Addamo Credit was born as a link between the complicated language of financial institutions and people.

We were tired of listening to banks and credit companies talk about their credits and loans in indecipherable language, using unnecessary technicalities, writing important issues in small print and not clarifying the most compromised aspects. Given this, we decided to act and create this speaker to decipher the banking jargon and make it reach the whole world.

The team

Our team is made up of people who have training in economics, banking and legislation, but like you we like to speak clearly and colloquially.

Some of us have worked in traditional banking, which has made us understand that the services that are sometimes offered are not the most beneficial for you, but the most beneficial for them. Banks work with objectives and sometimes they forget that people are not objectives but independent beings with different needs.

Our purpose

Our commitment and what we want to achieve with Addamo Credit is:

  • Deliver information about financial products in a colloquial and simple way.
  • Leave nothing in the pipeline and compare all the information with the banks and financial institutions themselves.
  • Show the thorniest aspects clearly: What happens if you don't pay a loan? What interests is associated with each product? What do customers think?
  • To be the translators from financial language to colloquial language.

We hope we can achieve this goal and make you participate closely in all financial and credit news so that you are informed.

We also promise to answer all the comments you want to leave us, to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

Welcome to our digital home.