Are you looking for loans without collateral ? In that case, you are on the best possible website, because we have a complete guide on this type of loan. And, of course, we also offer you an analysis of the best loan companies without collateral on the market.

Here we leave you all the requirements and conditions you need to be able to request a loan without endorsement. We recommend that you compare well between all companies and financial institutions depending on the amount of money you need and your particular financial situation.




  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 1,000
  • With Credit Checker: YES
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: 1000 $
  • Maximum Duration: 30 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES



  • Maximum amount: $ 600
  • Maximum Duration: 65 days
  • First Loan: $ 300
  • With Credit Checker: NO
  • Free 1st: YES

What are loans without collateral exactly?

To explain what loans without collateral are , it may be preferable to start by explaining what loans with collateral are. That is, the normal loans of a lifetime. In this way, we can clearly see what loans without collateral are just by removing collateral from the equation.

A secured loan (a normal loan) is a loan that a financial institution grants to a person using something as collateral for the payment of the debt in the event that the debtor is insolvent.

That is to say: Imagine that they lend you € 10,000 and you put your car as collateral. If, month after month, you return the money you owe, nothing happens. If, at the end of the loan repayment term, everything has gone well and you have returned the money, no problem. The deal has been properly concluded.

However, if you are late in the deadlines or, definitely, you declare yourself insolvent and you cannot repay the loan, the financial institution will keep your car. In this way, they can sell the car and pay off part or all of the debt.

As you can imagine, these types of loans are quite dangerous, because if you have put the car as collateral and they keep it, they have done you a good job. But imagine if what you have put as collateral is your house or that of your parents.

And believe me, there have been many cases like this last one, and I assure you that you do not want to see yourself in that dramatic situation,

On the other hand, we have loans without collateral. In this type of loan, the financial institution does not require you to put a guarantee as a guarantee in case of non-payment . Therefore, in the event that you default, you will be on delinquent lists, but, at least, you will not lose the car, the house or any other guarantee.

Thus, if, some time later, you return the money that they loaned you and that you did not return on time, you will be able to get off the list of defaulters and you will not have lost the guarantee.

In other words, a loan without collateral is a formula that offers much more security to the borrower.

Now, here is a question to answer: And how is it possible that a financial institution is willing to take on a greater risk? And the answer is simple: The higher the risk, the higher the profitability.

This is a basic law of investments and loans: If you loan money long term, you will receive more interest than if you loan money short term; If you lend money with risk, you will receive more interest than if you lend money safely.

Thus, for the financial institution it is a good business, because the higher risk allows them to charge higher interest. In this way, if someone defaults, they do not need to enforce the guarantee of a guarantee, because they already compensate that loss with the extraordinary profits obtained from the other people who have repaid the loan.

Obviously, put like this, it might seem like it's not quite a good deal for you. At the end of the day, if they charge you double the interest ... Why should you accept it?

Here we already enter the choice of the best option for each one, and that is something that you should analyze for yourself: Is it more rewarding to pay higher interest or risk your car or your house?

There is no single answer. Every situation is different. However, it is true that loans without collateral are usually acquired by certain types of specific individuals and families. And we are going to talk about that in the next section.

Who are quick loans without collateral intended for?

Quick loans without collateral are designed, above all, for the following groups of people:

Low income

The group that most commonly resorts to fast loans without collateral are low income. Why? Well, for the simple reason that they are usually people who do not have an endorsement to opt for a normal loan.

Imagine a family that lives for rent, does not have a car (or it is a very deteriorated one, to the point that no entity accepts it as collateral) and that does not have relatives who are willing to guarantee them.

What can a family do in this situation? Well, logically, if they need a loan, they have no alternative but to go for a loan without collateral.


Something similar happens to students: They have no properties with which to endorse their projects . It is true that, sometimes, they have parental guarantees, but it is not always the best idea to use them (as we will see in the section dedicated to loans without collateral for entrepreneurs).

In general, students usually need money both for contingencies and, above all, to start business ideas (for unforeseen expenses they usually have the support of their parents).

And, of course, there are financial entities that are willing to grant these loans so that the youngest can make their business ideas come true.


Lastly, retirees tend to turn to loans without collateral because, although they usually own a home, it is the only thing they have and, therefore, they are not willing to put it at risk (with very good judgment, that is to say, He passed).

That is why they prefer to assume slightly higher interests and avoid that high risk that would mean losing their home at such an advanced age.

It must be said that, in this case, there are times that financial companies put some obstacles, because it is usual that they have an age limit after which they no longer grant loans (because if the person dies, they would lose the possibility of recovering the money borrowed).

In any case, in the cases in which loans are granted, retirees tend to resort to this type of loans without collateral, for the reasons that we have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs (and that seem to us to be the most sensible).

Loans without endorsement for entrepreneurs: Make your dreams come true

Many young people have ideas to develop businesses, but do not have the capital to make them come true . And what the system offers them is that they take their parents' house and use it as collateral to obtain a loan ... And that is extremely dangerous!

We recommend that you take out a loan without collateral. It is true that the interests will be higher, but it is a much smarter option, because, if the company fails, you will have no problem other than having to repay the loan to get off the delinquent list.

Otherwise, the business will have failed, you will be on the delinquent list and, furthermore, your parents will have been left homeless. And, considering that 70% of companies fail within two years of operation, taking this precaution is essential.

In addition, there are many financial institutions for loans without collateral that offer special loans for entrepreneurs, with slightly different conditions than those offered to other types of people seeking a loan.

And remember that, sometimes, it is not necessary to take a loan to start a business. Take this into account and make sure what you need to set up that company that you are so excited about.

What characteristics do credits without collateral have?

Next, having clarified what loans without collateral are and for whom are designed, we will mention what are the most common characteristics of this type of loan :

  1. Quick and simple procedure : The first characteristic that these types of loans usually have is that the procedure to obtain them is very simple and fast. In just a few minutes, they validate you (or not) to receive the loan. And, after this approval, it takes less than two days to send the money directly to your bank account.
  2. Reduced amounts : In general, loans without collateral do not amount to amounts as high as those you can get in a normal personal loan from any bank. Normally they are smaller amounts that go up to, at most, € 1000 (although this will depend on each entity, of course).
  3. Variable terms : The delivery terms of these loans are also quite variable. Some entities give you the loan and require the repayment after one or two months in full, while other entities propose more traditional repayment terms and methods (with monthly installments).
  4. Interest rates somewhat higher than the average : In general, loans without collateral have an interest rate above the average, for the simple reason that the entity that offers the loan is assuming a greater risk (because, by not having collateral , there is no way to “pay off” the debt if you don't pay). However, in recent times, competition between different entities of this type has prevented these rates from going through the roof.
  5. Without paperwork and 100% online : Of course, one of the main attractions of this type of loan is that they are completely online, so that you do not have to worry about paperwork. This provides convenience and speed.

What are the requirements to obtain a loan without collateral?

When we take out a loan without collateral they will make sure that we meet certain requirements (of course). These requirements, of course, can vary depending on each entity, but the following are usually common:

  1. Have Spanish nationality : The first requirement will be that you have Spanish nationality. It is important to note that it will not be necessary that you were born in the United States, but simply that you have a DNI or a NIE.
  2. Be of legal age : Another very common requirement is that you are of legal age. However, some entities require that you be over 21 years of age, not just of legal age. If you are young, you have to take a look at this requirement to see if you meet it. It is also common that loans are not granted after a certain age (70 years, for example).
  3. Have regular income : The most important point of loans without collateral is to require regular income to be able to meet the loan. However, it doesn't matter where that income comes from: It can be a pension, capital income, a subsidy… Anything.
  4. Be the owner of a bank account : Logically, you will need a bank account to make the money transfer. The account holder and the borrower must be the same person.
  5. About being in Credit Checker : Many people wonder if they can grant you a loan while on the Credit Checker delinquent list. The answer is yes. It will depend on the entity, of course, but many financial entities that offer loans without collateral are able to analyze your profile and decide whether or not to give you the loan even if you are in Credit Checker.

As you can see, they are not too complicated requirements. In fact, some loans are staggeringly easy, even on a delinquent list like Credit Checker's. Therefore, you should not have a problem obtaining your credit.

The best mini-credit companies without collateral

To finish, after having done this in-depth analysis of what loans without collateral are and what characteristics do they have, we will now recommend what we consider to be the best loan companies without collateral .

We have analyzed these companies and have chosen them because they are the ones that offer the best conditions to their clients (therefore, they are the smartest option when contracting a debt):

Great immediate money online without guarantees

That good Do you need € 300 to return in 30 days? If you request money for the first time with Québueno you will only be able to request this amount, in future occasions the volume that you can request rises to 900 us dollars. Its main advantages over other entities are:

  • You only need to have a credit card where you will receive the requested money and in the same way it will be where the loan will be charged after the return time.
  • It does not have commissions for prepayment.
  • It is not necessary to have payroll or guarantees and it does not matter that your name appears on a list of defaulters.

Have you seen how easy Quebueno makes it?

Gadcapital, fast loans without endorsement in 5 minutes

Wonga If this is the first time that you are going to request a microloan with Gadcapital, you can only request € 300. The good news is that for your first loan you only pay € 5 of interest. On successive occasions you can expand your credit volume up to € 600. This is the basic information you should know about Gadcapital to know if it fits what you are looking for and need:

  • Grant loans without endorsement or payroll. You only have to justify monthly income of any kind.
  • You have up to 60 days to return the money and if you want you can also request an extra extension of one month, paying an extra € 15.
  • As requirements, you will have to: be a Spanish resident, have a mobile number and bank account and be of legal age.

Solcrédito, fast loans with endorsement of up to 600 us dollars

Suncredit Get up to € 600 of money without payroll and without endorsement. Do you want fast credit, without paperwork or complications?

Sol Crédito is what you are looking for. Grant money fast with Credit Checker, without payroll or guarantees. Get a maximum of $ 600 to return in 30 days as long as you comply with the following premises:

  • Be between 21 years of age and 80 at the most.
  • Have a demonstrable monthly income to be able to face the payment of your loan.

As you can see, loans without collateral are a great option for a large part of the population. We hope this information has been useful to you and that it helps you find the company that offers the best conditions for your loan.