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Tired of receiving promissory notes or bills and having to wait to collect them? Is the liquidity of your company increasingly depleted since you cannot collect your invoices?

Gesdesco allows you to obtain money at the same time you issue your invoices, without having to wait for them to be charged. In addition, they are responsible for collecting them in the event that they become delinquent. Gedesco helps its clients to have liquidity from the first moment and eliminate the uncertainty of the collection of your invoices. It offers other financial services designed for companies like yours to obtain the money they so badly need. Forget about long deadlines or procedures. If your company needs money quickly, Gedesco is your solution.

What is Gedesco?

Gedesco has been offering different financial services for more than 14 years. His specialty is discounted promissory notes and factoring for SMEs and the self-employed. It has 23 own branches in the United States and has 480 commercial agents distributed throughout the national territory.

Its three main lines of action are:

  • Information.
  • Financing.
  • Coverage.

All its services are aimed at providing the most information and advising its clients on the financing that best suits them.

How can I advance my invoices?

In the same call you will know if it is possible to have the money for your promissory notes or invoices in advance. If so, in less than 24 hours you can enjoy your money in your checking account. It couldn't be faster and easier.

First of all, Gedesco gives you facilities to start working with them. You can go to any of their offices or call by phone for an advisor to come to your office and advise you.

How much is it going to cost you to discount your advance payments?

From a 3.75% annual nominal interest you can get your invoice advance and have the liquidity you need to continue growing in your business. Only worry about your business activity, since Gesdesco is in charge of providing you with the liquidity you need so that the rhythm of your activity is not affected.

In addition, you can also apply for loans without any interest rate to pay in 6 months. You will only have an initial commission between 2% and 5%. This commission will depend on the risk profile you have.

Gedesco knows that each company is different, that is why they adapt to your needs and treat you in a personalized way. It has an advisory team that guides you at all times.

What about CIRBE?

CIRBE is the acronym for the Central Bank of Risk Information of the Bank of United States. Told in a simple way, it is a database where it appears in a confidential way if a person has requested a credit, loan, endorsement ... Gedesco assumes the CIRBE in all its financial services.


Gedesco allows you, from the moment you make an invoice, get the money from it. They anticipate the collection of your invoices from 3.75% of annual nominal interest.

The best thing is that, in addition, they offer a solution against those possible defaults of your clients through their Factoring Without Recourse service. You do not have to worry about their delinquency, since Gedesco assumes the collection without affecting you in anything.

When do you charge your invoices by factoring?

At the time you issue the invoice. You don't have to wait for your client to order the payment for it. Advancing the collection of your invoices is very easy with Gedesco. You simply assign a credit to a third party, Gedesco, and they are the ones who manage the collection.

Promissory Notes Discounts

Just by sending a copy of the financial promissory note and the invoice, you can request the discount of promissory notes. Gedesco's commercial team will contact you to advise you on which is the discount of promissory notes that best suits you. Once it is accepted you get your money instantly.

What differentiates Gedesco is that they analyze the issuing company of the promissory note and not you as their client, so your financial situation does not matter.

Promissory note discount line

It is an agreement by which a company finances the sales of your business. That is, you have a risk line with a certain value and you can discount promissory notes up to a ceiling. Gedesco charges you an interest that will vary depending on the rating of the payer and the due date of the promissory note. In this way, you can directly collect the promissory notes without the need for your client to have already paid them. In addition, you can get an additional 30% when requesting a line of credit.


Through this system Gedesco anticipates the payment to your suppliers. In other words, as a company, you have to tell Gedesco that you want to pay your supplier with Confirming. Since he wants the money before the due date of the bill. In this way, Gedesco and they agree to advance the money from the bill at a very low interest rate. For this management you will not have any cost.

One of the main advantages of confirming is the trust you generate with your suppliers, since they know that you will always pay. This confidence is essential when requesting discounts for prompt payment and for future negotiations. In addition, both you and your suppliers should be calm since it does not add to the CIBER to any. It is a direct operation.

How is confirming and factoring different?

While confirming is a service to pay your providers so that they have the money before the expiration date. Factoring is an invoice collection service, in which you are a provider and receive the money before the due date. It helps you to obtain liquidity and thus be able to focus more on your business activity and not have to wait to collect invoices.

What other financial services does Gedesco offer?

  • Credit line: through the promissory note discount line, you can get a credit of up to € 50,000 immediately. Up to an additional 30% of the discounted amount. It is specific for SMEs and freelancers.
  • Advance of works certifications: it is a quick way to be able to collect an invoice that you have pending from the Public Administration. Through what is called "Taking Reason", Gedesco becomes the new creditor, having to pay him the Administration.
  • Discount of bills of exchange: with the copy of the invoice and the bill of exchange you can, almost immediately, discount your bills.
  • Risk reports: these are reports by which you can know the solvency, liquidity ... of any company. These are good when it comes to choosing your clients and avoiding defaults.
  • Car financing: it is as simple as choosing the car you want and Gedesco finances it for you.
  • Investment loans : these loans are for 6 months and are intended for those companies that want to acquire new machinery or invest in R & D & I. It does not have any interest rate there is an initial commission between 2% and 5%. It will depend on the risk profile of each client.
  • Technical guarantees : it is necessary when your company submits to a public tender to provide a provisional guarantee. And once the work has been awarded, it is mandatory to present another guarantee that ensures that the work is being done well, the execution guarantee. Gedesco makes these guarantees in a very fast and serious way.
  • Rent Back: this option is for those companies that have a fleet of cars that are already paid for. You can obtain liquidity by selling your vehicles but continue to enjoy them through a low rent. The best way to have money selling your car but without giving it up.
  • Enjoying: this product is aimed at individuals. And it includes the possibility of being able to earn money by selling your car (as rent back but for individuals) and the option to make online purchases on time and without interest.

Gedesco is today the leading company in obtaining liquidity for SMEs and freelancers in the United States through these financial services. It is, without a doubt, one of the best allies for those companies that want to continue developing their activity in this difficult time of crisis and lack of liquidity.


Gedesco Summary

Summary: Do you need an urgent personal loan of more than € 10,000? With Gedesco you can request it as long as you have a car (that is your property and has no debt) so that it can respond as collateral. They offer a maximum of € 20,000, depending on your circumstances.

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