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If you want to get extra financing, urgently, there are companies that will give you the capital you need in exchange for your vehicle. And there are certain complicated moments in life in which we may need urgent money for many uses: we may have a project that we want to carry out, that we have to face the payments of a debt, take a trip, a reform , or any other type of situation.

The problem with traditional loans is that it will be necessary to have a series of guarantees that are not always easy to obtain. Although it is true that fast credit companies will assure you over and over again that no guarantees are needed to ask for the money, they will always demand a payroll, or that you receive money continuously. The entities that offer you financing in exchange for your vehicle will also require some requirements, but they will be minimal in comparison.

Ibancar is an entity that can help you with all this. In the following lines we are going to take care of studying everything it offers in great detail.

What is Ibancar and what does it offer?

At Ibancar they make everything clear to you: it is a company that has been in the market since 2010, and they have always been in charge of solving any problem that a person may have. It is a registered trademark of the entity Excom Salduba SL

They have an advanced computer equipment that will work at all times to ensure user comfort; For this, it will offer solutions that will meet the needs of speed, connection and efficiency. To do this, they open new communication channels continuously, in addition to improving their plans to adapt to what the client is looking for at any time in their life.

They have managed to gain more than 30,000 clients in just 5 years.

If you need capital to balance your personal accounts, even to buy a new car, to start a new commercial project, or to cover unforeseen events, Ibancar will be happy to lend you it.

How does Ibancar work?

At Ibancar they want to become a benchmark in the sector in relation to vehicle loans as collateral . They agree not to withdraw the vehicle, not to charge a rental because it can be used, in addition to not changing its ownership.

In the event that you want to earn money for your vehicle, you just have to contact the entity to discover its conditions.

Characteristics of Ibancar

Ibancar is a company specialized in fast loans that does not care about your situation: they will not care if you are private, self-employed or pensioner: in any case, you will be able to access your loans normally.

They are flexible with the client, offering the best deal at any time. To pawn the vehicle they focus on how old it is. For this they use the official page of the National Association of Sellers of Motor Vehicles, Parts and Repair ; that is, the GANVAM .

In addition, in each loan, the client will receive some extra services such as a study to increase the capital, amortization insurance, annual technical review, certification service, personalized service for obtaining ITV appointments ...

Customer service with Ibancar

If you have any questions about the financial services offered by Ibancar , you should know that through its page you can find a whole series of ways to get in touch with its administrators. As we have already seen, every day they open new ways of communicating with them, so they will make it easy for the client who may have a question, a query, even any type of problem when operating on the platform.

These are the contact forms that it offers us:

  • Text form: In the "contact" section of your website we can find a practical form from which we can receive information. In it we will only have to fill in some simple information such as our name, e-mail, a telephone number and we will also have a box in which to fill in our message. When we have everything ready, we will mark the legal notice and proceed with the shipment. The entity undertakes to contact us as soon as possible, once it has received the message.
  • Telephone: We can also receive the care we are looking for through your contact telephone number. This is 952 96 46 46 and is available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00. They have a FAX number, 951 19 01 72 , in case we have to send any type of document through that route.
  • Social networks: They fully trust the latest in the latest technology; For this reason they have a presence on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We can access their profiles on these networks and get the attention we need that way.

How to apply for a loan with Ibancar?


The main characteristic of applying for a loan with Ibancar pawning the vehicle is that it will not have to be stranded anywhere, but you will be able to continue using it as you have done so far. And it would not make sense to lose your car if, for example, you are using it to go to work. If you cannot use it in your work you would be unable to face the debt, so the system would be unfeasible.

Ibancar offers you financing for up to 36 months to get everything you need. They trust you and give you the support they need, offering you a comfortable monthly payment that will adapt to the economic capacities of all types of clients.

There are already thousands of clients who certify the way Ibancar works; And it is that, unlike other entities, their main role is not only to give us money, but to serve as human contact between people, share, and really show them that there is a human role for us to feel close to.

The client is given the opportunity to request different loans of an amount of up to € 6000 thanks to your vehicle. And best of all, these transactions can be completed in a very short time; in about 48 hours from the moment you started the application process. That is, if you really need money urgently , and you cannot wait, it will be so easy how to contact Ibancar , follow the established steps and you will have more resources to get out of that complicated situation.


-The Ibancar Car Credit will grant you an amount of money of a maximum of 70% of what the used vehicle is worth. They do not have the objective of retaining it, but you will be able to use it as you have done so far. This formula, the only thing that it intends is to use the vehicle as a guarantee so that the company can ensure the payment of the money.

-It will not be necessary to manage the change of ownership, it is always in the name of the owner.

-The vehicle that you want to pawn through this system cannot exceed a period that is greater than 12 years; Furthermore, in order to be pawned, he cannot have charges .

-You will have to justify that you receive a source of income on a regular basis: most companies will require a payroll. With Ibancar sources such as a benefit, a subsidy, or various aids will also be accepted.

-In addition, they do not care if you are in the RAI or the Credit Checker ; They know that, due to different circumstances, it is possible to end up in this registry of defaulters. Still, they can give you the money.

Although it is true that the conditions proposed by Ibancar are quite interesting, it is important to focus and begin to analyze them in detail. This way you can determine if they interest you or not.


The documentation that they will ask you to start with the process is the following:

-DNI, NIE or equivalent identification document.

-Driving license (must be in force, otherwise it will not be valid).

-Last payroll or receipt proving that a certain monthly financial amount is being received.

-Technical data of the vehicle.

Repayment term

In relation to the repayment term , a loan will be offered that must be paid within a period of 36 months . It will be then when the vehicle will be yours again, and you can drive without worrying about anything.

And you can get the liquidity you need within 48 hours .

For example, let's imagine that a person needs a total of € 500 and wants to return that amount of money within 12 installments. This person will not have financing problems; In addition, you can even return it with an early amortization with a minimal penalty.

Another example may be that of a person who wants to buy a car for € 5,000 , but still needs about € 2,000 to fulfill this dream. For this you can start your old vehicle, of which you will get up to 70% of the value. You can return it within 24 installments without any problem.

Loan settlement

A very common question that many clients may have with Ibancar is whether the credit can be canceled at any time. Yes, and the entity allows you to access the early repayment mode ... however, depending on the time that remains to be paid, you will have to face a minimum commission.

We assure you that it is so small that it will hardly be perceptible.

How to request a loan in Ibancar pawning your vehicle?

The process to manage the procedure is as follows:


On the main page of Ibancar we can find a practical simulator that will provide the entity with some basic information about the vehicle. In this place we will have to fill in the make of the vehicle, the mileage, the years of age, the model of car you have, as well as the license plate.

Once we have filled in this information we will click on "Continue".

Number of installments

The system will ask you for the repayment term , being able to choose between 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36 installments.

Personal information

Without further ado, the system will now ask you to enter your personal data: Name, surname, ID, Postal Code, Town, Telephone and email.

When we have everything ready, we read the legal notice, accept and click "continue" again


Now we will have to deliver all the documentation that we have discussed in the corresponding point. However, this documentation is indicative: depending on each particular case, the entity may contact us to request some extra documents.

Credit granting

We indicate the bank account number and wait for the deposit to be completed.

And just like that, we can have the money to use it as we want.

Advantages of requesting financing in Ibancar

  • Trust: A company that gives you money for your car, but at the same time allows you to use it, is a company that we can trust. In addition, its extensive experience makes the entity completely transparent.
  • A fair deal: It allows us to obtain up to 70% of what the vehicle is worth to finance everything we want.
  • Speed: Once we have started the whole process, we can have the money in the account in just 48 hours. There are not many related entities that are capable of working that fast.

Ibancar reviews

Ibancar's opinions value very positively that they can have such high and fast financing always at their disposal. In addition, the only guarantee they ask for is the vehicle; There will be no need to involve third parties.

For all these reasons, and for many others, Ibancar loans are reliable.

If you are interested in seeing other companies that offer similar services, do not hesitate to visit the reviews of the following:

Conclusions: Is it worth trusting Ibancar?

We recommend Ibancar , but as long as you have previously weighed all its conditions and can conclude that it is worth it. The time has come to get the most out of your vehicle, and the Ibancar company makes it easy for you.

Summary of Ibancar

Summary: Do you need to finance a personal project or do you have a financial need? Do you own a car and want to continue enjoying it? Then Ibancar may be your best option. They offer you up to € 6000 with your car as collateral!

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