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At any time in your life, you may be presented with an unexpected expense and not know how to deal with it: the electricity or water bill may have been higher than normal, you may have to face a rise in car insurance or the house, that you have to pay a fine that you did not expect, that you have to repair the washing machine or directly buy a new one ... or that you finally want to give yourself that whim that you have been dreaming of for so long.

The resource of fast loans is always on the table: extra money that will help you cover the most common expenses.

In this article we are going to analyze the conditions offered by the fast credit company Credy , an entity that specializes in this type of loan.

What is Credy?

Credy is a fast credit institution that, according to its statistics, has already granted more than 331 million us dollars throughout its more than 610,000 operations. It operates throughout very large countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia, in addition to having extended its action to other places such as Mexico in general or Argentina.

One of its maxims is reliability; And it is that, at the moment in which a loan is requested on its website, the client gets in touch with highly solvent lenders who, at the same time, have solid financial support behind them that allows them to grant loans to instant with good conditions. In addition, these lenders are not only solvent, but also have the necessary amount of money to be able to meet their obligations, both short and long term.

There is one fact that must be clear to us about the Credy credits and that is that the company is not the one that is directly in charge of granting the money. Credy is nothing more than an intermediary between individuals who want a loan and a company or investor that is associated with the network. In this way, with each company different requirements are established to be able to access the money, in addition to applying very different interest rates.

Although this way of doing things has its advantages, it also has a very important drawback: and that is that on the Credy website we will not find the detailed conditions to request a loan. That is why, in the end, the best option is to contact the company that is going to grant us the loan, in order to know in detail the conditions of the loan and not be surprised later.

How are the loans in Credy?

Many users think that the fast loans that are granted through Credy involve a greater risk for the lenders, and this is because many of these credits are granted to people who are in the Credit Checker, or who do not have a payroll in order to close the deal. However, the entity manages this risk and one of the mechanisms to do so is to grant low-amount loans that increase the profitability of the deal that investors make, but at the same time they do not overcommit them.

The maximum amount of money that can be requested in Credy is € 750 (The minimum amount of granting a credit will be € 50), a figure that is considered more than enough to cover the vast majority of expenses that may come to us to produce in our day to day. On the other hand, the term for repayment of the credit is between 1-30 days.

Credy ensures the liquidity of its lenders at all times, who will see how in a very short time they recover the value of their economic funds, managing a certain risk, but not very high.

Main conditions of the loans and fast credits of Credy

  • Amount that we can request: The user may request a credit between € 50 and € 750.
  • Free first loan : The first loan requested by the client (up to € 750) will not entail any type of commission. With this capture technique, they ensure that the user continues to trust the entity for future loans.
  • Credits with Credit Checker: This entity allows us to apply for loans with Credit Checker . That is to say, that although we are registered in the database of a defaulter registry, we can choose the money we are looking for.
  • Availability: The management of the procedures are carried out 100% online. In this way, the platform will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Return periods : It allows us to establish a maximum return time of up to 30 days.
  • Ease of comparison: In the same way as most companies specializing in quick loans, with Credy we will have at our disposal a sophisticated comparator through which we can evaluate the credit conditions based on our claims, changing them in a matter of second.

What requirements do we have to meet to request a quick loan at Credy?

-The first condition that they are going to ask us is that our age is at least 18 years old.

-We will have to provide a copy of our DNI or NIE to verify our identity.

-You will also have to provide proof that we are receiving an amount of income on a regular basis (how it can be a payroll or pension).

-In addition, we will also have to indicate our bank account number, data that will verify our identity (together with the DNI), in addition to serving us to receive the money if the request ends up being positive.

Operation of the mini fast loans in Credy

If there is a word that defines the immediate credits of Credy it is the speed with which we can have the money in the bank.

The entire procedure will be carried out through its platform, with a simulator that we can manipulate at our whim, with the aim of being able to get the offer that best matches our profile.

What we will have to do is enter the page in question, choose the amount of money that we need and establish the time in which we are going to make the relevant return.

When we have filled in all these data, the platform will direct us to a new page where we will have to fill in a form with our personal data (such as name, surname, ID, e-mail….).

Once we have done it, the system will compare different options to show us various credit possibilities, and thus be able to choose the ones that suit us best.

If we already have it clear, we choose the best option and automatically our data will be sent for further study.

When the company receives the request, Credy will do the feasibility analysis (credit risk analysis) and in just a few minutes we will be able to know if the process is resolved in our favor, or if we should try our luck with another fast credit company .

The way of acting of Credy is different from that of other fast credit entities, and that is that what the company will do is auction the credit application among several options. In the event that the loan is accepted, the money will be deposited as soon as possible into the bank account number that has been indicated in the application.

What to do if the loan cannot be repaid on time?

In the event that time runs out on us and we see that we are not going to be able to face the return of the quick credit , we return to the point that we have already highlighted in the previous lines: Credy is not a financial company that we are asking money, if not an intermediary that will give us the best offer in any case.

For this reason, any problem that is related to a delay, or a default in general, should be dealt with directly with the entity that has granted us the loan.

This is a major problem, and that is that the repercussions of not complying with the deal are somewhat diffuse. You will have to read carefully the terms and conditions of each company to have everything clear.

Advantages and disadvantages of Credy


  • The best credit for you: In a matter of seconds you will have several options for investors to request the desired loan.
  • Quick request: In a short time we will have requested the money.
  • Minimum requirements: Unlike a bank, the paperwork that will have to be done will be minimal.


The only disadvantage that can be put is that Credy, by not directly managing the process, will make us contact each company if there is a problem. It is as if he was ignoring, which does not offer us much confidence.


Credy is a good option to compare different credits… but it is crucial to know the conditions of each one, through the investor's platform, before making our choice.

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