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Would you like to treat yourself but your salary does not allow it? Are you tired of spending the day working and not making ends meet? Whether you want to make a short getaway, change your car for a new one or just need urgent money for a little unforeseen event, you are in the right place

With Creditozen you will get the money you need in just 15 minutes . Yes, how you hear it. In addition, the procedure to request the loan is very easy and fast. Forget about leaving home, waiting hours and hours to find out if your request for money has been accepted or doing all the paperwork.

Requesting a mini-credit with this financial institution is as simple as requesting the amount you require , waiting for approval in a matter of minutes and the receipt of your money will be made immediately.

But the best of all is that the commissions are very low, they grant you the loan even if you are registered with Credit Checker (as long as your debt does not exceed $ 1,500), and they have a very high approval rate (around 90 , 87%). What more could you want?

Have you decided? If you want to request your loan in this entity, you only have to enter www.creditozen.es and request your money instantly. Keep in mind that if you are a new customer you can only request up to $ 300, but otherwise you can make a request for up to € 500.

That you still have doubts? Do not worry because we are going to talk to you in great detail about the microcredits of Creditozen.es . Pay attention to the following!

How to request your loan?

As we have indicated before, you can request a maximum of 300 us dollars if it is the first time you request a microcredit with this entity and up to 500 us dollars if you are already a Creditozen client. And the term to return it? You have to choose from 5 to 30 days to make the money back.

But how does Creditozen work? To request your injection of money you will only have to follow a few simple steps from the website of the financial institution. In this way you will save yourself the long waits at the bank. Take note of the entire procedure!

First step: you have to enter the online platform www.creditozen.es and place your order through the virtual simulator that the entity puts at your disposal. You have to enter the following data:

  • The amount of money you want to request , which can be from € 50 to € 500 or € 300 in the case of being your first loan.
  • The days through which you plan to return your credit. In addition, in the online simulator you will be able to see the interest and the total that you will have to pay.

Second step: complete the loan application form with your personal information, contact information, and financial and banking information.

Third step: the third step consists of evaluating the requirements fulfilled, the system gives a response within a period of approximately 15 minutes. In the case of new customers, the system must verify not only the data but also the identity and a confirmation will be made by phone call.

Fourth step: if your loan is approved, within 15 minutes you will receive the money in your bank account.

What requirements must you meet to request the credit?

Now that you know how you have to request your money, it is important that you bear in mind that you need to comply with the requirements requested by the financial institution in order to receive your mini-credit:

  • Be a resident of the United States.
  • Be between 21 and 75 years old.
  • Have demonstrable monthly income.
  • Have internet access, your own email, a bank account that you own and a mobile or landline phone.

Does Creditozen grant credit with Credit Checker?

Is your name on the Credit Checker list? The vast majority of fast credit institutions do not usually lend the money if the applicant's profile is registered in Credit Checker.

Instead, you can enjoy instant microcredits from Creditozen if your debt does not exceed € 1,500 . Do I have to make a special request? If your debt is less than € 1,500, you will only have to request your loan, like any other user, and wait for the response of the mini-credit entity.

Do you want to apply for your loan with Creditozen ? Enter here to order it.

What interests does Creditozen contain?

As we indicated above, this entity contains a fairly low interest rate compared to other microcredit entities. But, how can you know what interest rate contains the amount of money you plan to request? If you want to discover the fee that Creditozen will charge you, you can do it in a simple way in the online simulator that is available to users on its website.

Is this simulator free? That's right, you can use it with complete peace of mind because the entity puts it at your disposal so you can see that there is no cheating or cardboard.

But so that you can have an approximate amount that you will have to repay for your loan, we are going to illustrate you with three simple examples:

  • If you ask for a loan of € 100 to be repaid in 10 days: You will have an interest rate of € 7, the total to be paid is € 107.
  • On the other hand, for a credit of € 300 to be returned within 30 days: The interest you will have to pay is € 60. So the total that you will have to return is € 360.
  • What do you prefer a loan of € 500 to return in 30 days? In this case the interest rate will be € 100 and the total to be paid € 600.

Surely now it has been clearer to you the amount that you will have to return when you request your fast loan.

And the repayment of the loan?

If you do not want the entity to charge you interest for late payment, we recommend that you repay the loan on the scheduled date or that you request a longer repayment period from the beginning. In this way you will avoid the occasional headache.

What happens if you do not return the credit? In the case of non-payment, the interest rate of the money that the entity has lent you will add up and your name will appear on a list of defaulters.

It is also essential that you bear in mind that the online platform does not have an active policy of requesting extensions.

What do users who have already tried Creditozen think?

If you are still not convinced by this fast microcredit entity, you better pay attention to what the customers who have trusted Creditozen think to request a small injection of money.

  • Odin L: “Excellent, everything very fast and easy. I asked for about 4 loans to alleviate the expenses I have before collecting my payroll. I never had problems, in 15 minutes I have the money, I pay it in the indicated term and everything works out perfect. "
  • Claribel P: “I met CreditoZen through my mother-in-law, she told me that they applied for a loan of 200 us dollars for her grandson's birthday party when they could not take care of the last expenses and that everything had gone wonderfully for them. From that moment I started to use it and I do not change it, the interests are very low. I recommend it."
  • Pedro Z: “When I found out about Credito Zen, I still did not trust the platform because I had had a problem with another loan company, so I requested only 50 US dollars to test its operation. Today I always use it to ask for money when I need to buy extra things. I recommend it, everything is very clear and without problems. It is appreciated. "

As you can see, the vast majority of opinions agree that it is a comfortable, fast service, with very low interest rates and an entity that can be trusted.

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Creditozen Summary

Summary: Creditozen makes asking for money not a problem. Also, as its name suggests, it wants you to feel zen and gives you the first credit at a cost of 0. 300 us dollars without any interest. If you are a regular customer you can order up to a maximum of € 500.00.

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