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You have reached a situation in which your monthly credit card, personal loan and mortgage payments are a very high monthly expense and you are totally overwhelmed. You simply do not arrive. Asking for a microcredit or personal loan in this situation is not the solution, since it would add new expenses to the ones you already have. What can you do to have more liquidity and not use all your income to pay what you owe? Precisely for this type of problem there is a solution: the Negotiating Agency. This company was created in order to help people like you understand financial products, advise them when signing a loan and reconcile all expenses by unifying them.

What steps should i follow

Before contacting the Negotiating Agency, it is important that you be clear about the credits, cards or loans that you have assets and with which financial entities. This is the first step to receive a proposal that is beneficial for your particular case.

Once all this information has been collected, you can check through its website if it is really feasible to unify all your expenses and pay less for your debts. You can also fill out the contact form to receive a personalized proposal directly.

How much does it cost

The proposal made by the Negotiating Agency is free. The consultation to see how the debts could be unified and obtain liquidity has no cost. Once you receive the proposal, you will also know how much it will charge you for management.

This expense is usually included in the loan that is requested for the unification of expenses, in such a way that you will not have to pay an amount directly to them, but at all times you will know the amount that the company will charge for the negotiation.

How they unify my debts so that I can have liquidity

This agency works with more than 30 banking and financial entities, in such a way that it has precise information about the economic products they offer and can deal directly with any entity without the need for waiting. In this way, they analyze the credits you have active and look for the best solution to reunify them in a single product or they eliminate products with abusive fees or very high interests. This management is simple for them, since they have specialized banking personnel, who know perfectly the financial jargon and the conditions of each activity or contract.

They do not have restrictive agreements with any entity and every day they process requests directly with banks and credit institutions. Their power is in the negotiation they do on your behalf and in the volume of requests they process on a daily basis. Can you imagine the time it would take you to do all these procedures?

Benefits of unifying expenses

The benefits that you can obtain by unifying your expenses with the Negotiating Agency are the following:

  • Obtain more monthly liquidity: you can reduce your expenses related to loan payments, mortgages and credit cards, so you will have more money in your account.
  • Settle credits with abusive clauses or interest: many times the ignorance about the sector makes you keep active credits with a very wide small print. This type of product may be the problem with your monthly expenses. Finding those abusive credits and eliminating them can be the most effective solution to get rid of problems.
  • Clean up your economy: being able to have a healthy economy is the ultimate goal. Do not have fees from different companies each month, but a single payment. In this way, you can better plan your money and know at all times what you have to pay, when and where. All of this translates into a financial break.

What documentation do I need

To receive your proposal, it is not necessary to submit any documentation, since in this step it will be enough to enter the amounts and monthly fees that you pay each month and the banking entities with which you have contracted your financial products. Once you approve the proposal, then it will be time to deliver the following documentation:

  • Copy of your mortgage or personal loans: with this information, they will be able to analyze your products and analyze all the clauses.
  • Credit card contracts
  • DNI or NIE: they need a photocopy of your DNI or NIE so that they can make the loan application on your behalf

This documentation can be sent via mail, by post or through a courier who will go to your home to collect this information. The options are diverse, so you can use the one that best suits you. Depending on each case, they may require more documentation.

What your customers say

The general opinion of your customers is positive. Most of its users thank the Negotiating Agency for its management in the unification of loans, since the results obtained have been worth it.

Its customer service is another of the factors most valued by its users, since at all times you can contact them in different ways: online chat, contact form, by phone or even leaving your phone to call you. They advise throughout the process and if they do not get an attractive and beneficial offer for you, they do not charge anything.

The security of the company is another value on the rise, since they are registered in the state registry of Spanish companies, which guarantees compliance with Law 2/2009. It is important to know that you work with a company with everything in order to feel in good hands.

If you want to know the opinions about the Trading Agency, we recommend that you take a look at the client testimonials here.

Negotiating Agency Summary

Summary: Sometimes it is not necessary to request an urgent loan to obtain liquidity. There are other options that go more unnoticed such as the Negotiating Agency. Through this agency, you can unify your mortgage, car, personal loan and credit card debts to get quick money and save interest.

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