The trust loan

No extra commissions | Quick money | Pay the same every month

Fidinda offers flexible personal loans to pay back between 3 and 24 months with an APR of 80 to 85% (corresponding to a nominal interest of 60%). For example, for a loan of € 1000 to be paid in 12 monthly installments, you must return a total of € 1,342.22 in installments of € 113 / month corresponding to an APR of 81%.

How does it work?


Check your options

Select the amount of your loan, answer some questions and you will have the lowest interest instantly

Click on "request"

Choose the option with the fees that best suit you and wait for our call

Receive your money

Your money goes directly to your bank account through transfer


Be over 25 years old

Justify recurring income (payroll or pension)

Have a bank account in United States


Fast & transparent

Apply for your loan at a very competitive interest rate

We transfer your money in less than an hour

Simple processing from home. Apply online in just a few clicks

No added commissions. 0% opening commission, 0% cancellation commission

We process your loan with little documentation

You do not need endorsements or guarantees

Credits with Credit Checker: acceptance of all types of clients

We are a company with a banking license in United States

Permanently open line of credit as long as the repayment dates are met on time

Process to request your installment loan with us

With Fidinda it is very easy to request your loan

You have at your disposal an online calculator so that you can carry out all the simulations you need until you know the amount and term that interests you.

You will be able to see the monthly fee that you would have to pay each month.

When you have decided on the amount and deadlines you want to request, click on "request", you will automatically see the form appear for you to make your request.

To provide us with your financial information you have two options but remember that the fastest is doing Instantor.

We are almost done!

Do not forget to have your phone nearby because once all the information is completed and to finally be able to give the transfer order to your bank account we need to speak with you for a few minutes.

If you have any questions, call us at 912 582 987 and we will solve it for you!


About us

At Fidinda we have designed a totally flexible loan model oriented to the particular needs of each client.

With several years of experience in United States offering our clients urgent online credits and thanks to the use of automatic validation tools such as instantor, we have become leaders specialists in the management of urgent online credits.

Our service is confidential, secure and of course very fast since we have the support of belonging to a solid entity such as Novum Bank LTD, a regulatory banking entity whose headquarters are in Malta.

Frequent questions

If you have any questions to ask us, you can call 91 258 29 87 and our agents will solve it for you!

At fidinda we know the difficulty that sometimes exists to find financing at an adequate cost. We can help you if you need fast money, without complications and at an interest rate without competition. We will only ask for the necessary documentation and in no case will you have to provide endorsements or guarantees and the best thing is that you can process everything from your home.

We offer fast loans so that you have liquidity as soon as possible and you can return it little by little, you decide the amount and the term as well as the option to cancel the loan whenever you want with a 0% commission for early cancellation.

We care about quality and that your experience with Fidinda is positive and that is why we ensure a totally personalized treatment to all our clients, with the premise of being completely transparent with you so that you only worry about your projects and thus we are only your financial aid.

Very easy, if you are a customer you just have to go to the "customer access" section and follow the steps that we indicate. If you start from scratch with us you have to go to the "request" section, do not hesitate! You will see that it is very simple.

Once we have all your documentation, we will contact you quickly by phone, SMS or email and you will be informed of the status of your file. Remember that we give a transfer order to your account immediately but on some occasions it could take between 24 and 48 hours to have the money in your account depending on the bank you have, so we recommend that you try to be proactive.

You decide how to do it! The fastest thing is that you provide us with your financial data through Instantor since this way you save time but if you prefer you can attach the documentation following the steps of the application.

As soon as you make the request and we verify the data with you, we confirm that we have given a transfer order. We work with the most important banking entities so you will have the money almost immediately

So that your experience with us is positive and that you do not have to be pending, we will charge your fees directly to your credit or debit card on the date agreed with you.

Nothing happens, we all have unforeseen events! You can request the absence. Call us at 91 258 29 87 and we will inform you.

When you decide, you have the possibility of making the total or partial cancellation of your loan and remember that we will not charge you any commission. If you call us at 91 258 29 87 we will give you the exact amount.

Of course! Once the previous loan has been paid, you can request a new one in your client area and this time you will no longer have to provide new documentation. If you do not remember how to do it, call us and we will be happy to guide you.

The usual thing and for greater comfort is that the charge for the fees is generated directly on the credit or debit card that you have provided us but if you wish you can make a bank transfer or direct debit.

Also, remember: as soon as you receive confirmation that the full refund has been made, you will be ready to request another loan of the same or greater amount!

At fidinda we offer you unbeatable conditions! Below you can see an example of a loan of 2000 us dollars to be repaid in 12 months.

Quota number

Expiration date



Pending capital







































04-10-2020 57.27 168.38 1,145.34 225.65
8 10-05-2020 48.85 176.80 976.96 225.65
9 10-06-2020 40.01 185.64 800.16 225.65
10 07-10-2020 30.73 194.92 614.52 225.65
eleven 10-08-2020 20.98 204.67 419.60 225.65
12 10-09-2020 10.75 214.93 214.93 225.68

Apply for your loan now!

With Fidinda it is very easy to request your loan