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A payroll advance can be a very interesting resource to make ends meet, especially in times of crisis where expenses increase. This resource works as if it were a credit card; In general, the same company in which we work is used as a source of financing.

This is legal: it is regulated in article 29, in the Workers' Statute . This article establishes that the worker can receive advances on the work already done before the payday arrives.

However, companies are not exactly going through their best moment, so it is very possible that they will deny you this economic concession.

What can we do in this case? There are certain entities specialized in granting fast loans that, by paying certain interests, can advance us the money from the payroll so that we cover the debt we have. And this is where Anticipos.es appears

What is Anticipios.es?

Anticipos.es plays the role of the company, being able to advance your payroll or pension, partially or totally. It can be a good formula to face a payment that has been presented to us unexpectedly.

We may have received a very high energy bill, or water. It may be that the company has fallen behind with the payment of the payroll, and that we need the money right now to cover our debts.

It is also impossible that we need some extra money for vacations, for a business that we want to start, or for any other project that we have in hand.

Anticiple.es presents us with a simple formula to request a quick credit online with a minimum level of requirements and with unbeatable benefits.

How much money can we ask for?

On the web we have a practical simulator that will allow us to know the conditions of fast credit . It allows us to ask for a minimum amount of € 50 and a maximum of € 600 . As for the return time, the minimum amount will be 5 days and the maximum 30 days .

We can manipulate this simulator at will to evaluate the loan conditions at all times and determine if we are interested. Depending on the values, in a lower box a result will appear with the amount we have to face.

It considers that the return involves a series of interests that are given by the APR.

Requirements we need to request an advance in Anticipios.es

  • Identification: We must provide our tax identification number (DNI) or the NIE in the case that we are foreigners.
  • Age: Only those individuals who are of legal age may request a payroll advance.
  • Payroll: Obviously, to request a quick payroll advance loan you will have to have a job. In addition, we will be required to submit the last 2 pay slips. In the event that they are not available, do not despair, since, in certain cases, you can also request an advance on a benefit (for unemployment or pension). Of course, the economic amount that is received from it must be greater than € 600, including the value of the 14 annual payments.
  • Invoice: In addition, we will also be asked for an invoice for the last month that is in our name. This bill can be from the electricity, water, gas, telephone company. This document is used to prove our identity, that we really are who we say we are.

How to request a step-by-step advance with advance payment?

The process is very simple, being able to complete it in 3 simple steps:

  • Documentation: Make sure you meet the requirements we have cited. Collect all the data you need.
  • Office: Research the office that is closest to your location. You must go to her from 10:00 to 14:00. If all the documentation is in order, the advance will be managed in a time of 10 minutes . If you do not know which is the closest office, on the web we have a map that will indicate it; We will only have to click on the Autonomous Community in which we reside.
  • Collection: The advance will be offered to us in the form of a check. We can collect it at any BBVA window immediately.

Most common questions when requesting an advance at Anticipios.es

Can I request the advance over the Internet?

Through the page we cannot manage the quick loan, but we can know its conditions (at least approximately). However, the entire process will be managed physically.

As much as you can be clear about it through the information you have found on the Internet, it is crucial that you review the conditions when signing them, to avoid taking any unpleasant surprises.

How long will it take to receive the advance?

The time of receipt of the advance variable according to the client's case. In general, the time that passes from when the client requests it until he receives the check with the money is only 15 minutes . After this process, it will depend on the time it takes to collect it.

Can a new advance be requested if the previous one has not been returned?

The first thing the entity will check is if there is a previous advance; In the event that this is the case, and it has not been returned, the system will automatically cancel any request.

How is the return of the advance made?

The return of the advance can only be managed through bank transfer . The number where you can do it will appear in the contract you have signed.

It is important to manage the transfer in good time, as it can take a while to take effect. For example, if the money must be returned on the 5th, it is advisable not to make the deposit the same day to avoid problems.

Can I request an extension to return the money?

This option, as in the vast majority of credit companies, is always on the table instantly. However, it should only be taken as a last resort. The reason for this is that its management can entail very high commissions.

How long must it take from the return of the advance to request another?

If there has been no problem with the return, the process to manage a new advance is automatic.

What happens if the advance cannot be returned on time?

Anticipos.es will apply a commission for non-payment, in addition to adding late payment interest. These will accumulate in debt. If it is not satisfied in a reasonable time, the case will go to the hands of a law firm, and from there the pertinent steps will be taken to ensure collection.

How can we get in touch with Anticipios.es?

We have 4 ways to contact them, to ask any questions, or to initiate any type of claim:

  • Telephone service: Your customer service number 900 37 37 11 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Email: You can also send them an email to [email protected]
  • Facebook: If you prefer contact through social networks, you can also manage it this way. You can write to them through www.facebook.com/anticipos.es
  • Physical office: And if none of the above options has convinced you, you can always go to a physical office to get the attention you need.

Opinions about Anticipos.es

Is Anticiple really a legit website? Taking into account all the information that we have already analyzed, we could say yes. However, we cannot take it for sure until we analyze user opinions. At the end of the day, these opinions are reviews in which each client analyzes the experience they have had with the platform (both positive experiences, as well as those that have not been so much).

After analyzing a long series of opinions, and discovering that the vast majority of them are positive, we can conclude that, indeed, it is a legit company. The vast majority of users are happy, and it is a way to get quick money from a capital that we know that sooner or later we will collect.

In conclusion… Is it worth asking for an advance in Anticipos.es?

It's worth it… but we should only manage it as a last resort. Keep in mind that requesting an advance through Anticipos.es can reduce your payroll in a more than considerable way (due to all the commissions and interests that the deal has). If we have to urgently pay an invoice, a fine, the house bill, or we have to start a project that cannot wait, you can ask for the advance.

But if it's not so urgent, maybe you should wait for the next payroll to arrive.

Summary of Anticipos.es

Summary: Do you have a payroll or pension but still need money before the collection date arrives? Anticipios.es gives you the opportunity to advance up to € 600 instantly!

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