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How much longer are you going to postpone that trip you dream of so much about? How much longer are you going to postpone that whim you want so much? How much longer are you going to put off watching your football team on that new plasma screen?

We spend our lives waiting for the perfect moment to indulge ourselves that we love so much, but time is advancing and that moment does not come.

Have you ever thought about how to get that extra money that you need? If you give me a minute, I'll tell you.

There are financial entities that provide you, almost instantly, an amount of extra money. This is possible thanks to the flexibility of your requirements and the little “paperwork” that must be submitted.

Okay, you don't have enough financial or economic knowledge to be able to request a loan without having the feeling that you may be being taken for a ride. Don't worry, because we have investigated for you.

What is Cofidis

Cofidis knows that the financial world is complex for most people, so it eliminates all technicalities and ambiguity from its language. It speaks clearly of "you to you". Providing you in a simple and transparent way the different financial services and products it has. In addition, to give you more peace of mind, you should know that all the activities that this financial entity carries out are supervised by the Bank of United States.

Cofidis was the first financial institution in distance credit. This has allowed it, over the years, to adapt its services to the needs of clients like you. He has been working in the United States for more than 25 years and during this time he has served more than 1.5 million people.

One of your secrets? How easy it is to communicate with them! Either through the internet or through a phone number. Cofidis has more than 800 advisors, who guide you in a simple way, in order to obtain the financing that best suits you. It adapts to all types of clients but in a transparent and close way. Another one of the secrets of your success? The speed with which you can have the money in your bank account.

Types of online credits 

There are two types of products that Cofidis can offer you:

  • Project Credit

With the Cofidis project credit , this type of online credit can request an amount of money between $ 4,000 and $ 15,000 to invest in whatever you want. This amount, along with the interest, must be repaid over the agreed period of time through monthly payments.

Who sets the amount of money that I have to pay month by month?

Your! It is as simple as: choosing the amount you want to borrow, choosing the money you want to pay each month and the system calculates the number of months you will have to pay.

Do you want to buy a new motorcycle or car? Fix the old one? Go on a trip? Reform the house? Celebrate your wedding? Study what you want? Now you can. Through our simulator you decide at all times the conditions that interest you the most. In addition, you will not need to change banks, since Cofidis' procedures are done in a very agile way and without having to carry out any extra processing.

  • Direct credit

With this quick credit from Cofidis, the amount of money you can request ranges from € 500 to € 6,000. It differs from project credit in that the money must not have a specific purpose, and the period in which you can have your money is 24 hours , once they have accepted your request.

This type of credit can be renewable, that is, Cofidis gives you the requested money, and you can use all or only part of it. As you return the borrowed money, it goes to your credit account and becomes available to you again without the need to request a new loan. The good thing about this type of renewable online loans is that there is no opening commission or associated administration costs.

You are the one who decides the amount you want to pay month by month. Let's take an example: You request € 1000 and want to pay € 49.90 per month. For this amount, you will have to spend 26 months paying that fee. But if you prefer to pay a monthly fee of € 95, you will only have 12 installments.

How interest works on Cofidis loans

The sooner you finish paying the requested money, the lower the interest will be. In such a way that, if we take the first example, you will have to return € 1,297 in total. In the second example, for € 1000 with a fee of € 95, you will have to return € 1140. So it compensates, to the extent of the possibilities of each one, to pay the Cofidis loan in the least amount of installments possible.

For both Cofidis products, you can apply without having a payroll. In addition, they do not have any type of opening or cancellation commission. That is, continuing with the previous example, if you have to pay € 95 per month for 12 months, and you decide to pay the entire amount you owe in the third month, Cofidis does not charge you for the early cancellation of your loan .

How can I request my credit online

Forget about the tedious task of requesting a loan through a bank and forget about the endless paperwork. You just have to follow these simple steps to get your money. 

Online loan request:

You just have to request your loan by clicking here. In this first contact, Cofidis will carry out a study of the application completely free of charge and without obligation. Immediately afterwards they will tell you if your application has been accepted or not. If affirmative, they will send you the contract immediately by email in PDF and a copy of it by ordinary mail (in less than 24 hours). As you will see, the process is much more agile than asking for a loan from a bank.

Credit contract and money transfer

The next step is to send the signed contract for Cofidis to approve the credit application.

The commitment that Cofidis has with all its clients is that, once the loan application has been approved, they transfer the money in less than 24 hours . No need to change your checking account.

In addition, this financial institution gives you the option of having the money set aside for 9 months without paying any type of commissions. In such a way that, depending on whether you need it, you can use it or not.

What requirements must I meet to request a loan with Cofidis

Cofidis, unlike other credit institutions, grants higher online loans. Therefore, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements.

  • It is necessary to have monthly income, although not necessarily a payroll, since it also grants online loans to freelancers, retirees or unemployed people. The important thing is to be able to prove that money is received regularly.
  • It is necessary not to have or have had defaults and appear as delinquent and, therefore, not appear in any Credit Checker list. Especially for larger loans.
  • Obviously you will also have to have a bank account where you can receive the money from your loan with Cofidis. 

What if I can't pay my credit

If a month you cannot pay your bill, Cofidis allows you to use the “Wildcard” service . With a phone call to customer service you can postpone payment without suffering any type of penalty for it. Sounds good right?

They also have insurance that you can take out with all their products. If you meet certain requirements, this insurance will pay your loan in case you lose your job, suffer an accident or become disabled. The price of said insurance will depend on the product or service you hire.

What are the opinions of Cofidis customers

For all this, Cofidis becomes the best alternative when you want to request a quick loan from a distance. Proof of this is that 97% of customers declare they are satisfied with the service that Cofidis has given them. Source: IPSOS, September 2014. 

If you still have doubts and want to consult other credit institutions to see if they better adapt to what you are looking for, you may be interested in consulting:

Now that you have all the information about Cofidis, the question is. How much longer are you going to postpone that whim that you so deserve? 

Request your credit online now and treat yourself right now!

Cofidis Summary

Summary: Cofidis is one of the credit and financing entities with the best interests. You can use your money for any project and without opening fees, cancellation or associated insurance. Speed, simplicity and an immediate response on the approval of your loan.

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