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Dindin.es instant money is the online credit platform owned by Dinerio SLU with which it is possible to access a mini-credit of up to 300 us dollars totally free.

A free loan?

Surely you are thinking that it is impossible to find a financial institution that offers you free credits , but the truth is that it does exist and is called DinDin.

Advantages of requesting mini-credits in DinDin

In addition to the fact that they are fast online loans, the main advantage of applying for a loan at DinDin is that it is a credit without interest or credit at zero interest.

That means that if you request the 3 00 us dollars in your first DinDin loan , you will only have to return those 300 us dollars within the expiration period you select, which can be 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.

But the fact that we are talking about free mini - credits is not the only advantage of opting for DinDin to request a credit online.

It is important to mention that the platform requires minimal paperwork and that, at most, it may request a photocopy of your DNI or NIE and a bank statement for the last three months to verify your monthly income.

And the latter brings us to another advantage of DinDin's 300 us dollar mini- credits : they are credits without payroll , that is, it is not necessary to have a payroll to access financing.

If to all this you add that the customer service that the company provides by phone is brilliant , there is little doubt that DinDin is one of the best online financial institutions to request a free mini-loan today.

How to apply for a fast loan in DinDin step by step

The vast majority of online financial institutions where you can apply for online loans are really easy to use, and the case of DinDin is a clear example of this.

To receive a money transfer corresponding to a credit application in just minutes, it is only necessary to meet a series of requirements and fill out the loan application available through the DinDin website

Requirements to request a credit in DinDin

To access the free DinDin mini-credits, apart from being a new client and requesting your first loan, you must meet a series of requirements for the approval of the application to take place:

  • You must be over 23 years old, under 75 years old and a resident of the United States.
  • You must provide your valid DNI or NIE.
  • Prove that you have a bank account in your name and have an active credit or debit card.
  • Have a mobile phone where you can receive an SMS.
  • Show bank statements for the last 3 months (special cases)
    • The normal thing is that fulfilling the previous requirements it is not necessary to provide any additional documentation, hence the DinDin credits are considered mini-credits without paperwork.

As you will see, these are loans without payroll, since the only requirement that DinDin could demand is the availability of a sufficient monthly income to cover the repayment of the loan once approved. This income can come from a benefit, pension or any other legal income.

Of course, if you do not have a payroll, it is most likely that it will be necessary to send proof of income that guarantees that you can face the refund of the requested money.

The future borrower's income verification will take place through Instantor and the DinDin website and it may be necessary to send a bank statement of the last three months to the email [email protected] or the company's WhatsApp at The phone number 676.379.153.

Mini-credit application and response at the moment

The online platform of Dinerio SLU offers the possibility of requesting a loan online through its domain dindin.es or making the request by phone.

Regardless of the option chosen by the future borrower, if it is your first DinDin loan, you should know that you can request up to 300 us dollars that will be increased to 750 us dollars in subsequent requests. It is important to note that these limits are not fixed, but vary depending on the study and analysis of the solvency of each client.

In addition to selecting the amount of money you need in the DinDin simulator , you will have to choose when you want to return it. You have the option to select the return in 7, 14 or 30 days.

With the amount of money and the return period already selected, the simulator itself will show you the total amount to be returned and the return deadline. In the event that it is your first loan and you request 300 us dollars in 30 days, you will have to return exactly that amount, with 0 commissions, within 30 days.

Once the information has been selected and having clicked on the red button "get your loan" you will be redirected to identify yourself with your DNI or NIE and accept the privacy policy. You must fill in your personal information in what will be your loan application and wait for the resolution. Once your application is analyzed by DinDin's team of professionals, one of three things can happen:

  • Have your loan approved . In this case, you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone number that you indicated in the application. The next step will be to receive the money in your bank account through a direct bank transfer that the entity will make.
  • Have your loan pre-approved. This means that you have almost done it, but you need to expand information by attaching proof of income or personal identification. This is usually carried out by sending the bank statement for the last three months and / or attaching a photocopy of the DNI.
  • Have your loan rejected. There is very little chance of this happening, but DinDin may reject your application for a fast mini-loan. If this is your case, don't worry, you can reapply in a few days.

Costs and interests of DinDin mini-credits

How much does it cost to request a mini-loan at DinDin? Well, it is too generic a question that does not have a simple answer in the case of most online financial companies, but it does in the case of DinDin.

The interest on your first loan will be 0. Not one more us dollar, not one less us dollar: zero. This means that if you request 300 us dollars within 30 days, after that period of time, you will return exactly the 300 us dollars requested, without any extra cost.

This happens only in the cases of new clients requesting their first DinDin loan, but for old clients interest is calculated based on the amounts of money requested and the repayment terms.

Loan repayment

When the return date of the loan that you have previously selected arrives (7, 14 or 30 days) you will have the obligation, as the borrower of the loan contract, to return the corresponding amount of money.

Said refund can be made through three different methods: bank transfer, account charge or card payment . If you choose the latter case, you will need to make a phone call to the number

Keep in mind, whatever the method of repayment of the loan you choose, that it will be necessary to identify the income of the money by means of the loan reference or your DNI / NIE. This way DinDin will know which customer the bank transfer corresponds to and will cancel the loan contract on the scheduled date.

DinDin loan default

It is possible that, when the expiration date arrives, you will not be able to make the refund of the amount owed. In these cases there is the possibility of extending the loan for 30 more days , but in this case you will have to pay a commission for deferral.

If you do not pay your loan and you do not request a deferral of payment, DinDin will have the right to include your name in a credit delinquency file and add a 1% daily penalty to the amount owed.

And if you refuse to pay the full amount you owe to the finance company, it is possible that it ends up going to court to solve the problem in a judicial way.

If your case is just the opposite and you decide to advance the repayment of the loan, you should know that DinDin will reward you in future loan applications with more advantageous financing conditions.

In short, DinDin's free mini-credits offer very good conditions to new clients since they have access to 300 us dollars without paying any interest or commission . If you need a quick mini-loan and receive the money urgently in your bank account, fill out the loan application now and receive your money in minutes.

And if you need more information about DinDin personal loans, access their website (link to dindin.es) or contact them through their phone number,; or your email: [email protected]

Dindin Summary

Summary: Dindin.es offers you up to € 900 without paperwork and in just 15 minutes! If you are looking for a mini-loan, dindin can be a good alternative to consider!

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