a loan for the first time with this entity? If this is the case, you can only request a minimum of € 50 and a maximum of € 300, with the return period of the microcredit being up to 62 days.

If, on the other hand, you are already a client of the entity, you can request up to € 1200. From € 900, the term to repay your loan is a maximum time of 4 months. In addition, it offers a loyalty program to customers through which you can obtain bonus points to get discounts, extend delivery times or even level up to acquire a greater amount of credit. Choose the quantity, the delivery time and click request!

  1. The next step will be to fill in the request form with your personal and contact information.
  1. Finally you will have to enter your bank details and confirm the conditions of the entity.

Once you have completed these 3 easy steps, the entity will assess your request and in approximately 2 minutes they will contact you to give you an answer . If the answer is positive, the money will be credited to your account in 15 minutes.

If you want to apply for your first loan online now, you just have to enter here .

Requirements to request your loan

Surely now that you are more clear about the procedure you have to follow to request your mini-credit, you will be wondering, what requirements do I have to meet to be granted the quick money? Don't panic, because at Addamo Credit we have collected this information for you:

  • You must be over 18 years old .
  • Reside anywhere in the United States.
  • You must have a computer or mobile device, internet access, your own email, a bank account that you own and a mobile phone to verify the application.

 As you can see, they do not ask for many requirements as in other credit institutions instantly.

What documentation do you need to provide

If you don't know where your latest payrolls are, don't worry, because at Compariloan you won't have to send original documents or paper copies . So, what do you have to contribute to get the loan accepted? It will only be necessary that you provide the following documentation:

  • National Identity Document or NIE.
  • Name of your bank and checking account.
  • Residence or permanent address in the United States.
  • Proof of your monthly rent.
  • Email, landline and mobile phone to verify.

What interest rate does Compariloan have?

This financial institution has a customer loyalty program where interest decreases as more credit is requested. Therefore, the interest rate will change depending on the time chosen to return the money.

How to find out the interest rate? In order to find out the interest rate that your loan contains, you can consult the free online simulator that Compariloan has at your disposal on its website.

But to give you an idea of ​​what it could be, we are going to illustrate you with several examples taking into account the maximum financing that is granted at each level of the loans of this entity:

  • At the Beginning Level: If you request a mini-credit of 300 us dollars for 30 days, the interest that is applied is € 99. So you will have to pay a total of € 399.
  • Takeoff Level: If your credit is 500 us dollars to be repaid in 30 days, you would have an interest rate of € 150. You would pay a total of € 650.
  • Upgrade Level: With 700 us dollars to return in 30 days. The interest that would be applied would be € 189. The total that you will have to return in this case is € 889.
  • Turbo level: If you ask for 900 us dollars to return in 3 months, the monthly fee that you would have to pay is 493 us dollars. So the total would be 1,479 us dollars.
  • Super Turbo Level: If you need 200 US dollars and you are going to return it in 4 months (maximum return period), the monthly fee that you would have to pay is € 540. The total of the refund being € 2,160.

You should also bear in mind that if you cannot make the payments in the stipulated time and you are a Compariloan customer, you can request an extension of the expiration date. Of course, that extension will be subject to additional commissions. Here we make a brief summary of them:

  • 7-day extension: 7% commission.
  • 14-day extension: 12% commission.
  • 21-day extension: 15% commission.
  • 30-day extension: 20% commission.

How to return your loan?

This entity gives you many facilities to repay your loan. In this way you can choose the payment method that is most comfortable for you. Choose between debit card , by bank transfer or with cash deposit.

If you decide to make the payment by bank transfer or with cash, it is important that you put the name of the credit holder, document number and loan number. Why is this data required? More than anything, so that the financial institution can identify which account the payment belongs to.

What are Compariloan users saying?

Thanks to the unstoppable growth of this entity, more and more users are choosing to request a mini-credit in Compariloan. If you don't believe it, here are several opinions from some of the customers who have already tried it :

  • Jorge D: «I didn't think about being able to get a mini-loan so quickly. Simply filling in the forms and without paperwork I have achieved it in a few minutes ”.
  • Antonio C: “ Getting a loan with Compariloan in less than 1 hour was very simple”.
  • Lucas M : «At Compariloan they are serious, you have all the information and you know what to do at all times. I have been able to request my mini-credit online and receive the money very quickly. Very happy".
  • Natalia D: «Friendly and very helpful service. I was looking for a fast and paperless mini-credit service. I received the money soon without any problem and with all the information. I recommend it!" .

As you can see, most of the opinions stand out for being positive and giving great value to the speed of the service . So if you need money urgently, this financial institution is the one you are looking for.

If you still need to look at other entities to choose the one that best suits your needs, here is a list of other companies where you can also request quick loans:

Now that you know all about Compariloan, when are you going to jump in the pool for that getaway you've always wanted to do?

Compariloan Summary

Summary: You decide the term and the amount of your mini-credit. If you order more quantity, the return periods are extended. Compariloan makes it very easy for you regarding amounts and times.

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