We live in a consumer society in which it is increasingly difficult to obtain loans or liquidity through traditional banks. Banks have tightened the requirements for loan applicants and even raised interest rates. Surely you feel identified with this type of situation: go to your bank to request a loan and they tell you that it has been denied. Does it look familiar to you?




  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 1,000
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: $ 600
  • Maximum Duration: 65 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES

Faced with this situation, microcredits have become the best option to get quick money without paperwork, refusals, or endless lines.

What are microcredits?

Microcredits, also called mini loans or mini credits, are a financing formula to obtain quick money in an easy and simple way. The amount that you can request ranges between € 50 and € 800 and is usually contracted online. These mini credits are the solution to obtain quick money for some unforeseen event that may arise in your economy.

Who has not ever been in a situation of lack of money at the end of the month? A car repair, a broken tooth, Christmas gifts for the family, an unpaid electricity bill or just a last minute plan that you don't want to miss. Microcredits are precisely indicated for those unforeseen situations . They are the solution to not get your fingers caught (financially speaking) and make your life easier.

Are mini-loans for me?

Do you have doubts about whether requesting a microcredit is the best option for you? Are you thinking about how to get that extra money that you need so much? Do you want to treat yourself? Let's see if these types of mini-credits are the best option for you:

  • I need a quick mini credit, I have to get money urgently and it does not take me a lot of paperwork or time.
  • Currently I cannot request another loan from my bank and I need an extra one-time income.
  • My name appears in the Credit Checker (list of defaulters) for an unpaid invoice and they do not grant me any loan in traditional financial institutions.
  • I have an economic emergency and I know that I will be able to return the money within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • I need extra money to pay for the expenses of my studies: university, master or better take my children back to school (with the expenses that that entails).
  • I want to go on a trip and I need a mini loan to make my trip unforgettable. I deserve a treat!
  • I have the opportunity to see my favorite music group live, the basketball game of the Eurocup or the final of my favorite soccer team. This only happens once or twice ahead! But… Right now I can't afford that expense.
  • I have a job interview and I need a new suit to look flawless.

If you feel identified with some of these statements then a microcredit will be your best option. Remember that they are not large quantities and that they must be returned within a maximum period of 30 or 40 days. Therefore, before requesting this extra money, you should consider whether you can pay it within the indicated period.

Types of microcredits

Currently there are different types of microloans or mini-credits. There are actually three types, which are grouped depending on the requirements of who hires you and the channel. These are the three types that you will find in the financial market. Let's clear doubts:

Online microcredit

As the name suggests, this type of online loans are those that are made using the online channel . Internet gives you the possibility of being able to request your loan without having to move from home. The convenience of avoiding endless queues at the bank and waiting for the central to approve your request are some of its greatest advantages.

You can request your microcredit through the websites of the same financial institutions. In general, the methodology is quite simple and intuitive, so you only need a computer and in less than 10 minutes you can have made your request . Comfort, speed of service and good customer service are usually the positive points that customers highlight the most in their evaluations of this type of online mini loans.

Microcredit without payroll or guarantees

Traditional loans from financial institutions have stricter requirements associated with them. Do you have payroll? Does someone endorse you? Do you have another loan in your name? These questions are sure to be familiar to you.

With this type of online loan, you will not need to present a payroll or a guarantee . As they are money loans of small amounts, you will not have to do paperwork or invest a lot of time. The repayment terms in these microloans without payroll are also short, so it is not necessary to have the classic figure of the guarantee.

Microcredit with Credit Checker

This type of mini-credits are those that are granted to people who, due to minor debts, appear registered in some file type RAI (Registry of unpaid acceptances) or Credit Checker (National Association of Credit Financial Establishments ). They are loans that, in general, tend to have a higher APR but not much higher than the rest of the entities.

There are different online loan companies that grant microcredits to people who appear on the Credit Checker list of defaulters . Appearing in this list is more common than it seems: an unpaid telephone fee, a forgotten bank commission, an invoice with which you do not agree,… These are situations that we have all been able to experience at any given time.

If this is your case and your name appears in this type of list, you can request your loan online on the following websites:



You can request up to € 750, although, depending on the debt registered in Credit Checker, the amount may be less.



With Pepe money you can make your request for money online even if your name appears on the list of defaulters. They will study your application as long as your debt does not amount to € 1000 and has no relationship with banks or other microcredit financial institutions.



In Myloans you can request your mini-credit as long as the debt for which you appear in Credit Checker does not exceed $ 500 . They also do not grant money if the debt has been acquired by credit cards or by some other mini-loan previously requested.



The maximum credit granted by Dedebt is € 600. They will study your application even if your name appears in any delinquency file. But the debt must not exceed € 2000.



In Paydayadvance2two you can request your credit as long as you do not have debts exceeding € 1000. Your request will be processed even if you appear in RAI or Credit Checker.



In this credit institution they will study your request even if you appear in a list of defaulters and you can request up to a maximum of € 500.

What requirements must I meet to apply for a microcredit?

The requirements to get a mini-loan are usually quite a lot. But to apply for one of these small credits successfully it is important that you meet these minimum conditions. In this way, it will be easier for your application to be approved:

  • You must be of legal age. Some financial institutions raise the age limit to request a microcredit to 22 years
  • It is necessary to have a national identity document (DNI) or foreign identity number (NIE)
  • You will also be asked for a bank account number where you can make the deposit
  • Telephone contact

It depends on the company where you are going to apply for your microcredit, the requirements may vary, but as a general rule these are the only conditions they usually ask for.

As you will see, it does not have great complications and it is quite easy to use digital platforms to request your credit online.

What process should I follow to apply for my mini loan online?

First of all, we recommend that you look for the credit granting company that best suits your needs. It depends on whether you are self-employed, you have a payroll, your name appears in Credit Checker, you want a higher mini-credit or only € 300 ... The options are many, so the first step before requesting your loan online is to compare all the possibilities .

Where can I apply for my microcredit online

Next, in Addamo Credit we have prepared a list with the main companies that grant microcredits to help you choose where to request your loan.



The main advantage of Creditlite is that the granting of the first mini-credit is completely free . You can request up to a maximum of € 200 and you will not have to pay any interest. Another advantage of Creditlite is the option to extend the return of your money for 7,14 or 30 more days.

  • The first credit is free up to € 200. From the second mini-credit, you can request up to € 500.
  • With Creditlite you do not need payroll or guarantees to request your loan online.
  • It is necessary to be between 21 and 70 years old, have a Spanish residence , a DNI and be the owner of a bank account and a mobile phone line.
  • This credit institution does not grant loans to people who appear in the Credit Checker or list of defaulters.
  • If your bank is on the list of this company, you will receive the money quickly in just 10 minutes.

Does your profile adapt to this type of credit? Do you want to apply for the first free loan?


Constant Contante is synonymous with fast loans , since in just five minutes you can have the money in your bank account. They work with all Spanish banks, so their slogan "your online loan in 5 minutes" is totally true. If you need quick money, this is your best option.

Requirements to request credit in Cash:

  • You can request an online loan from € 30 to € 500 to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • You need to justify a monthly income , even if it is not a payroll.
  • An advantage of Contante is that you can collect your money at any ATM as they use the Hal-Cash system.
  • You must be a debit card holder as an essential requirement.

Do you need money quickly? Then this is your best option.


Creditomovil Do you need a mini-loan without payroll or endorsement? Do you want to have a period of at least 45 days to return the money? Debtconsolidationloans is your loan entity, since you do not need to have an endorsement or a payroll to be able to request it. In addition, the return period is longer than other companies. You have a maximum of 45 days to return your microcredit, and the response time for applications is 15 minutes.

You can request your loan at Creditomóvil without meeting these requirements:

  • You are over 25 years old: This is the minimum age established.
  • You do not appear in any delinquency file: If this is your case, you should consult other credit institutions that grant to people who are in Credit Checker . Check it here .
  • You want to request a maximum of € 700: The maximum they grant if it is your first loan with them is € 300. From the second, you can request up to 700 us dollars.
  • You are an individual: Debtconsolidationloans does not lend money to companies or freelancers.

Enter their website and check the commissions. You will see that it is very simple. Do you want to request your loan with Créditomovil?


CreditNew In Creditonuevo you can request up to € 600 to return in 21 days. It is one of the financial companies with the strictest conditions. It really is a very good option to get quick money to return within the set period. But if you are not sure of being able to repay your loan in the agreed time, it is better that you consult other entities that offer longer repayment terms or extensions.

What you need to know about CreditNew

To assess the CreditNew service, you should know the following points:

  • They do not grant microcredits to people who appear in a list of defaulters such as RAI or Credit Checker.
  • The repayment terms must be exact: they do not accept extensions in the repayment of the loan, which makes the default interest high.
  • You need a payroll to request money. They only grant mini-loans to people with payroll.
  • You must be under 70 years old and over 21 years old.

It is one of the companies with the strictest requirements, but if you meet its conditions, it grants you the money very quickly. Do you want to make your request?


Creditorapid Insta-loan is for you who need a mini-loan of a maximum of € 200 for an urgent and punctual expense. The return period is 15 days, so you must be sure that you can afford the payment if you do not want to pay 20% interest.

This microcredit is for you:

  • If you do not appear on any list of defaulters.
  • You know for sure that in 15 days you can return the money.
  • You need a quick injection of money for a specific expense (maximum € 200)

Do you want more information about Insta-loan? Check their website www.creditorapid.es


Dineo Do you want a free loan at 0% interest? If it is the first time that you are going to request a microcredit with Paydayrelay, they will leave you your money totally free of interest. The maximum you can request is € 300. In addition, you can collect your money at any Cash Converter store or receive the deposit directly into your bank account.

What do I need to request a microcredit with Paydayrelay

  • You have to have a regular income , such as payroll, unemployment benefit or any type of subsidy or pension.
  • You do not need any guarantee to back up your loan , just have a bank account with a debit card associated with this account.
  • You can choose the term of return of the money up to a maximum of 30 days. And the maximum credit you can request is $ 500 (if you are not a new customer).
  • You must be of legal age (18 years) and not have any debt for which you figure in a list of defaulters.

Do you want a totally interest-free first loan? enter www.dineo.es and make your request. As simple as that!.

I need money

Need money Logo You only need five minutes to request your microcredit in Money Need and 10 minutes to receive the money in your bank account. This is the general information that you must know in order to make your request for money.

Requirements: very affordable. Have a DNI or NIE, be of legal age, have a mobile phone and an email account that you own. They will also ask you to be the owner and holder of a debit card.

Interest: if you can return the money that you have been loaned within a maximum period of 10 days, you will not have to pay commissions, just return the same amount of money that you received. In case of making the return in 30 days of a microcredit of € 100.00, the interest will be € 34.00.

If you do not want to pay a commission on your loan, make the return in 10 days and save interest.

Purplepayday: short term loans

Creditstart You have decided and you want to request a quick mini loan to pay back in the short term. Purplepayday is precisely indicated for this type of situation: A whim, unexpected repair or an imponderable.

Discover the advantages of Purplepayday and how it can help you return your mini-credit without stress.

  • To apply for the loan , the procedures are very fast and you only need to have. Your DNI or NIE, be of legal age and have a bank account, mobile and email account in your name.
  • Terms: If you are a new client you can request a loan from € 50.00 to € 300.00. If you are a recurring customer, the credit is extended up to € 1000.00. The return can be made in a minimum of 5 days or a maximum of 24 months. You choose.
  • Advantages: Purplepayday offers a 3-month term to return the money, a longer term than the rest of financial institutions. Its requirements are quite lax.

If your loan is € 100 to be paid in 30 days, the interest is € 30.

Have you decided on Purplepayday? Request your mini-loan now.


OnlineCredit This entity is not one of the cheapest in relation to loan interest. But it has a very competitive starting offer. It is also one of the fastest financial institutions when it comes to depositing money into your account. Discover the pros and cons of Onlinecredit.

  • Advantages: pay only € 5.00 commission for your first mini-credit (up to € 300). On subsequent occasions you can request up to 1400 us dollars and return it within a maximum period of 4 months.
  • Requirements: the basic requirements are quite similar to those of other entities. Being over 21, having some type of monthly income, not being part of a delinquency list.
  • Interest: on your first credit up to 300 us dollars you will pay a commission of € 5.00. In subsequent credits, the commission for 100 us dollars to be returned in 30 days rises to € 97.00. The commissions are among the most expensive in relation to other microloans.

Take advantage of Onlinecredit's offer on your first microloan.


CreditZen A free microcredit? Yes, at Creditozen you have it. You can request up to 300 US dollars without paying a US dollar of interest.

  • 0% interest on the first mini-loan: you have a month to return your money and, best of all, without paying a US dollar commission. Request up to € 300.00 maximum and return the same amount within a maximum period of one month.
  • Being in a delinquency file is not a problem: being in the delinquent file is not a problem to request a loan in this entity. Of course, the debt cannot exceed 3,000 us dollars.
  • Documentation and requirements: have a DNI or NIE, provide proof of being the holder of a bank account. Have a mobile phone and some type of monthly income (pension, retirement, investment income etc.)

Apply for your first free microcredit


Creditor You want to ask for money quickly to overcome an unforeseen event, go for the weekend or redecorate your house. Whatever it is, Paydaylite will not ask you for explanations, use your microcredit for what you want so much without paperwork or complications.

  • Requirements, be of legal age and under 75 years of age, reside in the United States and have a bank account in your name.
  • Custom microcredits , something that differentiates Paydaylite from other companies is that they prepare personalized offers. Depending on your credit history and your circumstances.
  • Receiving a proposal does not commit you to anything: if you want to study the microcredit from this entity, you can request it and see if it is convenient for you. Making the request does not commit you to them.

Receive a personalized offer for you with Paydaylite.

1 credit

1Credit Quickly get money up to € 400.00 to be returned in a month. Make your request online without waiting and from your home. Enjoy your money and some of the lowest commissions in microcredits.

Commissions : if you compare with other entities that grant mini-loans, you will see that the interests are among the lowest. For € 100.00 to be returned in 1 month you will pay € 20.00.

Amounts: up to 300 us dollars if it is your first credit with them and up to 800 us dollars if you repeat. The maximum return periods are 30 days.

Advantages: your deposit will be made at the moment your microcredit is approved. In a maximum period of 24 hours you will have cash in your account.

See all the information about 1credito and compare.


NetCredit Did you know that you can request a free microcredit, without interest or commissions? With Starloans you could receive up to € 300.00 for € 0.00 of interest.

  • Pay $ 0 for € 300: from 50.00 us dollars to 300.00 at cost 0, only if it is the first time you ask for money from Starloans. If you are already a customer you will not have this offer but you can request up to € 600.00.
  • Return period: minimum 7 days and maximum 1 month.
  • Requirements : be within the age range of 21-65 years. Have a mobile phone, email and bank account. Also have monthly money to be able to face the repayment of your loan.

If you are going to request a microcredit for the first time, Starloans interests you


Moneyman A microcredit tailored to your profile and needs. Instead of having a common microcredit, Compariloan looks for the best loan for you and presents you with the offer. Asking for this application does not commit you to them, so you can assess whether you are interested or not.

  • Up to 1200 us dollars to be repaid in 4 months , if you request a mini-loan up to € 900.00, the repayment period is 1 month, from € 900.00 you have 4 months.
  • Requirements: there are no stipulated requirements since this entity presents you with a personalized credit offer. Therefore, even if your name appears on a list of defaulters or you do not have a monthly payroll, do not worry, they will present an offer for you.

Check your Compariloan offer and choose if you keep it or look for another one.


Zaplo If the small microcredits do not cover the financial need you have, you can always use Loanfiesta . They grant up to 800 us dollars to new clients (2,500 us dollars to clients ) and you can return the money in 24 months.

  • Requirements: reside in the United States and be a bank account holder.
  • Loan approval deadlines : once the request is made, Loanfiesta undertakes to respond in less than 48 hours. If the request is approved, they quickly deposit the money in your account. Depending on your bank, you receive the money in 10 minutes or 24 hours.
  • Advantages: If any month you have a problem to repay the loan payment, you can postpone it for 1 month without paying interest.

Loans of up to 2500 us dollars with competitive interest


Ferratum If you do not have any debt for which you appear in a delinquent file and you are between 25 and 70 years old, you can request your microcredit with Consolidationnow. In addition, your first mini-loan is free without commissions.

  • From 50 us dollars to 700: the first credit you request may only be up to € 300.00. On successive occasions you can increase up to € 700.00.
  • Return periods : the term to return the money ranges between 30 or 45 days depending on the amount requested. Up to € 300.00 term 30 days. Over € 300.00 maximum 45 days.
  • 100% online request: enter their website and fill out their money request form. Identify yourself and make your request. Wait for the answer and receive the microcredit in your bank in less than 1 day.

Ask for your free microcredit and you will not pay commissions or interest

Enjoying by Gedesco

Gedesco If you need a larger loan, in Gedesco you can get up to € 20,000 if you put your car as collateral, without giving it up. You ask for the money you need, you enter the model of your car and the characteristics and you will quickly know if your request has been approved.

  • In the case of Disfruting, you will not have to return interest on the money borrowed.
  • You can continue using your car in exchange for a monthly fee, for renting.
  • When you pay back the borrowed money, the car remains yours and you will not pay any more monthly payments.
  • If you do not want to recover your car, Gedesco will present you with a purchase offer.
  • As a requirement, the car that you want to use as collateral must be paid in full and not more than six years old.

Do you want to use your car as collateral to get quick money? Consult www.gedesco.com and discover what loan you can receive for it.


Available Your first microcredit in Loanbeginner is free. Yes, as you hear it, Loanbeginner grants the first loan of up to € 400 without interest of any kind. It is an offer for new customers and a great opportunity to get that extra money you need, without paying more for it.

If you ask for a second loan and pay it within 10 days, it also comes out at 0% interest. It really is the best option to get quick money for any unforeseen situation, as long as you know that you can return it on time.

Credit conditions

  • Return of borrowed money: The maximum return period is 33 days. The sooner you return it, the less interest.
  • Without payroll or endorsement: You do not need to have a payroll or a person to support your application, but you will need to justify recurring monthly income.
  • Age to contract the loan: You must be over 18 years old
  • Credit Checker or delinquency list: If you appear in any of these lists, Loanbeginner will not accept your loan application.

Are you sure you can return your mini-credit in less than 10 days? Do you want to get your first loan for free? So this can be a very good option. Loanbeginner makes it easy for you!


Kyzoo Fastcredit grants credits of up to € 800, an amount higher than that granted by other financial institutions. If you need money urgently and you are tired of endless requirements, try Fastcredit. In less than 24 hours you will be able to have your mini-credit in your bank.

  • Payment terms: you can request your money to pay it within a month (30 days) and you can also extend the repayment of the loan for 30 more days.
  • Requirements: Have a demonstrable monthly income, but you do not need guarantees or payroll. The income can be from a widow's pension, unemployment or others worth € 500 per month. You must also have a Spanish residence and an active mobile phone line.
  • Age to apply for a microcredit: You must be over 18 (of legal age) and under 65 years of age.

Fastcredit recommends its mini-loans to solve specific moments of liquidity and not as a long-term economic solution.


Okmoney The car has broken down at the worst moment, the appliances in your house have agreed to stop working, the television looks pixelated and black and white, an inopportune tooth decay, an unpaid bill ... These are some of the situations which you may be facing and need money urgently. In Okmoney they give you the solution. You can ask for up to $ 600 to return in 14, 21 or 30 days.

Check the Okmoney requirements to request a mini-credit

  • You have to be the owner of a bank account and a debit card associated with that account. You must also be the owner of a mobile phone, where Okmoney can communicate with you.
  • Be a resident and have a Spanish NIE or DNI.
  • Not appear in any of the following delinquent records: EXPERIAN, FICO, Credit Checker or RAI.
  • Your age must be over 18 and under 65.
  • You do not need to have a payroll to request a loan with this entity, but you must justify a monthly income of a minimum value of € 500.

Do you need money to fix your little economic bump?


Wonga The first mini-loan that you request with Gadcapital will only have € 5 interest, no more and no less. This is a new customer offer that allows you to pay very little for your money. The first loan can only be for a maximum value of € 300, but from the second you can request up to € 600.

Gadcapital mini loan requirements

  • You do not need a guarantee, but you do need to justify a monthly income of any kind.
  • The maximum time to return the money is 60 days, although you can extend the payment for an additional 30 days for an extra amount of € 15.
  • You must be of legal age, reside in the United States and have a mobile phone and a bank account.

Gadcapital's mini-credits are a great opportunity to save yourself endless paperwork and pay little interest on the requested loan. Do you want to ask for quick money and only pay five US dollars of interest?


PrestaCar Get up to 10,000 us dollars of loan by putting your car as a guarantor. You decide what type of agreement you want to make.

  • Ask for your loan and use your car as collateral: while you enjoy your money you can also continue using your vehicle. First you must do an appraisal with Greendayonline or on your own. Depending on this, you will receive your personalized credit offer.
  • Sell ​​your car with Greendayonline : if you want to make money by selling your car, you can also do it thanks to Greendayonline. They are in charge of looking for buyers and passing their offers to you.
  • Online procedures: from the comfort of your home you can opt for your loan using your car as collateral or for the sale of your vehicle.

Ask for your loan of up to € 10,000 thanks to using your car as a guarantor


Cargo Quick personal loans up to € 15,000 using your car as collateral. You can return it in 6 months and you will have the possibility of extending the return for 6 more months. If you need a higher amount of money Instacredit is the solution.

  • Instacredit will appraise your car and tell you how much money it can loan you for it. The car must be less than 10 years old to be eligible for this type of loan.
  • No necesitas tener una nómina y tampoco pasa nada por aparecer en un listado de morosos, ya que el coche es el aval.
  • Podrás cancelar anticipadamente el importe de tu préstamo sin costes adicionales.
  • No tienes que hacer un cambio de titularidad del vehículo. El coche sigue siendo tuyo durante el tiempo que dure la devolución de tu préstamo.
  • En un plazo de 24 horas ya puedes tener el dinero a tu disposición.

¿Quieres usar tu coche como aval para pedir un préstamo online?


PepeDinero ¿Tienes problemas para que te concedan un microcrédito por qué apareces en Credit Checker? En www.pepedinero.es puedes pedir hasta 500€ (250€ si es tu primera vez) sin problemas. Eso sí, deberás justificar que cuentas con algunos ingresos mensuales para devolver tu minipréstamo.

Qué necesitas para pedir tu minipréstamo

  • Ser mayor de edad y que la deuda por la que apareces en Credit Checker no sea superior a 1000€.
  • Si eres autónomo o empresa, también en Credit10 estudiaran tu solicitud de crédito
  • Debes demostrar que dispones de ingresos mensuales recurrentes (pensión, subsidio, subvención u otros)
  • También tendrás la posibilidad de amortizar tu préstamo online anticipadamente o pedir una prórroga, en caso de no poder hacer frente a la devolución a tiempo.

¿Estás buscando una empresa que te preste dinero para solucionar una pequeña crisis o darte un capricho?


Savso Myloans conoce la situación de personas como tú, que necesitan una ayuda extra para solventar un bache económico. Por eso, con Myloans podrás pedir microcréditos de hasta 900€ y devolverlo cómodamente semana a semana , en lugar de hacer el pago íntegro a final de mes. Esta situación se hará mucho más llevadera y te ayudará a ir al día en la devolución del dinero.

El tiempo de devolución en Myloans es más amplio que en otras entidades, puedes devolver tu préstamo en tres o seis meses. Para ser exactos en 13 ó 26 semanas.

Qué debes saber sobre Myloans

  • Podrás pedir dinero estando en un listado de Credit Checker y se encargarán de analizar tu solicitud. No es una condición para la no concesión del minicrédito.
  • Has de ser mayor de 18 años para poder solicitar dinero con ellos y ser residente en United States.
  • Conceden préstamos sin ningún tipo de aval, pero deberás demostrar que tienes algún tipo de ingreso mensual.
  • Debes disponer de una tarjeta de débito, donde se cargarán las cutas semanales y un teléfono a tu nombre para que puedan comunicarse contigo.

Sin duda, esta es una de las mejores entidades financieras de préstamos en relación al tiempo de devolución del dinero. El pago semanal también es una ventaja competitiva con el resto.

Consulta los intereses en www.savso.es


M Twinero inicréditos sin aval, sin nómina y con Credit Checker en 10 minutos. En Dedebt podrás conseguir dinero rápido hasta un máximo de 600€ (300€ si eres cliente nuevo).

Requisitos para pedir tu préstamo en Dedebt

  • La deuda por la cual apareces en Credit Checker no puede superar los 2000€. Es un requisito importante para ahorrarte tiempo a la hora de hacer tu solicitud.
  • No necesitas nómina ni avales, pero es necesario tener algún tipo de ingreso mensual demostrable.
  • Tienes un máximo de 30 días para hacer la devolución del préstamo: En caso de que no puedas abonar el dinero en este tiempo, podrás pedir una prórroga de 7, 14 o 30 días más.
  • Deberás disponer de una cuenta bancaria de la que seas titular: Es importante que tengas a mano el código IBAN de tu cuenta bancaría a la hora de solicitar tu dinero con Dedebt.

Si quieres calcular los costes del dinero que vas a pedir prestado, puedes hacerlo a través de www.twinero.es y su simulador de crédito.


Viaconto Concesión de créditos con Credit Checker es la principal ventaja de Paydayadvance2two. Si este es tu caso, en Paydayadvance2two podrás solicitar tu mini préstamo sin problemas, siempre que la cantidad que debes no sea superior a los 1000€. Los mini préstamos que concede son a partir de 50€ y hasta un máximo de 600 $.

Estas son las cuatro condiciones que debes cumplir para poder pedir tu microcrédito con Paydayadvance2two:

  • Tener entre 25 y 65 años
  • Ser residente en United States y disponer de una cuenta bancaria a tu nombre.
  • Tener ingresos mensuales como: subsidio, pensión, nómina o cualquier otro ingreso justificable.
  • Disponer de un teléfono de contacto.

Los intereses por pedir un préstamo de 100€ para amortizar en 20 días ascienden a 23€. Puedes entrar a su web www.viaconto.es y calcular los intereses del dinero que necesitas.


Vivus Paydaynow ofrece el primer microcrédito (hasta 300€) gratis , sin ningún tipo de intereses ni gastos. Puedes solicitar tu dinero y no tendrás que pagar nada más, como si fuera tu madre quien te dejara dinero para un imprevisto. Así que si estás pensando en pedir dinero online, valora Paydaynow como una opción muy interesante.

  • Puedes solicitar tu microcrédito si eres ciudadano español mayor de 21 años y menor de 74.
  • No necesitas nómina ni avales. Tanto si eres autónomo, estudiante o jubilado no tendrás problemas para que te concedan tu préstamo.
  • Es necesario no aparecer en ningún listado de morosidad, esto es uno de los requisitos de Paydaynow para la concesión de mini créditos.
  • Puedes pedir dinero desde 50€ hasta 800€. Aunque el primer préstamo sólo puede ser de máximo 300€.

¿Quieres obtener tu microcrédito con Paydaynow ahora mismo?

Qué bueno

QueBueno Esta entidad financiera concede microcréditos de hasta 900,00€. Si es la primera vez que vas a solicitar un mini préstamo el importe que conceden es de 300,00€. Sea cual sea el importe que solicites, el plazo máximo de devolución es de 30 días.

Sus principales ventajas:

Sólo necesitas disponer de una tarjeta de débito donde Qué bueno te ingresarán el importe solicitado. Será en esta misma tarjeta donde te hagan el cargo para devolver el préstamo una vez vencido el plazo.

Puedes amortizar tu préstamo antes del plazo solicitado sin ningún tipo de interés.

No necesitas disponer de nómina ni aval, y aunque tu nombre figure en el listado de Credit Checker, Qué bueno también concede este tipo de préstamos.


Cashper ¿Necesitas pedir un miniprestamo de entre 50 $ y 500 $? ¿Tu nombre aparece en Credit Checker y no te conceden crédito en ningún lugar? Entonces Cashloans es para ti.

Condiciones y requisitos:

  • La devolución del microcrédito debe hacerse en el plazo de 15 días o 30 días, tú eliges.
  • Desde que realizas la solicitud de tu dinero, en todo momento verás los intereses que tienes que pagar. Sin sorpresas por el camino ni a última hora.
  • No necesitas un aval o una nómina para poder pedir tu crédito online. Incluso teniendo una deuda registrada en Credit Checker, tu solicitud puede ser aceptada.

Como verás, las condiciones son bastante flexibles. ¿Quieres pedir tu préstamo online con Cashloans?

Sol Crédito

Suncredit Si buscas una entidad de crédito que no pida avales, ni nóminas y que, aunque aparezcas en Credit Checker, conceda micropréstamos, Sol Crédito es lo que buscas. Concede micro préstamos de importe máximo de 600,00€, si eres nuevo como cliente, y como máximo hasta 3.000,00€. Para Sol Crédito es importante:

  • Que seas mayor de 21 años y menor de 80, al igual que residente en United States.
  • Poder demostrar tu liquidez, es decir, que podrás asumir tu deuda por un ingreso que vas a recibir. Si eres autónomo y estas pendiente de cobrar unas facturas, si vas a ingresar una cantidad de dinero próximamente, etc.
  • El plazo máximo de devolución es de 30 días. Si no puedes abonar tu microcrédito, te aplicarán un recargo de un 20% sobre la cantidad solicitada.

Frequent questions

¿Qué ocurre si no puedo pagar mi microcrédito a tiempo?

Es importante que intentes pagar a tiempo la cantidad de dinero prestada para no tener que pagar intereses de demora. No obstante, si por cualquier contratiempo, no puedes abonar tu microcrédito en la fecha acordada, se pueden alargar los plazos para su devolución. No obstante, te aconsejamos que consultes la entidad financiera en la que vas a pedir tu minicrédito para no llevarte sorpresas de última hora, ya que no todas conceden prórrogas.

¿Pueden quitarme mi casa si no puedo pagar?

En Addamo Credit sólo compartimos las entidades financieras que prestan dinero a particulares como tú, sin poner como aval tu propia casa. Este tipo de concesiones de créditos suelen estar en manos de usureros y los intereses son elevadísimos en caso de impago. No te preocupes, porque todos los microcréditos online que podrás encontrar aquí no piden como requisito presentar la escritura de tu propiedad. No obstante, puedes comprobarlo tú mismo, leyendo las condiciones de contratación de tu préstamo.

¿Qué intereses debo pagar en este tipo de micropréstamos?

Todos los productos financieros como hipotecas o préstamos tienen unos intereses, estos intereses se reflejan a través de la TAE (Tasa Anual Equivalente). La TAE es una tasa que debe aparecer reflejada en todos estos tipos de microcréditos por ley, al igual que en cualquier préstamo bancario.

Para no llevar a errores, la mayoría de entidades que conceden este tipo de préstamos cuentan con calculadoras. Donde podrás ver en todo momento cuantos intereses vas a pagar dependiendo de la cantidad solicitada y el plazo.

Como la TAE es una tasa anual, al aplicarla en microcréditos el valor es muy alto. No te confundas con estas cifras, ya que estos mini préstamos se pagan en un plazo de máximo 40 días, por lo que el importe de intereses es mucho menor que si fuera anual.

En líneas generales en este tipo de mini créditos la TAE equivaldría a un 1% diario. Si pides 100€ de crédito a devolver en 15 días pagarás aproximadamente 23€ de intereses. Si lo solicitas en 30 días pagarás aproximadamente 34€.

Para que no te quede ninguna duda, te recomendamos que antes de pedir dinero compruebes los intereses a pagar con antelación. Es la mejor forma de evitar sustos de última hora.

¿Qué opinan los usuarios sobre los microcréditos?

A continuación te dejamos las opiniones sobre microcréditos de personas como tú, que ya han solicitado minipréstamos y han querido compartir su opinión con Addamo Credit:

Roberto Segura: «Los microcréditos son la opción de conseguir dinero rápido y sin papeleos para gastos extras puntuales o para concederte un capricho. Pero deben pedirse siempre y cuando sepas que serás capaz de devolver el dinero prestado en plazo».

Lydia Laurel: «Lo que más me gusta de estos minicréditos es la sencillez y rapidez con la que puedes solicitar. Hay situaciones en las que necesitas dinero extra para pagar una factura de la luz, o el dentista. Y para mi estos préstamos rápidos han sido la solución en más de una ocasión.»

Alfredo Restrepo: «I felt very rushed at a time when my company delayed payroll payments, thanks to this type of loan I was able to weather the end of the month and my children's return to school. The interests are higher than a normal loan, but for me it was the solution.

Carlos Rojo: «My experience was with Paydaynow, and I can only say that« chapeau », also the first loan is free up to € 300.00. Recommendable".

Isabel Roncero: «What I did not like was that they told me that in 24 hours I would have my money and it would be delayed for several days, that is the negative point since in the advertising they said that it would be in less than 24 hours. The rest without problems, what they advertise is what it is ».

We would love to add your opinion as a user. Can you tell us in the comments?