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You were considering a trip with friends but it seems that you will not be able to participate in the plan, since it is a bit fair. Another month that expenses accumulate and that you will have to stay at home waiting to receive the payroll. Are these situations familiar to you?

You may be one of those who prefers not to have a credit card so as not to throw away that money but you are wondering how to do what you want so much. There are alternative solutions to a bank loan and a card: microcredits.

A mini-loan is a useful solution to be able to treat yourself, take a trip or cover an unexpected expense. It is a way not to embark on endless monthly installments, you simply ask for extra money and pay it after 30 days. Their interests are much lower than credit cards and you don't have to prorate payments. This product comes to be like a payroll advance or like borrowing money from a relative.

What is Creditrepair

It is an online platform for granting money to individuals. Its biggest advantage is that you can request up to € 750. In most financial institutions the maximum is usually 500 us dollars.

Creditrepair grants microcredits from € 75 to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days and in a record time of 15 minutes. This means that if, for example, you ask for a € 200 credit at the end of the month, you will have to pay that money plus € 70 interest.

If you don't want to wait in queues or do endless paperwork, with Creditrepair you can save all these procedures and receive your mini-loan in just 15 minutes.

What requirements must I meet

Before considering making your request for quick money, you have to verify that you meet the following conditions. If you meet the requirements, you will have no problem obtaining your credit online with Creditrepair. These are the requirements that will be required of you:

  • Be over 18 years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Be the owner of a mobile phone line and a Spanish bank account.
  • Have an email account for communications.

As you will see, they are very accessible requirements and you do not need to submit rents or endless paperwork. This is one of the greatest advantages of this type of credit institution.

What documentation do I need

The documentation that you will need to provide is the one that proves that you meet the aforementioned requirements. That is to say:

  • NIE or DNI: photocopy of your national identity document or foreigner identification number, to prove your residence and that you are the person requesting the credit
  • Bank receipt: to prove that you are the owner of your bank account and to see that you have sufficient income to be able to face the repayment of your loan.

How do I apply for my mini-loan?

The microloan application is made through its website. You can enter here . The process will not take you more than three minutes:

  • Through your loan calculator, choose how much money you want to request and in what term you want to return it. The amount of interest to be paid and the date on which you will have to make the payment will automatically be generated.
  • Once you apply for the loan, you will receive an immediate response on your mobile or email with the answer about the approval of the microcredit.
  • Finally, wait 15 minutes and check your bank account. You will already have the money available to invest in what you need.

What happens if I do not return the money within the return period

In case of not meeting the established deadlines, you will have to assume extra costs for delay. Unless you pay 18% of the initial amount and ask for an extension. In this way, you will gain a little more time to repay your microcredit.

What customers say

This company is one of the best-scoring companies in the sector: 9.4 out of 10 in customer satisfaction. This score has been obtained from the opinion of 1518 people . You can see all customer reviews here.

Creditrepair used to offer interest-free loans , so their clients were very happy with the cost savings. You returned the same amount that you requested. This offer ended and it was a point that its users valued negatively. Who does not want to ask for a microcredit without paying commissions?

A positive factor has been the expansion of credit . Against the majority of credit institutions, which only grant up to € 500, Creditrepair.es increased its margin to € 750.00. This allows you to access a greater line of credit with the same flexible conditions as a lower amount.

Their 24/7 customer service gets the best reviews. By having an uninterrupted service, you can make the loan application at any time. As they work throughout the year, they also order transfers immediately, so the waiting time for receiving the money decreases considerably compared to other entities.

Prepaid Mastercard card for customers: another great advantage is the possibility of receiving a Mastercard card totally free. This card is only granted to clients who have already requested a first loan without incident. The card will be associated with your bank account and you can immediately receive the money for your new requests here. This is a very fast way to directly receive the microcredit on your card.

Credit waiting time: One of the most unfavorable opinions comes due to the waiting time of money. Sometimes they do not take 15 minutes as indicated in their slogan and therefore generates uncertainty. It depends on the day the loan is requested or the receiving bank, those 15 minutes can be converted into hours, or at most a day.

If you are also or have been a Creditrepair customer, we would love to hear your opinion so that other people can see your experience first-hand. We invite you to leave your opinion in the comments on this page.

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Summary of Kredito 24

Summary: Do you have to cover an unexpected expense of up to € 400? Creditrepair is a financial institution that offers urgent loans to people like you. The evaluation of its users is 9.4 out of 10.

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